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Do you ever just wish you could pick up the phone and call one of your dingo friends? Having one of those afternoons.
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Um, all.the.time. redface.gif
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Um, all.the.time. redface.gif

Exactly nod.gif
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Plady--I'm so sorry.

Knitting and sewing Dingoes: I want to put a fabric backing on this afghan so it looks cute on both sides. Would you recommend cotton or fleece? I'm also tempted to use batting and then sew it along each of the panels so it looks quilted--but OTOH, that might be a really bad idea. Thoughts?
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plady~ :candle Thinking of you, dh, and your girls.


real~:clap Nice work, girlfriend. Color me impressed.




rm~Still thinking of you too.


gaye~Sitter, eh? Totally stalking you on Friday.


lofty~I remember you asked (and thank you!), but I haven't responded: school is going really well. I work in an all-boys high school, and my most of my time is spent with the ADD/ADHD/Executive Function Disorder crew, and I couldn't love them anymore. Seriously. They're like a litter of overgrown puppies in all the best ways. Love.them! The days sure do fly, that's for sure.


nrr~Work related--so I'm working closely with a 12th grader right now that was diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome in 2009. He's still suffering severe symptoms. I work in a very athletics-focused school; most of my guys go on to play division 1 sports. It's been fascinating and horrifying to learn about post-concussive syndrome firsthand. I can't even imagine what some of the NFL players are going through. I'm thinking I want to do more research on this.


rr~Uhhh...I decided to repeat the last week of my half-mary training. Which really means I'm taking a little break this week. Please, please, please hold me accountable for getting back to it next week!

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Plady, It is hard not to wish for one more time to say goodbye. My condolences for your family's loss.
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Plady, my condolences to all of you. I hope the news to the girls went okay this afternoon.

The final can of 40lbs of tomatoes just pinged. It was terrific to have a friend to do it with me, and next year we're planning to do more. She also has a full pear tree, ambitions for blackberry picking and an amazing plan for crabapple cordial. Despite my assertions, I think I'm not quite finished my food preservation for the year.
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plady~candle.gif So sorry for your loss.

rm~Still thinking of you and your DH's family.

towson~the concussion stuff is horrifying, and one of the big reasons I'm glad not to be actively working as an athletic trainer right now. Also, why DS will not be allowed to play football (not that I think he will want to, but that doesn't really matter bag.gif).

real~clap.gif Looks great! I have no helpful advice to add. orngtongue.gif Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Today was jam-packed full o'fun. rolleyes.gif I got to start off after school drop-off by going to get my fasting lab draw that I haven't been able to squeeze in the last two weeks done. I had an appointment for 8:45. I arrived at 8:30, in hopes of getting in and out a little early. No go. There was only one woman working in the lab, both at the desk and as the phlebotomist. And the woman who arrived ahead of me had some sort of problem that required major sorting out. I left at 9:10, approximately three minutes after I finally got taken back for my appointment. Then it was off to the DMV, since even though I renewed my plates online at the end of July, my new tags never arrived (which, of course, I realized on Friday, sigh). An hour and a half later, it was my turn, and less than three minutes later, I was walking out with my tags. Urgh. By this point, it was too late (aka too HOT) to get my run done outside, so I finally went to the grocery store for the first time in weeks, and then headed off to the Y to run on the treadmill. Straight from there back to school to pick up DS. dizzy.gif

The tri club I joined this summer had a night at the Rockies game (baseball) tonight. I kind of debated last week whether I should invite J (match guy) or not, but ultimately decided not to. Mostly because I wanted to keep my options open in case there were cute single guys there. bag.gif I was kind of regretting that decision a little, and then the friends that I knew left early, and I moved over to hang out with the rest of the group, and guess what...there was a cute single guy there. We talked for a long while, and he ended up walking me to my car. Hmm. Just talking, he's really nice, and did I mention cute? So, no info was exchanged, but he definitely acted like he was interested in me, and I know he's going to be at the race that I'm doing a relay at in two weeks. Of course, J is doing that race, too...on the bright side, DS will be at the race, so I have an excuse to act kind of distant if I want to, right? bag.gif We'll see how things are going at that point, I guess. redface.gif

rr~As mentioned, WAY too hot to run outside by the time I had time to run today, so off to the Y for the dreadmill. My usual hamster wheel hill workout, one hour, 6 miles, done. Tomorrow: I get to run with real!
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Wow, Gaye. Sounds like you are back in the game, indeed! 


MelW, I did pears when I was back on the farm and had a friend with a tree and no time. I did half spiced and half plain and they were out of sight. Yum.


Kids and I are packed and finishing off the contents of the fridge for breakfast. Hitching a ride to the bus station in a couple hours. Looking forward to all the reading I am going to do on the train. I have Free Range Learning queued up for after I finish Cutting for Stone (which I am really liking). And Gone Girl and Flight Behavior are waiting, too. The fiction is all borrowed, so naturally it is a priority over the homeschool book. hide.gif


Talked with dh and it sounds like our original Morocco plans should work out, so that's a positive. Does not look like we will be spending the weeks on the renovation project, though. Not sure what happened there, but I'm cool with that. We'll do a little road tripping and spend the rest of the time reading. Probably going to have to pack some non-digital books for that.


Also, I bought some shoes. Easy Spirits, the kind that have a light athletic sole and a mary jane upper, so that I can do this trip in one pair of shoes (and I am weird and vain about dressing for travel, and will not wear running shoes with non-running clothes or for non-exercise pursuits). Since we are traveling old-school, we each have one bag, which we can carry. I have all my stuff for a week in my tote (which is usually my purse). My kids tell me the shoes look like grandma shoes. I guess that's just me at 40. There goes the vanity.


RR: Haha.

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Poo on the kids, Jo.  I think those sounds like adorable shoes! 


The kids all have off of school today.  Not that I mind, but I do find it a little strange that this ultra Christian town has Rosh Hashanah off?  Not complaining, just trying to figure it out. 


RR: Did a strength workout yesterday.  Not much, but much better than the no strength that I have been doing.  And I'm sore in the appropriate places today, so that is something.  In the evening, it was tri class.  The coach is doing something different this session and we are focusing on swimming, exclusively.  It has been a long time since I have been in the pool for a concentrated hour long workout.  Lots of drills, ending with a 10 minute time trial (did 19 lengths, which is a 475 yard swim in 10 minutes).  Then, up at 5 to have a 3.6 mile run with a friend.  My speed seems to be coming back a little bit.  Well, speed, such as it is.  My friend is just getting back into running, so is very slow.  But it's nearly 3/4 of a mile to where we meet up.  On the way home, I found myself in a natural 11:30 pace!  It's the little things. If only the scale would reflect all of this!

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RR - (yay!) Met a friend and biked all over the backroads north of town for 1 hour 45 minutes. Man, am I out of shape! Those hills were a killer. I have no idea how far we rode because the road crews were out tarring and chipsealing, so we kept having to turn around and find new routes.
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Would dingo mamas like your own group forum? You guys rock and your discussions certainly would seem to benefit  from the perks of a group forum. Let me know. I can set one up and get you started! :thumb

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Morning mamas,


Thanks everyone for the condolences.  Dh is off tomorrow to St. Louis to pack up her things.  He and his sister are organizing a memorial service at Wash U where she was a prof for many many years.  I feel sad that I'm not going with the kids but dh's side of the family would undoubtedly frown on the expense of hauling 4 across the country when 1 would do and it's his mom so that's that.  I do wonder if we'll ever go out there to visit again.  I didn't live there for long but I do feel some ties to the area and it seems a shame if all that dies with his mom.


MelW - I've been obsessing a little over those pickled green beans we had at your place.  Could you post the recipe please? :loveeyes   We keep getting rained out of blackberry picking and I'm afraid that the window has closed on the best berries at this point.  Maybe if it dries up we'll get a second chance.  I feel like I've dropped the ball this year even though we still have some in the freezer from last year.  I'm also hatching a plan to try and make perry from the nasty little pears our two pear trees are full of this year. We shall see...


Real - Did you make that?  That's amazing!  I'm not crafty like that at all but I think the idea of batting and fleece sounds cozy and snug.


Jo - I look forward to hearing about your fieldtrip!  


Kerc/Sparkle/All - you can always pick up the phone.  Three six oh three two nine eight four thousand eight.  I'm even getting better at remembering to bring it with me and keep it on (and charged!).  I'm not the world's biggest phone fan but I'd love to hear a dingo voice on the other end.


Ugh, I have more personals but I've run out my time.  I had extra this morning because the fall play I was building the set for just yesterday has been cancelled due to casting issues (divas, sickness and a suicide in the family - the weirdness on the island continues!).  Love to you all!

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Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher View Post

Would dingo mamas like your own group forum? You guys rock and your discussions certainly would seem to benefit  from the perks of a group forum. Let me know. I can set one up and get you started! :thumb

Cynthia what does "own group forum" mean?

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I'd like to say hi. I'm in a very yucky place. I want to rip everyone's head off and bury myself in a hole and be left alone, which I am doing psychicly if not literally. Why does Dh always have to touch me with his brow furrowed and a concerned puppy look on his face when I withdraw like this. Cant you see that I just want to be left alone - that's why I spent so much time away from the family in my bedroom yesterday, hello! Im hoping this is the big dip before AF. She hasnt been around for almost 2 mos. and that makes me nervous (on hrt, dont want endometrium building without a shed...)

On the upside, I am writing. Same happened in DE that year. I seem to need to feel alone, disconnected, depressed, withdrawn to feel like writing ... (and then I submit a few things, get rejected, bury the writing in a hole)

RR: ha!

NRR: did I mention my dog cant walk? Carrying her around the house like she's 18 instead of 3. The pads on most of her paws lost the top layer of skin greensad.gif
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Sparkle - Could she wear some booties with ointment on her feet?  If it's any consolation our dog has a nasty cut on her pad, from what I can't imagine, it looks like she was using a knife and it slipped.  DH and I tried to superglue it shut but she was too wiggly so we left her to her own devices.  She doesn't seem to be too bothered nor does she seem to be holding a grudge.  I'm sorry that you're in that dark place.  And that after all my big talk this morning I left my phone on the counter at home. :eyesroll


Cynthia - Also curious about the advantages of forming a group.

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

Cynthia what does "own group forum" mean?


It's like having a forum of your own. You have a title, description, ability to have separate threads within it so you have a thread list of all your different topics. You also have the ability to PM everyone who is a member of your group. 


We recently started one for the Moms of Many, which you can see here.

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Our own forum?? Pretty cool.

Plady- I'm so very sorry for your loss. I'm sorry that you couldn't be there. Hugs.

Here at the hospital for day two. We are nearing the end. They have removed the catheter, the heart monitor, fluids. He hasn't output anything since yesterday (hence no need for the bag). He has started the apnoea breathing, has a temp, hasn't required any increase in morphine since last night, all signs that the end is near. Dh told me he wouldn't have forgiven himself if he had not come. Thank you so much for the prayers love and support.
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Oh Lisa. I'm so sorry. Giant hugs and sending you waves of strength and peace.
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Nope, I like the single discussion. A forum would fragment stuff and raise the barrier for posting what's going on in our lives.

Plady, thinking of you.

Peace, Lisa

Came home to my front porch hosting a little fire from our toaster oven. Pro tip: take the ham and cheese sandwich off the plastic plate before putting it in the toaster over. Science lesson: plastic is a petroleum product.

care.com is giving me nada greensad.gif

Thinking of all dingoes today. Are the dingoes safe today?
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