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RM - hug.gifgrouphug.gif Very sorry for your loss

JG - orngbiggrin.gif There is a phenomena I read about called "die off" where, supposedly, one can have yeasty symptoms from killing them (they release the same off-gas in death that they release in digestion, so you get that affect, again, supposedly) which can lead to "brain-fog", head-aches, fatigue, flaring rashes, etc. I never experienced anything like it, but it was mentioned often enough to think it could happen to some shrug.gif

Lofty - I ordered a set of Fred books, speaking of math. I like how integrated it is, and conversational, and hopefully fun. They like to do math before bed as much as they like to read. So they have math workbooks - Im thinking the Fred books will be good for that.

RR: hike, big hike with the dogs. The route is about 6-7 miles but with several ft. of elevation gain and then loss (4000 ft. over 3.5 miles I think, then back down). I was toast, and so were the dogs greensad.gif ...

NRR: I maimed one of them. She went from limping a little at the halfway point to hobbling the last few miles. What could I do bu make her keep going - we had to get back to the car. The pads of her feet are trashed, peeling off in hunks. When we got to the parking lot, there were bloody footprints where she was walking greensad.gif I feel awful, but on the other hand, Ive done this hike with them before and she was fine, and my other dog is fine, so I dont know what happened. Good thing this dog likes to lay around a lot. Apparently it takes a week or more to heal

Epic quantities of food after the hike. Several hard workouts over the last few days and not enough food, clearly. I think I just hit satiation after 5 hours loveeyes.gif

On math, I agree with what you've all said (of course). I admit to being the weaker link in the math dept. in this house and I consciously would NEVER say something like "wait till dad gets home", but math is really dh's language (physics major). You'd think he'd be able to write an essay eyesroll.gif
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

Are there any Dingos who could use a road bike tube, size 700 x 28-32c? I accidentally bought the wrong size and couldn't return this one because I'd taken it out of the box and put it in my bike bag in case of a flat. I'll ship it to you for free if you can use it. orngbiggrin.gif

We can use it. Same size as my bike. But if Gaye can use it and you don't have to ship ... give it to her.

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One week into school and I"m getting phone calls about ds already...:eyesroll


Too silly (bunny ears)

Inappropriate language (fart jokes)

Too physical (shovey shovey in line after a kid cut him)


Not that I"m excusing any of this...but can we say REDIRECT?! UGH. I had a meeting last year, a meeting this year, and by the way the secular studies teacher reports no issues.


This is an active, athletic, kinesthetic 8 year old boy who is quickly bored by rote work and needs opportunities to have an investment in whatever is happening (even a 'job' like erasing the board works). Note to teacher: promising him a dumdum lolly for being 'good' (HELLO! splat.gif) is not only bad educating, it will also not interest my kid. 


Good. Night. I need a drink.

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I've been hiring sitters for 7 years... I know every university list there is. The problem is that most students have T/Th classes that go until 2:35 now, and DS is out at 2:50. Posted on care.com. Blech
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Nic - Um, sent to the principals office 2x in one day here wave.gif (last week) Your description of him could have been about mine hug.gif

(although, I think my kid's treatment was appropriate bag.gif)
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

I've been hiring sitters for 7 years... I know every university list there is. The problem is that most students have T/Th classes that go until 2:35 now, and DS is out at 2:50. Posted on care.com. Blech

yeah. the el ed "block" courses go after school until 4pm here.

you need a grandma who wants some spending cash.

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Geofizz:  my connection in the local town next to yours (Kelly) tells me she finds her sitters on sittercity.com   .  and she's thinking on if she knows any good art students for the job. I'll report back.

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Thanks! Sittercity dried up for me a few years ago. We'd love an art student. wink1.gif

Lovely run tonight. Stopped at the end to help a family figure out that a star was Antaries, not Mars.
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Nic, Ugh Ugh Ugh! He sounds exactly like my ds1 at that age. Which reminds me one of my favorite friends irl (and a psychologist) astonished once (ok she astonishes me a lot) but she makes her kids get all their farts, burps, fart jokes, everything out of their system before they get to their destination. Then they have to go in all serious. Probably wouldn't help much but at least your kid wouldn't feel bad about himself for just being a silly boy. Bunny ears. I think we went for 2?3?4? years before we could get a single picture without him doing bunny ears. And then it was on to awkward smiles. Sigh. And now, at home, we are watching movies of the kids at those ages and, there were some silly, no boundary, trying-too-hard to impress stages but I sure do miss them! hug.gif

Sparkle, have fun with Fred! Ds2 says they are his favorite books. Plus I like that I can see "holes" in his learning that don't show up in his normal math book. We've also just ordered some Beast Academy books for fun, too, with full-color monster comics. Haven't tried them yet but I think Geo was plugging them this past summer. Nice hike but poor pup! Do you think he already had some problems with his pads prior to the hike?

Geo, good luck with the sitter. An art student might be fun! Or theater! smile.gif
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geo~Good luck. I found current and old nanny both through care. I had had good luck with sittercity in the past, but I really had very few applicants through it this time. Plus, it irritated the crap out of me that it autorenewed a week before my month was up, so I was stuck paying for two months, rather than one. irked.gif I hate, hate, hate the childcare search!

rm~grouphug.gif Love and peace to all of you.

real~Nope, my bike is 700X20-28, so I think that one is too big. Send it to kerc (or hold it for October :0)!

Another three-in-a-row stretch of work, done. Saturday and Sunday nights were slooooow. I was doing postpartum, my patients were pretty settled, and it was easy peasy. Last night I was admit, and we had 8 babies in 12 hours. dizzy.gif Ending with a lovely delivery for a friend from my new grad class...the first delivery that I've been in on that I actually knew the person, which was really kind of cool.

DS and I tested out a new cub scout pack tonight. Our previous pack was extremely lacking in leadership and organization. The meetings stressed me out...the kids would just be running around crazy and nobody would step up to take control. My friend D, whose DS is good friends with my DS, tipped me off that they were switching packs and o.m.g. It is amazing, the difference. The meeting started on time. It ended on time. It was organized. The boys paid attention. They actually did productive things. Wow. I was having some serious guilt about "deserting" the other pack, but I think it will be worth the guilt!

I spent close to an hour today talking with a prospective coach for my Ironman. I've never done coaching before, but I figure that I have so much time and money invested in this, that I don't want it to be a waste, and I don't want to be miserable, so I should really try to do this right. I had several coach recommendations, but this guy was recommended by multiple people, partially because of the flexibility with the schedule, partially because he is married to a nurse, so he gets the schedule. I really, really liked him. He gets it, and he thinks my goals and expectations are reasonable if I'm willing to put in the work. I'm choking a little on the price, but he does give a 10% discount if you pay up front, and I'm trying to rationalize by how much money I'm saving by doing a local IM rather than a destination race.

rr~Did my sit-ups and push-ups apps. My pecs and abs are sore. orngtongue.gif

dr~Lots of texting and phone calls. Date #5 is Thursday. DS is having a sleepover, so I'm wiiiiiide open for the night. Eek.
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I was hoping to upload a picture of us giving each other rabbit ears with Rabbit Ears peak in the background, but alas, I'm not sure where it is (somewhere on my desktop). Instead, hopefully this will amuse:

IIRC, DH did the first part and R filled in the rest. It showed up rather randomly on the fridge one day.

kerc--you are the lucky winner of a tube. orngbiggrin.gif Please PM me your address 'cause I'm bound to forget it by October and will find it two days after you return home.

tjsmama--you need a coach for IM. There's no need to rationalize. Glad to hear you found a better cub scout pack too. We quit Brownies after one year with no guilt whatsoever. wink1.gif

goodvibes.gif for everyone with school transitions and phone calls!

No RR today because legs are sore from yesterday's 13. Also, I logged in to my work email, which I've only been checking every few days on account of not working and all, to discover that my article is finally getting ready to go to press and they needed some edits pronto--like two days ago (which granted, I only feel vaguely guilty about considering he wanted them by Sunday and it was a holiday weekend). Those are mostly done, except for the fact that they wanted translations of any non-English titles. The composer is Japanese, but some of his titles use Sanskrit words...and suffice it to say that Google's translator and none of the others I found were up to the task and no one has written about any of those pieces in English. I have a guess about one of the titles but so little knowledge of the language that I don't dare attempt a translation. Good times! I may end up rewriting that section to just leave out the titles before all is said and done.

In the more relaxing, pre-panicked-holy-cow-there's-a-really-important-and-urgent-email part of the evening, I finished weaving in the ends of a Christmas afghan that I started when R was a baby. It's mostly been moved from closet to closet, but it's done. I'm attempting to block it. It's part wool and part acrylic, so we'll see if blocking it does any good. I'll probably add a fabric backing when the Christmas prints come out, though I haven't quite figured out how that will work yet.n If it blocks nicely, I'll take a picture tomorrow.
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I found this gift on the playroom table a couple months ago from my girls. I was impressed by the creative creation of a new "p" when they ran out.

RM, thinking of you and your family. The hospital where I worked in Oregon started the "No one dies alone" program, and I know several other hospitals have similar supports. I can understand from the family's perspective both the desire to be with him, and the desire not to (and to remember him as he was). So much love to all of you.

Geo, good luck with the sitter hunt. So, so frustrating. My best sitter ever (SLP student and former nanny and summer camp leader) came from craigslist.

Gaye, good luck with the date. Whatever happens, it's nice not to have a sitter curfew!

real, so sorry about the sister frustration. It's good to hear that her preemie is doing so well, in the scheme of things, and I hope she can come to see it, too. Congrats on the big afghan project finish, and I hope the article translation/edit issue isn't too onerous.

NRR- I had my back to school stress out, which this year manifested as losing my wallet (losing something important is my usual stress indicator). Started the "first day" with the littlest with a sore throat, headache, and denying it so she could still go. We went to Chinese doc in the morning and started preschool an hour late as compromise. Then a trip to the office to deal with new office problem computer and printer access, home and found wallet, then preschool and poopy pants pick up. She hasn't done that for a very, very long time.

Yesterday evening I got through the first week reading in both my classes, finished a bursary application and otherwise dealt with everything that was stressing and stressful. Tomorrow is my first day teaching (front-loading for clinical course) and afternoon meeting with the new teacher for the oldest.
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Thread Starter 

:goodvibes for peace and strength and calm for all of us.  Take an extra helping if you need it.


MIL died last night.  I'd developed a terrible headache in the evening so I took some little blue helpers and was out cold but dh said that the phone started ringing at 9:30 and he ignored it since he'd had a difficult client lose a part of a case today and he figured it was her just calling to complain.  Then it rang again and again and finally he went to see who it was and got the news.  On one hand it is a true blessing.  She had been in nursing care for 7 1/2 years.  But at the same time it seemed to also just happen out of the blue and my first feeling was sadness that we weren't there.  That none of us were there with her.  It seems like such a sad way to go.  And so, RM, I fully support your instinct that you want to be with FIL.  I think we'll sit on the news until after school today since both kids will probably take it hard.  

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Yes, RM, I admire your willingness to share your compassion to the benefit of your dh's family. They may need their memories, and you have this thing you can give them as a loving gift. :candle G-d bless you all with mercy, grace and light.


Real, I am sorry your sister seems to need to pull you into her own struggle/perceived struggle. Sounds like she wants more empathy/sympathy than she feels like she is getting?


Geo, I have never had a sitter. But I certainly understand the frustration involved in finding one at all, not to mention finding a good one. Good luck.


Odds and ends day. Kids have a full study day. Dd is in the middle of a very long unit on fractions, which I am letting her navigate using the tech/multimedia tools rather than spending a lot of time "explaining." This is working for her, so it's working for me, too. Kids really are taking the reins on some stuff this year. Ds is getting into science (because it's bio and the teacher is apparently really good), loving history, confident in pre-algebra. Dd is rocking French, math and grammar. Woot. We are finally nearing the point where I can just relax and let them work. They both often feel the need to share discoveries, which is a nice thing for me, keeping me looped into their efforts. They have a full school day, then we have haircuts, clean out the fridge, last-minute I-forgots, and a free open TKD class at the Y, which gives the kids a nice last chance to say goodbye to their instructor. Dd is almost over the cold.


Mumford & Sons were amazing last night. Better live than recordings. Just gorgeous, and a good-natured public enjoying the concert, too. It was a lovely concert.

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Plady - My deepest condolences.  So hard.


Just a short post now, but wanted to say that I still do bunny ears. Not sure what that says about me, but I think that trying to kill the silly in an 8 year old is ridiculous.

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Plady, I am so sorry for your family's loss. :candle

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

Mumford & Sons were amazing last night. Better live than recordings. Just gorgeous, and a good-natured public enjoying the concert, too. It was a lovely concert.
Color me jealous! thumbsup.gif
Originally Posted by Plady View Post

MIL died last night.
candle.gif I'm so sorry. Please give dh our condolences. I'm so sorry he didn't have the option of being there. hug.gif
Originally Posted by bec View Post

Just a short post now, but wanted to say that I still do bunny ears. Not sure what that says about me, but I think that trying to kill the silly in an 8 year old is ridiculous.
Why am I not surprised? wink1.gifyeahthat.gif

RR: Swim today! joy.gif

NRR: "Field" Trip Day - we spend all day in the lovely town of Nacogdoches, an old, historic, small college town. Run errands, loiter in the library, music lessons, hang out on campus. Favorite day of the week. No "school" so it's a mental break for me, too!
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Plady - candle.gif
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I'm so sorry, Plady.:candle

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Plady - I'm so sorry for your sudden loss candle.gif.
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