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sparkle and kerc--yes on cue cards. We could use those here, which just annoys me all the more because he's a psychologist and actually knows that kind of stuff.

tjsmama--hope your foot feels better and work calms down!

Geo--no ideas, but that sounds miserable.

Plady--that soccer situation sounds even more miserable!

DH's laundry issue is that he's OCD so if there's laundry on his dresser he feels he has to put it away. And then he resents me because it's yet another way he thinks I should manage his emotions for him. You know, like read his mind, know when he will resent having to deal with something, and then keep it out of sight until I can read that his mind is ready to deal with it.


No RR but I ran around like a crazy person today, picking up the leftovers that the consignment shop didn't want, driving them and another bin straight to another shop to see what they'd want, and then going to Costco. Picked up the bins after picking up R and will ship them off to the third (and last!) consignment shop before giving the rest to charity. (That may sound extreme but it's all the outgrown clothes, from preemie sizes up to 2T, that are clean and in great shape. Everything with stains or too much wear already went to charity.) I also washed the car so DH couldn't grip about having to help me do it or the money we spent to take it to the wash (despite our Groupon discount washes there)...not that it matters because he'd argue that all the stuff they put on the snowy, icy roads on Berthoud Pass doesn't really hurt the cars and people just say that so you'll wash them and it's really my issue so he doesn't have to do it and whatever other dumb arguments he can come up with to convince me that I didn't do him any favors and only an idiot would do something like wash their new car after driving through snow. (Sorry. Still resentful about last night.)

I'm thinking I'll try to knit and listen to podcasts and chant serenity now....
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Real - I'll join you in chanting... Serenity now, serenity now wink1.gif.

Gaye - I hope things slow down at work. That sounds crazy. And it also sounds like they need to hire another nurse. At least the paycheck will be worth it.

sparkle - glad you got a good bike/run in. Sometimes that can be the difference between a good day and a bad one hug.gif.

kerc - send me some of those flashcards for DH. It always seems that when I'm most in need of DH (depressed, anxious, etc.) he gets farther away. Sigh.

RR - my walk with friends yesterday turned into a run joy.gif! We walked a mile, ran two miles, and walked another mile.

NRR - DH went into work this morning, where he will get his furlough notice, have 4 hours to get things organized for the active duty guy (who started yesterday!) and then head home for who knows how long. Stupid government. The whole lot of 'em! And if I hear one more newsperson say that "Americans really won't feel the government shut-down" I'll scream! Let me tell you that my little corner of the US is feeling it pretty hard with 10,000 base employees going without pay. Argh!
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JG, I've thought of you non-stop. When I saw a cartoon last night that depicted all the furloughed workers on paid leave as if it was a Christmas vacation, I had to scratch my head. I didn't think it was true and so much crap gets thrown around the internet as if it's true and then we assume it's true. So I was wondering and now you've confirmed that it's not true. I am thinking of you and your wonderful family daily. hug.gif

Geo, pm me your address and I'll mail drop a copy in the mail. They gave us at least 3 and I'm pretty sure we've all read them. It's short, in large print, and easy to read in a sitting. Here's the website if you want to take a look at it.

Hope the dh problems settle. My dh does all his own laundry. I do the boys laundry and stack it on their dressers. I am coaching my oldest to start doing his own laundry and that will leave me with just the one child and the household sheets, towels, etc. That said, when we tend to argue over something as benign as laundry, it's usually because there's underlying stress (in him) and he quickly attributes it to me/something I've done/etc. What some girlfriends and I notice (over-generalizing here) is that when we are stressed, we tend to voice it: I'm feeling lonely so I'm going to do ... or I'm feeling sad so I'm going on a walk... I'm feeling stressed... I'm feeling frustrated... so don't take it personally but I'm just crabby. I tell everyone I'm feeling crabby today. I'm trying to give him the language to start identifying and verbalizing his stress before he attributes it. Does that make sense? So maybe he could say (re:last 2 arguments) I'm frustrated about this deal I'm working on so if I get cranky, it's not you. (I would LOVE to hear that!) or I'm worried about mom's finances so if I get weird about our money right now, it might be b/c of mom's situation. My goal here is just to voice the feeling, take the attribution and reaction to that feeling away, and give each other some space as he sorts through the situation and then we talk about it after it's passed and not during. Does that make sense? If you have any other ideas, let me know. I started this method Sunday.

Okay, my friends, I'm sorry to not have more personals. I've had twitchy eye for several days now and yes, I plan to swim tomorrow. In the 4 days since I was just here, mil has gone downhill fast. It's like she's sliding down a black diamond slope and the farther she gets down the mountain, the more speed she picks up. I came to give the sisters a break and I think they're beginning to realize leaving may not be an option. I know some of you have been here before, right? It's hard. om.gif

Also, thinking of our Dingo sister and hope all is well with her. goodvibes.gif
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Boy have I got some catching up to do bag.gif


So, to make up for my total dongo-ness, here's a shiny new thread for my Dingo friends :blowkiss

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