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Glad you got some background info and that C is doing better, plady. hug.gif

I'm really not sure why my orthotics are irritating so much right now. I've had periodic problems with them in the past, but never this bad. I suspect that they're just getting old and either need redone entirely or just recovered, but I haven't had time (or money, I'm on a high-deductible plan) to get into the podiatrist. I think it got set off when I went for that first trail run this year a month or so ago...my trail shoes just increase the pressure in that spot. I'm hopeful that maybe with a week off to heal (and a little protection next time), maybe they'll be ok from here on out. Regardless, I learned my lesson about not wearing my orthotics for a 20 mile run. bag.gif

Work was INSANE last night. We do not have the space or the staffing for as many babies as we are having at our hospital right now. We had two med-surg float nurses and a call person on last night, and still not enough people. I was one of the admit nurses, and we had 10 babies last night. 9 of them were between 9p and 3a. That is a whole crapload of babies. I did not get lunch, and I did not sit down until 6 am. My foot was totally swollen this morning, although it's better after a couple of icings. Both feet just hurt when I got up and stepped on the floor this afternoon, though. 20 miles plus who knows how many more miles running around the halls of UCH last night....ow. And I get to go back for more fun and games tonight, and probably tomorrow night, too (I'm on call). I just feel totally hungover after last night. Ugh. I love me some admitting new babies, but that was TOO MANY BABIES.
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Wow, that is a crazy night, gaye! I hope you have a more sane night tonight.


Plady, I'm really glad that you got the story from the other girls mom. It's amazing how understanding the context provides more insight.


RRish- Bootcamp last night included 100 burpees. I'm feeling stronger than the beginning of the month when I started back at bootamp.

I've been having a week long conversation with my oldest about what she would like to do for physical activity through the winter. We tend to bike/swim less, and she's been generally pretty sedentary over the past rainy week. There is a cross-country team starting at school, which she has flat out refused. When we go climbing she tends to do one or two climbs, then sit in the corner with her book. I punted it back to her and asked her to tell me what she is going to do to keep active through the winter. I'm helped by the requirement from the school that we have "daily physical activity" in our homeschool curriculum. Her suggestion yesterday was yoga- so we've started a 30 day yoga challenge from youtube videos. We did two this morning. I'd still like to see some more heavy physical activity, but this is a good start.


NRR- The rain has come, as has my husband's depression. It's kind of scary to watch, so I strongly encouraged him to go off to a series of art gallery events today, mostly just to get some space from his mood. Then we met grandma at a multicultural lunch, and she offered to take the kids for the afternoon. I'm alone in my clean house working on homework :)

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Hey all


Thanks for the welcome back ladies! Are you all just being nice or does anyone here remember me? lol 


And may I just say

Woo hoo! Got in all my workouts this week and then some. Gotta love the come back enthusiast. 4 runs in this week plus a 60 min and a 90 min walk. I. am. sore. Right now though cause DH and I took a looong walk to the marina along with our run today, kinda without planning to but it was nice and scenic and the company was welcome :)


All I can say is that I hope gaining weight before loss is normal. I've heard it can be. Because rather than lose anything I have somehow gained 2.5 pounds this week. headscratch.gif Um, did I ask about this last time? Milk brain. Also having what is either a heat/sun headache from today or getting my kids' cold... or both. Gah.  

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Plady - it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job mama! It will mean SO much to C besides the things that will result from your effort. Just having someone so ardently go to bat for her, to have her concerns and emotions taken seriously, to be treated with respect and acknowledged as deserving of respect ... hell, adults would like an advocate like that in their lives (redface.gif) and for her to get built up now and have that to lean on throughout her life is a great gift. Well done hug.gif

Gaye - :nuts as usual Life is crazy but you are blessed all around - just notice that when things pile on. You love your job, you have a great relationship with your kid, you are training well, and watching out for yourself in romance, holding out for what you need/want, you have really created the life you wanted from two years ago at every turn. Its amazing and wonderful. You ROCK, as always

Lofty - hug.gif Oh mama, I have been thinking of you. Sp hard to take care of others but still need someone to take care of YOU! I wish we could circle the wagons around you and hold you up through this. Make sure you are feeding your own spirit through this too - yoga, walking, nourishing food, sleep, writing (even if its short), swimming (have you been able to go?). goodvibes.gif arent enough but Im sending them

RR: walked the dogs once this week b/c the vet. said one of them is obese bag.gif

NRR: Things are very hard. Not sure why but the good mood of summer, or at least the consistent mood of summer, has taken a turn. I'm trying not to think about it at all. Literally turning my thoughts away from these feelings at every thought. I can say for sure that I have had the "clinical" version now, and its indescribably awful. Anyway, I'm doing everything I can to deflect it ... I havent seen a pdoc and I dont want to try meds, although when its at its worst I think they might be my only salvation. So Im in the process of making an appt. Also getting back to accupuncture, as that seemed to help in the spring a little, including the herbs

Awhile back Jo asked for the motivation to meditate (like, could I give her the recipe) and what I was going to say then and am reminded of now is suffering. The real, deep down thing that gets me to do it is suffering or fear of returning to it. I have been more lax about meditation the past 4 months than Ive been in the nearly 7 years since Ive been doing it. And not only have some gerd symptoms reared their ugly heads, but another (I had a little rash on my right eyelid when I had gerd, that went away too with meditation, and now my right eyeball is dry as can be and burns; I think these are related). I have been doing a little reading about D (The Noonday Demon, only 25 pages in so far but very good), and one thing he mentions is the potential hypothlamic link to it, and right away my intuition went "ding!" I have skipped, entirely, meditating for much of the summer, mostly b/c I felt so good on all fronts. Now I am back to 2x day, which is what reverses the gerd symtoms, and I hope, has some effect on D. Thing is, it usually takes several months for things to improve, so right now I am just enduring, which is a daily, sometimes hourly, CBT mindgame. It's exhausting, needless to say.

Other things Im doing (for MelW): 5000mg of vitamin D (just started this week, also said to show an effect in several weeks), increasing Iron, and the accupuncture/herbs. Also trying to move my body in some way. Maybe just a dog walk now and then.

Today I feel up for a gym visit, so I am headed out. My plan is 30 minutes. That's part of how Im getting out there: all I have to do it 30 minutes of something

Hi to everyone else ... This is a strangely miraculous group no?
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Plady - it's good to know the backstory there.

Tara - welcome back!

Gaye - holy babies! That sounds totally exhausting.

MelW - I hope your husband's mood brightens a little today hug.gif.

RR - none yesterday, but happy to report no soreness or knee pain from Friday's run.

NRR - Anxiously awaiting news of another furlough for DH due to government shutdown irked.gif. I have once again overextended myself with volunteering and am somehow in charge of Class Baskets for the PTO auction. Plus the library of course. And teaching Sunday School. And co-leading DD2's Brownie troop. One of these days I'm going to have to learn to say NO!
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 ... This is a strangely miraculous group no?





gaye~11:30 that included 3.5 miles of walking is amazing! You are seriously getting speedier. As for the dr, does this mean you're still seeing J while shopping around, or are you taking a clean break from him?


plady~I dumped a friend in 7th grade and can still feel the pain of the guilt and remorse I felt immediately afterward. I have the familiar lump in my chest just typing about it now. I did it because another friend, a queen bee type I assume though I haven't read the book, told me to. It sounds like you and your dh are handling it really well. Poor C!


lofty~Is there any way you can squeeze in a swim? That seems to nourish your soul so effectively; I can't help but think the time away from your MIL would be worth the refocused, re-engergized you that she'd get after your swim.


jaygee~:goodvibes for dh's job news.


nrr~My dd's (10 and 8) had friends sleep over last night. This morning I walked in on the older dd telling the assembled group that there's no Santa or Tooth Fairy. Cuss.gifsplat.gifhopmad.gifI'm pissed. Super pissed. I think this is a final straw for me. I'm so done with the attitude and total self-absorption. It's all about her all the time, and she'll leave a path of destruction if it means she thinks she looks cool.  I get that it's somewhat developmentally appropriate, but I don't think the constant iPad and iTouch connection helps. Honestly I don't even know what she's watching on those things half the time. I've chosen the easy route of just letting her do her thing and entertain herself, and I think we're paying the price a bit now. Don't even get me started on the Instagram selfies. She also said the younger friend wanted to know why dh and I fight all the time. Uhhh, maybe because your shitty little attitude pushes us to the max and shoots the tension level in the house to nuclear extremes. Yeah, I'm pissed. Since I'm still in a place of intense anger, I'm hesitant to make an official decision about how to handle this, but I'm leaning toward no electronics or sleepovers for the month of October. Girlfriend really needs a reset button.


another nrr~I spent three days on a wilderness retreat with our junior class this week. Ninety 16-year-old boys doing serious reflection activities and breaking down barriers. It was intense and beautiful. It's also probably fueling my irritation at my dd. 


rr~I'm totally off the wagon. I need to figure out how to fit running into my working life. 

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Hi mamas,


Towson, :Hug. We don't have exactly this problem, but I am seriously circumscribing screen time for all children starting tomorrow to 1 hour a day or less not including homework stuff (dd1 has homework she needs to do online). I'm getting some blowback from dd1 and ds, who are both the primary problems about having real behavioral changes after spending time with a lighted screen of some kind. It is like sisyphus, constantly pushing the boulder back uphill. sigh.


Sparkle, I hope things turn around for you. I feel your pain to some degree; now that I"m headed into the seasonal 'tunnel' I am increasingly anxious over what the cold and dark will mean for my mood and ability to cope. I can almost even deal with the dark but the cold sets me right over the edge. Upping vitamin d and c are good plans and I am making arrangements I think to have a session with a personal trainer so s/he can show me some good strength training routines to keep me on task even when I can't run (and anyway I really need that). But I'm definitely scared of what's coming.


JayGee, hope dh's furlough isn't too bad. :irked


RR: Ran the Providence Rock n Roll half marathon this morning. I went yesterday and spent the day/evening with a very dear college friend, with whom I don't have to have any self-screening at all. It is so liberating to be able to do that. She knew she was going to do it a while ago and sprang for the hotel, which was adjacent to the expo and the start and finish line, so that was awesome. We had a really nice time together such that the actual race was secondary. I didn't go in with high hopes, because ds jumped on me yesterday and wrenched my back but good. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to run, and I ended up sleeping with one of those disposable hot packs on my back all night. I had been seeded in a slower corral for some reason and that ended up being fine. It took a long time to cross the start and then shuffle out of everyone's way, and then it took me about 4 miles to shake loose so I could feel I'd make it through ok. I was very careful about not going out too fast like last year, not taking anything other than water from the volunteers, and remembering the hills are killer. In the end I had negative splits with my last two miles being the fastest. So even though my race time was pretty slow (2:08:54) and slower than last year (2:05), I considered it a success. Last year I finished in total misery and upset over not making my goal time (under 2) and all the mishaps of the race; this year I thought running was a wild card anyway so had no real expectations. Attitude is everything I guess. I don't know if I am really capable of a sub 2 anymore (and my 2:03 PR was in flat Florida) but I will keep training, increase the strength to more than just swimming and yoga, and see what happens.


Now to the grocery store. Love you mamas. :hippie

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NIc, glad you had a great race with a friend. Hope your back is better!

Ninety 16-year-old boys doing serious reflection activities and breaking down barriers. It was intense and beautiful. It's also probably fueling my irritation at my dd.
Ya think? winky.gif Sounds like a great trip. Sorry about dd. greensad.gif

JG, Repeat after me: "No." "No, no, no, no, no." Here's the twisted way my dh & I play this game: "Maybe there is someone out there who needs that volunteer/connection opportunity. So maybe tell yourself you can say no, b/c you'd be taking someone else's spot." Good luck! Thinking of you and your dh during this new furlough. greensad.gif

Plady, sigh. Backstory is good. I hope that's some consolation for C. Of course, the coolest thing is that someone (you) went to bat for her. I get so intimidated. I think it's awesome that you did that!

Gaye, September babies? We have a LOT of September birthdays. MIL & I were just talking about that. Count back nine months and it's a New Year celebration & the middle of winter. Hope that foot is better.

Sparkle & Towson, thanks for the good vibes. I will get in a swim on Wed. I'm just stunned by how someone can go from walking around just fine to needing a wheelchair in less than two weeks. I've had a crash course on hospice. Read the book. Doing the work. No workout, no run, tonight is my first quiet night in my own house in 2 weeks. My gut feels messed up. I need to get some sleep. Dh & I have had 2 (unrelated) arguments in 3 days. I will swim on Wed and if I close my eyes, I can almost feel the bliss of the water, smell the trees outside, and see the natural light streaming in. Maybe I can find a day to go a second time, too.

Sparkle, you have such a good read on all you're going through. I love that figured out the great summer-previous meditation connection to how you're feeling now. I really think that meditating is something I'd like to try. I have an evil cynic I'd have to kill first.

Tara, I've experienced gaining weight before losing. That seems normal to me. Welcome back! smile.gif

MelW, thinking of you and your family right now, too. hug.gif
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tjsmama--so 20 in two weeks, eh? DH's parents will be visiting, which means my Friday morning will be totally open if you want to run. I can do 10, maybe 12 with you at a location of your choosing. smile.gif Oh, and now I'm biglaugh.gif at TOO MANY BABIES. It's always funny from the outside. wink1.gif

Plady--egads. I hope everyone can get the help they need there!

MelW--100 burpees!!! Good for you! goodvibes.gif too regarding your DH and all the other family dynamics.

sparkle-- goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gif

towsonmama--sorry to hear about your older DD, and good luck handling the situation. Though if it helps, I don't think it's a tragedy if 8 and 10 yos learn there's no Santa. I think my kids believe, but I don't encourage it. I just don't go out of my way to be the dream-crusher. But yeah on the screen time. That's a constant struggle here for a number of reasons.

Nic--great race and hope it gives you some reserves for the coming cold weather.

lofty-- goodvibes.gif to you too.

RR: 15 miles on Saturday along Lake Granby, 6 at something approximating race pace. Between the high altitude and hills and my asthma still being touchy, RP wasn't happening but I could at least put forth that kind of effort. Today was supposed to be 7 miles with six 3-min hill repeats. I did the hill repeats on a trail with some pretty steep uphills. Some of them were mostly power walking. But after the hill repeats I still needed to go 3-ish miles and I didn't have it in me. So, 5.25. Oh well. shrug.gif At least it was pretty.

NRR: meh. DH is doing his fall thing, so there was yet another round of "emotional spewing" on our drive back from the mountains. This is mostly notable because he spent 5 minutes complaining that I leave his clean, folded laundry on his dresser and he has to, sigh, put it away. Apparently the issue was that on Friday he only wanted to pack for the mountains and resented having to put away a couple of t-shirts, few pair of socks and some underwear. Oh the humanity! If only I could have left him those clean clothes on another day, one perhaps more convenient for his schedule? splat.gif That led to the rest of the usual diatribe about how selfish I am. I almost wish I could knock him unconscious when he starts in. It would be a lot easier on both of us.
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Real, I'm sorry your dh was being a tool. Mine too. You know what we need? THat magic zapper from Men In Black.

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Could I use that zapper on my kids, too?

Townson, it seems like your daughter relished in the power of knowing something the younger kids didn't. Good luck on the reset. We also strive to have our resets include a significant amount of physical contact with us. We mostly do that these days when we read to them or just reading sitting side by side, but in contact with each other.

Loft, I'm glad to see you're taking time for yourself. I'm not sure who gets to lean hospice as a relaxes, unstressed pace. Many hugs. If there's an actual hospice book you recommend, can you pass me the title? I'd like to get it for my RP, who just found her mom a nursing home due to her ALS. Peace and comfort to you all.

Workouts: painting. We painted one most walls and the ceiling baby-puke cream, and the other walls foremilk-hindmilk imbalance poop green.

Soccer coaching. What was that "no" word you guys keep saying? For 8 and 9 year old boys, any strategies to teach the emotional regulation of not retaliating when you get bumped around (=shoving the other player after the ball's long moved on) and not losing your $hit when you get scored on and lose (=punching someone on the other team in the stomach when we line up to slap hands, then sobbing on the sidelines in dad's arms for 20 minutes after the game)? As it is, I bring up sportsmanship and teamwork every time. Things weren't helped by less-than-great (high school aged volunteer) reffing.
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towson - we've had a lot of success with going screen-free Monday-Friday afternoon. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday they are allowed screens, within reason (I add the "within reason" because when we first started, DD1 spent her entire weekend watching the Disney Channel rolleyes.gif). We've been doing it this way for well over a year now and everyone just hands over their devices on Sunday night and doesn't even ask again until Friday after school. But it definitely took a while to get to that place. Still, it has paid off with regard to behavior.

Geo - yikes! That soccer situation sounds awful! I have NO idea how to remedy it other than the dreaded red card. Maybe if one kid gets carded for bad behavior, the rest will get the message? I'm so not good with group discipline (see my earlier posts on the Brownie troop fiasco). I know the kinder, gentler Dingoes among us will have better ideas. I tend to draw heavily from my German mother when it comes to discipline rolleyes.gif.

sparkle - I'm so sorry you're finding yourself descending into sadness again. Honestly, I would give antidepressants a try. Prozac saved my life 20 years ago.

Real - hug.gif to you in dealing with your DH. FWIW, I put folded piles in everyone's rooms for them to put away, including DH. I wash, dry, iron if needed, sort and fold. You can open the %$#^ drawer and stick the pile inside rant.gif!

Nic - nice job on the 1/2 marathon!

RR - meeting a couple of friends to walk this morning.
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Enjoy your walk, JayGee!


There are no red cards in this league.  The refs are young, inexperienced, and marginally effective.  I do as much coaching of them as I do the players.  I've done things like reminded them the rules on goal kicks at half time, but mostly I do things like go up to them and say "great job - hey, little request, when you blow your whistle, can you blow it loud enough for the players to hear you?"  I've generally dealt with yellow card behavior by subbing the kid off as fast as possible, explaining that the pushing isn't ok, and they can go back on when they've cooled off. 


The stomach punching was one of those "opps missed your hand in the hand slap" things.  I'm thinking I'm the only one that noticed (expect for the poor recipient), and I didn't address it as he was sobbing in his dad's lap by the time I got done thanking the other team myself.  I guess I need to put myself more closely on this kid.  There are a few personalities on this team that have me batty.  I don't deal with "center of the universe" kids well, and juggling that kind of attitude with the emotionally volatile is a bit much, particularly when I can't be at half the practices.  All in all, though, I'm loving this group of kids, though.  One little boy comes up and gives me a hug at the end of games and practice thanking me for coaching. 

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I've started too many replies to count.


I spent much of saturday schleping kids and doing all the stuff my imaginary stay at home partner would do (you know, little stuff like washing the bathroom, vacuuming, grocery shopping). Dh was out doing a 100 mile bike ride with friends. He totally missed how bitter and spent I was. Which was terrible. I wound up feeling like I need to draw up que cards with emotions on them and then run through scenarios with him.  If you're out all day and your wife is really short on the phone, stop at the ____ and pick up ____ that she really likes. FWIW in this instance, you could fill in gas station and snickers bar, nothing gigantic. Or walk through the door and dump your dirty gear on the back deck, NOT on the floor I just finished wet-mopping.


Also adding to the overall crabbiness:  I went to a social function saturday night with the group of people dh did his 100 mile ride with. It was super duper late.  Some kind of parenting thing came up where I look like the bad guy for following the "directions" in the raising your spirited child book/sleepless in america book and dh thinks I'm being over the top. We are the only couple among the four couples there with kids, although we're similar in age and professional station in life.  I got "helpful" advice from a well meaning friend. But it was clear she sided with dh and I felt super judged. This kid is tough. This kid is not your ordinary kid. We've covered that before. She might end up working for the state department in a high level job. She might end up being an amazing researcher. She will not be your amazing kindergarten teacher. She will likely stay up all night jazzed on coffee for three weeks in a row and then crash and sleep for three days. Certainly her father's genes are dominant in that regard. Hopefully she marries someone more mellow and with a body clock that is more in synch with world.


Anyhow. I was pissed. At being judged especially. And because I'm really not an overprotective parent.  Both dh and said friend are making motions that indicate they get that I'm pissed. And this too is passing. Today it is passing with a sick kid at home.  Such is life.



On screens: My experience is limited because frankly I'm the biggest tv watcher here, but dh is a big electronic publication reader (NY times, facebook, etc.). That said, yanking TV cold turkey has worked.  My oldest has my old ipod nano, just music. Youngest will happily watch tv, but will be mellow enough to move on. We just don't do screens. Kids can have 20-30 minutes to play video games on the computer, but they rarely ask. And we use this: http://e.ggtimer.com/ to help us all keep on track.


A timer keeps it non-personal. There's no halfway -- when the timer goes off we all know it's time. And then the timer says, "times up" and not me.


On laundry:  my oldest kid has been the pain the rear about putting it away. My youngest ok, my dh has this elaborate system he sorts his clothes into and I can't keep up. Everyone has always complained about laundry.  They complained enough about that + other jobs that I felt like I needed to do something.  So ... each kid now has a list of jobs. They are free to complete the jobs anytime during the week, but they must be done by noon on saturday. (eldest needs "choice" to make it happen).  We pay them a tiny allowance. They must save some portion of that. It really isn't a lot of money, as much as the choice of when to do it. 


Trade offs:  I don't have a nice laundry room so what I essentially do fold laundry, put in a small basket and it sits. Usually right by their closet/dresser.  Also I have to keep a bunch of baskets. At all times.


Also I don't turn socks the right side out when I pair them up.  Noticed by dd2: "Mama it is amazing. All of your socks come out of the laundry the right side out and they are usually all matched up in the same load."  Coincidentally I happen to turn my socks right way out when I take them off AND I usually put the pair in the chute at essentially the same time.



Soccer:  is it appropriate/possible to reward good behavior?  And I would have called the dad after the fact and tell him what you saw.


Mental health:  today I have a barfing kid. And I'm working from my home desk (in my dining room). LOVE the sunlight.  I think the university system might realize a cost benefit of making everyone's office have a window, just in lost time and medical benefits.

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So there's this team in the rec league where all the kids have these iron-on multi colored soccer ball patches on their shirts.  I always wondered what they were for.  I had an image of painting planes on the side of your fighter jet to signify each plane you shot down in dog fights.


I googled "good behavior at soccer practice rewards" and got this:  http://www.thesoccerpatch.com/soccer.html


Not going to do that, but I will keep rewarding listening and whatnot by making them the captains for scrimmages.  (No game captains in this league)

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Thread Starter 

Kerc - I so hear you on the started responses!  :Hug on the cue cards.  I've thought of that too.  I'm sure dh would like to have some of his own sometimes too so maybe I should really suggest it.  


Geo - Here's an excerpt from this morning's email about dd's game this weekend (happily she isn't the Local Player in question);

During the game, Local player says Stanwood player #1 punched her in the face with a closed fist which gave her an obvious fat lip.
Player #2, called her "bitch" a couple times during the game and in the post-game line up.
During the high-five lineup, player #7 purposefully scratched her on her upper arm which was very painful.
Also in the high-five line, players #12 and #14 punched her in the stomach  and player #13 slapped her in the face.

Those are the U-12 girls.  Apparently it wasn't enough that they won, they had to rub some faces in it too.  I'm all :lurk wondering what's going to happen next.  

Sigh.  And I wonder if this would have been reported had I not been so indignant when I heard about this from dd that I emailed the head of the league.  I think the other girl's parents might not have bothered to follow up had I not butted in.  


Towson - We definitely see attitudes go from ugly to civilized when we restrict screen time.  We restricted all non-cartoon kid shows other than Fetch With Ruff Ruffman because they seemed to glorify snarkiness and shallowness even if the overall theme of the particular episode was supposedly a moral one.  And we are also screen-free Mon-Thursday nights and limited on weekends.  I often feel like a hypocrite because I do spend a lot of time (when kids are around) online but that's a privilege of being an adult.  I may check out the eggtimer thing Kerc posted though, I'm sure the kids would love to time me!   Sorry about the Santa reveal.  Even if they are right at the age that kids figure it out it's still a bittersweet milepost and I would not want some bratty kid to just callously spring that on my kids either.  When C figured it out it took a lot of finessing to make her feel okay about it.


Okay, gotta cruise.

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All that was against one girl?!? 


Oh, yeah, I've totally reported other teams to the league, particularly when the tone of the coaching doesn't fit the league.  The guy who runs things sends out a reminder to the coaches about the goals of the league.  It helps some, but some coaches do seem to think they're coaching the next Olympic team. 


Rest assured, I'd probably have stopped the game had I'd seen any of my players punching during the game.  The hand slap thing at the end is so hard to control.  But yeah, I'm going through the line with this one kid next time with my hand on his shoulder.


Running tonight.  Just did a phone consult with my RPIT on school stuff.  Yeah, the book needs to be written.  In my ample spare time.

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And also coming back to say what I keep wanting to say and keep forgetting:  Plady I heard you say that the counselors locally are booked. Turns out in a metro area of 100,000 people with three institutions of higher learning that train people to be counselors, same is true.  We waited 12 weeks to get in. By then the crisis had passed. BUT, in many ways that made it a better time to go in.  your mileage may very but, for us it was less of a band-aid, we've gotta get you pasted this crisis and more of a "hey, let's teach some skills so you have them when you need them."  So deep down you got this stuff going on. Most of the time you can manage it. But then you can't. And by then you've already mastered the skills on the easy stuff. (and maybe made some headway into the deep down stuff).



No run to speak of. Other than to the cash machine (we pay our nanny in cash -- much easier than a check because then she doesn't hold it for eons).

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For the soccer coaches. Maybe a good pep talk lol.gif

Kerc - You just described verbatim what Dh and I have been going through the past few months week. Do I really have to write flash cards to let you know what my mood is at any given time so that you know I am actually desperately depressed today and not mad at you? And do I really need to find/check out appropriate books for you about how to support/respond to a depressed person?! I literally came up with a 1-10 scale for my mood so that I can just give him a number when needed - sigh.

As for laundry, we have a laundry closet space (stacked washer/dryer with table next to it) where I place folded clothes. That is as far as it goes. I will wash and fold, but you need to put your stacks away. Hence, the stacks are nearly hitting the ceiling and always in danger of toppling. The way that has worked is that the kids come out of their rooms and get dressed in the laundry "room". We semi-joke that I should move all their dressers in there. This will likely change when puberty hits

Screens: we do videos, mostly on weekends, that are pre-approved by parents (ie I dont let them have free-range on Netflix watch-instantly). They dont have any of their own stuff I-pad, I-pod, I-touch (whatever that is). They play games on our phones sometimes with a limit of 20 minutes. I definitely notice that the level of snark in what they watch seeps into them, as well as the amount of time spent in front of a screen. Wasnt it Geo who mentioned that Queen Bees says that kids having their own phones is one of the precursors to bitchiness (Im paraphrasing lol.gif)

RR: Run/cycling yesterday went well. Thank g-d. Weight circuit today. Im weak, and now that Im an old menopausal lady I have chicken skin that jiggles on my flailing muscles as I try to work them. I dont actually care

NRR: a "bad day" for ds at school (in the email from his teacher). He's been doing so much better at home, its a bummer to get a bad report. DD1 turns 11 Thursday...

I spent the morning going over my research questions with statistical input from Dh, who is the quantitative thinker here. Wow, that was helpful! It totally oriented me to what Q's are important, and then how I will analyze the data. Feeling a little dumb, but also relieved ... (note: ways he can carry some of my load. Thank you Dh)
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nic~That's a great race, mama! I know it wasn't what you were hoping for, but still...with all you've got going on, that's pretty darn good!

lisa~Yeah, the 20 will almost definitely be that Friday morning. My only other option that week is Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

I am SO tired, you guys. Work is seriously out of control, we're totally short-staffed and morale is dropping like crazy. It's just nonstop. I got called in for my call shift last night, and we had three med-surg floats, and we were still short. I got a call at 8 tonight asking if I could come in extra, and I felt really bad (because if I were at work, I would hope for someone to come in and help out), but there's just no way. Even if I had someone to watch DS, I work the next two nights and that would make 6 nights in a row, and I just cannot do it. We're all totally over it, and there's no end in sight right now. Work is not fun. greensad.gif On the bright side, my paycheck is going to be amazing...

And my foot still hurts, because it hasn't had much of a chance to rest with as much as I was on my feet the last three nights. I really need to run tomorrow, since I only have two days to run this week, but I don't know if it's going to happen. I guess we'll see what it feels like when I get up in the morning, and if it's no good, I'll hit the bike and maybe the pool instead...
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