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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

Real-I must know where all this yarn shopping is going??? What project are you planning?
The local shops are doing Yarn Across the Rockies as a "yarn crawl." I'm not really sure what the point is other than to make promote local business rather than buying at Knit Picks or something. They've done it for a few years now but this is my first time. For $7 we got a tote bag with the map on it on one side and the logo on the other, plus a few free samples. Each store has a button that can go on the tote bag, each store is doing a drawing for a free gift basket full of stuff, each store designed an afghan square and is giving out a free pattern for that square, and some also have coupons or other freebies. One of my all-time favorites, Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins, is giving out a free needle/knitting gauge. Most have sales on some yarns and a few had some other special things going on, like one that had a local artist dye yarn in the colors of their logo that was on sale. Anyone who makes it to all 23 stores is entered for one of three grand prizes, one of which includes the afghan made of all the squares (I saw it at Fancy Tiger and it is nice). Thankfully, other than the bag we don't have to buy anything. I've made only three purchases out of 11 stores, so that's not too bad. I'll hit somewhere between 4 or 6 more before I'm done, but I need to figure out the logistics. If we weren't going to the mountains on Saturday I probably would bribe DH to take the kids for the day so I could hit the six stores located between Denver and Colorado Springs, but that's not happening.
Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

If I can access the part of my brain where I stored it 12 years ago, I can probably still even do regression analysis!
Nice! It would be a great fit for you, especially with your background. My resume will require some creative tweaking if I pursue this route. On the other hand, I'm reading one of those books designed for PhDs giving up on academia, so that's helpful too (not that I'm giving up quite yet, at least not fully).
Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

I just sent a letter to the superintendent (via the intervention director) today complaining about DD's treatment so far in middle school, along with my request that they not put a 50 pound 8 year old in the same middle school next year. 
I had to read that five times before I understood the issue with a 50-pound 8-year-old. That sounded large to me and I was trying to figure out if you were worried that the 8yo would be bullying other kids 'cause he was big. duh.gif In my defense, my 8-year-old weighed 37 lbs at her birthday and hit 41 lbs this summer. My view of the sizes children "should" be is seriously skewed.

Plady--I'm so, so very sorry for C. That stinks. Ditto Geo on propping up her self esteem and especially on encouraging her to really pursue her interests. Being able to cultivate talents and hopefully a social circle outside school should also do wonders for her confidence. There may be some books out there too that would be appropriate. In the foggy recesses of my memory, I think I might have read something along the lines of reinventing yourself when I was 15. We were moving to a new district and I figured I could use some social tips before starting the new school where no one would know I was a complete and utter loser in my old school. I didn't have any friends my age and freshman year had been a miserable continuation of junior high. The book, if it existed, was helpful in gently pointing out that some unwanted mockery can be avoided. Good luck to her. I really wish we could take all our Dinglets having these experiences and protect them from what many of us went through.

On the pen incident, do you have anything like a "Safe 2 Tell" program, or Safe Schools & Communities? Ours is a hotline and it's anonymous and it's designed both for students and for parents and communities members to report things they are concerned about, ranging from bullying to depression to suicidal thoughts. It's a brilliant thing but I don't know how widespread those programs are.

1jooj--I've become a backpack person too for just those reasons. It's a lot more comfortable.

RR: none yet but I should get my behind on the treadmill like um, now. We spent the evening assembling a new desk for R and moving J's new-to-her desk into the living room. We also got a new dresser the girls can share (it's completely symmetrical!) and two new and smaller chairs for my office so that there's a good, neutral quiet space for children wishing a break from the other when they share a room. J has this brilliant idea that the master bedroom, in which only her and I sleep, is her room and she lets me sleep there, but we're hoping to slowly but surely convince her otherwise. We will add a loft to the room in time, but not quite yet. (We have four bedrooms, but they're split 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs. R doesn't want to sleep on a different level than her parents, and J's definitely not old enough.)
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First, soapbox.gif That's how I feel about Plady's DD, the acceptable-to-be-mean environment and the pen incident. Ditto on talking to the counselor before going forward with other plans. I saw this happen with a middle school girl that my boys hang out with. During the last week of school, the girl's school friends told her they didn't want to be friends with her anymore. Collectively. She was devastated, of course. After school started back up, they decided they want to be friends again. :irk What did she do in the meantime? Hang out with my boys. She's cool. Is there any other group of kids? Not that you haven't thought of that. Sigh. and hug.gif Also, ditto Geo, Kerc, mommJB & JG

Your food responsibility duties are cracking me up! I had a comment but it's gone.

Sorry, everything else I wanted to say is gone, too.

Except this: goodvibes.gif for Dingo sister

Did I already mention the 3-6 months for mil? I'm completely batty right now. I've been fending off relatives, pushing back overly-wrought relatives, writing emails, answering the door (yes after umpteen times + conversations, that does qualify as an activity) cooking & cleaning, driving, bathing (yep - you read that right) said relative and can't get home to my sweet animals and my own bed just yet. Trying to be here as much as possible b/c it seemed so imminent. Last night we celebrated her life together, told stories, drank wine, cried a bit (till I was scolded) and now I'm just exhausted. She's looking very much like the girl who got her groove back. Hence,

RR: none greensad.gif (nor writing)
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Tara: welcome back!


Lofty: you are an amazingly caring, thoughtful DIL.  Sometimes the running, the writing, they just have to take the backseat to the caring. It'll come back.


Plady: adult mentor. yes. It really doesn't matter what the heck they talk about. What does matter is that the mentor talks to her like a person from outside the family who values her for who she is.  We have two of those for dd1. One we see less often. But it's always a boost!  Also, from being that kid: it might not be awful to seek therapy from the standpoint of being able to recognize immediately that she was upset and violated by the marker incident. And that can help her connect with the other kids -- or choose to not connect.



And now. I'm off to my work day.

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

Also, from being that kid: it might not be awful to seek therapy from the standpoint of being able to recognize immediately that she was upset and violated by the marker incident. And that can help her connect with the other kids -- or choose to not connect.




Getting written on with sharpies is a physical violation and she will need to process that, not only the bully/frenemy dynamic. Having been physically bullied in middle school and never having received therapy or supportive intervention from my parents (of any kind), I can say that the boundary trespass is an integral issue in terms of undermining self concept and self esteem. ABSOLUTELY do what the other wise Dingo mamas are suggesting here with finding talents, adult mentor, self esteem building activities -- and also consider therapy, processing what this means. I might humbly and quietly suggest also a physical activity like karate, krav maga, or another marial art that encompasses self mastery AND some self defense. IIRC this is your dd with the body image stuff and eating stuff, right? Not to pontificate, but this is the age where the integration of the physical, emotional, and intellectual really takes hold. I firmly believe that one of the reasons our society is so screwy in terms of school and body image (separate issues but not, I think, unrelated) is due to the isolation of each 'activity' in real life. That is to say, school is about educating from the neck up, and sports are all about the physical. But a person can't develop as a whole being without integrating all of it, and it all is an organic, dynamic process -- all the more so when the hormones start to churn. Helping her find a physical way of integration even if it's more than one thing (yoga, martial arts, soccer, bike riding, skateboarding, etc. or whatever) may help her find also equilibrium with her self concept and relate to others more productively.


Just my ideas, for whatever they are (or are not) worth.



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Nic: love the integration idea. Love it!!!
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Nic, the integration comment is perfect. I've been engaged in a days long conversation with my oldest about her energy level and plans for physical activity as the weather turns rainier. She's a very cerebral kid and tends toward the sedentary- at 7 she'll often disappear for a coupe of hours and be found totally engrossed in a book, Lego project, drawing, etc. I'm trying to show her how physical outlets will give her better energy for these projects in the long run.

Tara, welcome back!!

Lofty, lots of love headed your way. Wishing you and your family all the best.

JayGee, I am doing a social policy focus in my program, and always wondering if I might want to do policy work when I "grow up".

RR- Still fighting the cold. A few pitiful chin up attempts.

NRR- I have been approached about two job opportunities in the past week. One is being a supervisor at the climbing gym, which despite the free climbing doesn't really make sense. The other is tutoring statistics for $30-40/hour. It's probably only a couple of hours a week, so quite tempting.
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MelW, both jobs sound awfully good, but tutoring seems to offer more buck for the bang, I suppose. You don't really have a lot of spare time, so make it count, right?


Lofty, you are an amazing DIL. I love that you are sending her up with such love and kindness. That will ripple out forever, you know. 


Nic, I plan on pulling both my kids into yoga practice with me this year in AUH. I did a little last year, and dd definitely likes it better than ds, but we are also definitely in that place where both kids need more knowledge about their own bodies, and I think this will fit well with the other stuff we need to do. I'm just so thrilled that dd so willingly proclaims herself beautiful (duh, but still). Blows my mind. There might be a couple of things I am doing right.


Today's the last day with books. The local Goodwill bulk store will let me use their big scales for my bags, and my sister will take the stuff away. I wrote packing lists for them, packed up nearly everything else for storage, and we are now living out of rolling carry-on bags. A little nervous about Paris, but I am in such a different place about travel now. It wasn't really the travel itself eating me, but rather everything I have to shut down and time right. Also I worry about a few people whom I wish I could help when I am on the other side of the world. I resolve to send more postcards and Skype more this year.


Looking forward to checking out the building's gym and reporting on my fitness/training options. I have been a Dongo back home, but I generally do OK over there. Something about not having so many friends, I guess.:o 


Checking things off the list, though. Today will drop off Goodwill clothes, weigh bags, send stuff with my sister (spices and oils and vinegar and kombucha), take care of the phone plans, communicate with the shipper and sign off on charges, and cook the last of the food in my fridge. Tomorrow, dropping the last off at my other sister's, hopefully taking care of some paperwork dh was too !@#$ self-centered to send in a timely manner, and cleaning. Saturday I will hand over keys and go mostly offline. Need to constantly check my attitude, though. Talking to the ILs on the phone is not putting me in the right state of mind at ALL. disappointed.gif

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Jo - Safe travels!  I hope Paris goes smoothly and the ILs are a million times more fun that anticipated.


Thank you all for the continuing support and ideas.  I have to cruise but have been taking notes and thinking and being in contact with the teachers.  Still unclear how all this will play out.

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Putting this here so both Gaye and Lisa (not on FB) will see it.

I'm coming to Denver for this meeting. I just got out of my saturday obligation, but need to be there sat night for the cheap flight. Saturday travel gets me there ~1230 or 1 on Saturday. I could come friday if you were both busy both sat afternoon and all day sun. (dates: 10/25 is friday, 10/26 is sat, 10/27 is sun).

Would one or both of you be free Saturday late day or Sunday? I really would like to go hiking. I am NOT bringing kiddos along, but would be totally fine if you had your kiddos along for a hike. Geofizz and I are having an extended sleepover party, but I think she's busy one of those weekend days.

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Busy Saturday, totally free Sunday.  Home base will be near the convention center.

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RR: ran 7 yesterday on the TM so that I could fit it in after school work, pick ups, quick store run, watching friend's daughter, and before school skating party.   Tomorrow running 16 with running partners because she works this weekend, and now I do too.  Ds1 will ride his bike with us.  I'm now up to 3 toes with blisters from my new shoes and not sure what to do about it.  If they just toughen up and become callouses, I'd be thrilled.  Who cares about pretty feet when preparing for a race, lol.


NRR: got paperwork that we are being sued for things that the renters have done while living in our old house.   The city mailed it to the rental house which they just "return to sender" on the envelope.  Now finding out that this started back in January!  The kicker is that the court date is smack in the middle of our vacation.  :(  Also, a friend told me yesterday that she has breast cancer and is having a double mastectomy on September 30th.  :(  So I've dedicated my new pink shoes to her and all the miles run in them.


So, I've been eating crap as my way of coping.

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RM, boo to blisters, crummy court case (and tenants!) and so sorry about your friend. I hope the long run has minimal blisters and lots of catharsis.

Jo, wishing you a safe travels and a smooth transition back to your winter home and life. Hopefully the IL troubles are minimal.

Kerc, Geo, Lisa & Gaye, fingers crossed for the logistics working for a big meet-up. Sounds fun!

RR- I am turning the corner with this cold and should be well enough for bootcamp tomorrow, provided I get another good night's sleep.

NRR- I just loaded up on fall produce at the market. The first Brussels sprouts of the year!
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tara~Welcome back!

geo and kerc~I am off work on Friday and Saturday. I may work Sunday (that schedule isn't out yet), but if so it won't be until evening. We should be totally open Saturday and the majority of Sunday. Would love to hike, dine, run, gab, whatever! joy.gif

rr~Um, yeah. I was supposed to run 8 today. I dropped DS off at school and planned to take a nap before getting the run in...5 1/2 hours later, I woke up. yikes.gif I'm going with my body must have needed the rest instead of the run? bag.gif Tomorrow: 20 miles...

dr~So, I apparently had what my friend is terming the "best breakup ever." We had dinner last night, great conversation, and then some serious conversation started up. I told him what I was thinking...that I like him but I'm not sure I like him enough, etc, etc., and somehow he's ok with that, he's ok with me potentially seeing other people. I mean, really? How does that happen? I have no idea, but I guess I'm going to go with it for now? orngtongue.gif
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

Putting this here so both Gaye and Lisa (not on FB) will see it.
I'm coming to Denver for this meeting. I just got out of my saturday obligation, but need to be there sat night for the cheap flight. Saturday travel gets me there ~1230 or 1 on Saturday. I could come friday if you were both busy both sat afternoon and all day sun. (dates: 10/25 is friday, 10/26 is sat, 10/27 is sun).
Would one or both of you be free Saturday late day or Sunday? I really would like to go hiking. I am NOT bringing kiddos along, but would be totally fine if you had your kiddos along for a hike. Geofizz and I are having an extended sleepover party, but I think she's busy one of those weekend days.

kerc--I'm running a half-mary Saturday morning but will be done noonish or so and free the rest of the day. Sunday is similar (church, not another race) but I'm free by 10 or so. Hiking would be fun, either afternoon. My kids might come depending on when we go and whether they'd rather do the Halloween stuff at the rec center or whatnot (DH will take them so I don't have to worry about it).

tjsmama--good luck tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't run with you! Now that it's cooler, we could try Thursdays if that works for you. We're basically open from 10 (after J's violin lesson) all the way until 3ish 'cause R has Spanish after school on Thursdays.

No RR, but I did a bunch of walking around the zoo and hit three more yarn stores. I think those will be it for the yarn crawl. R has an early-release day and then we're headed to the mountains for the weekend. The rest of the day was spent moving clothes into the new furniture in the girls' room and helping reorganize. I should have run 3 or 7, but didn't.
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I'm a Dingo this morning! I decided to run/walk from the Y and once I started running, I didn't want to stop. I ended up running 3.7 miles, no walking joy.gif! It was the first time in a long time that I've gotten totally "lost" inside my run and before I knew it, I was almost back to the Y. Not sure why it was so good, why it didn't hurt, or even how I had the cardio fitness to actually run that far, but I'll take it!

Be back later, gotta shower and get to the library.
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Jaygee~yay for runs that are great!!  so happy for you to have that.


sorry for lacking personals today and yesterday, overwhelmed and just tired.


RR: 16 miles with RP and ds1 on his bike this morning after dropping off other kids at their schools.  We were 40 seconds faster than our normal pace per mile.  I REALLY needed that run, not the faster part, just the RP chat and LR.  Ds1 did fantastic!!  Afterwards he said he "just feels happy", exercise high?  better than the other kind!!

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Gaye - just a fly-by to say that this whole "you're the guy" thing has irked.gif me. Who says women are all looking for "the one"? (Hollywood). Who says that a guy shouldnt bring , ehem, the whole package for you to feel compelled by him (compelled to spend time with him, intellectually compelled, physically compelled ...). As someone who has been with the same person for almost 20 years, I wish I had had more self-knowledge, perspective, confidence, more of my own direction in life (or held more tightly to the one I had) when I was not committed to someone. I think you should be exploring the other person's whole self, and learning from that what you can, until the collision of checked boxes and intuition happens! So should everyone. Sex is fun. Dating can be fun, or *just* a learning experience. Why does that have to be a guy thing blahblah.gif
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But sparkle, what about "hoggamus, higgamous, men are polygamous; higgamous, hoggamus, women monogamous"?  (insert saracastic emoticon here...)


I agree, the idea of "being the guy" is based on bogus assumptions about how women and men "should be" in relationships. 


RR- Bootcamp tonight! A bit of coughing, but I think I can still do it.

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Oh, I don't disagree, sparkle. I just think it's kind of funny. Especially in light of J telling me the other night that *he* wasn't looking around anymore but was ok if I do. I mean, really? Not that I'm complaining about it, just never expected to hear it from someone!

rr~20 miles, done. It was alternately good and horrible. It started off well enough...great temp (although slightly misty/drizzly), felt pretty good. Around mile 12, the wheels fell off, thanks to my decision to not wear my orthotics. See, my orthotics are what has been causing the blister issues, and I ran 8 without them on Tuesday, and it was totally fine, so what could go wrong, right? rolleyes.gif Maybe some lovely cramping arch pain in my other foot? With the result that I probably walked 3.5ish miles. Awesome. I finally decided to try to just suck it up (well, ok, I decided that multiple times, but for some reason it actually took this time) around mile 16, and was ok for the rest of the run. I could feel it, but it was tolerable. Note to self: don't do that again. At mile 17, I got a call from DS's school that he bonked heads with another kid at recess and was probably ok, but I should come pick him up. Awesome. Me to school clinic aide: well, I'm three miles from my car and then 20 minutes from school...I'll try to pick up the pace, but I'll be there in about an hour. Sigh. I actually did kind of pick up the pace for the last three miles (I'm sure made possible in no small part thanks to 3.5 miles of walking...), but that was the longest 3 miles ever. Not helped by the fact that the drizzle had turned to a full-on rain, which I was not properly dressed for. Ugh. Nonetheless, even with 3.5 miles of walking, I averaged an 11:30 pace for 20 miles? Not too bad. And I have two 20 milers in this training plan, so I guess I get another shot at it in two weeks.

Oh, and DS is totally fine. I should have left him at school. rolleyes.gif
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Morning mamas,

RM - :Hug You seem to always have so much on your plate!  Time for the universe to cut you some serious slack!


Gaye -   What a run!  Why are the orthotics causing blisters now?  :lurk Enjoying your DRs.


JayGee - Yay for the run!


So I finally talked to the mom of the kid who I suspected was the leader of the pack and as so often happens, you just never know what people are dealing with.  Two weeks ago her older daughter (about 3 years older) tried to commit suicide and she'd been in Seattle with her until late this week.  So it still sucks that this kid can be a jerk and aimed it at dd but it's hard to imagine that that didn't somehow play into her world view on how to deal.  According to this mom all the girls are really repentant and are collectively trying to think of how to make up with C.  I told her it might be a long road because of C's history with this stuff and she was really understanding.  And, this all seems pretty small potatoes compared to what she's dealing with but I'll stay in touch with the teachers and look into therapists (though this mom told me that for months she's been calling around the island and everyone is too full for new clients :().  In any case C is doing better and seems a bit more hopeful about friendships - today she's off-island for soccer with the girl who asked her if she wants to be best friends a few weeks ago  (I don't think they have to be 'best" friends but it's nice to be asked, right?).


I'm fighting off a nasty head cold so I'm going to take this nice rainy day to do some napping while I have the chance!

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