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Hi, I'm Maggie

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Hi, I'm Maggie. I have a long history with Mothering from submitting photos and letters to the original print magazine to attending conferences where Peggy and other Mothering staff were speaking.


I'm a Mothering reader starting in about 1986, when my first child was born. I subscribed and bought as many back issues as possible. Long before the internet I remember waiting for each issue to arrive.


I'm the mother of three girls and am a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and love talking to other mothers.  I was a LLL leader for more than 20 years and went to many conferences, some of which Peggy gave sessions which I attended.


It's nice to see Mothering online.

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:w to Mothering online!  We are so glad you found us.  I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Welcome, great to have you here!

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Thank you for the warm welcome, Pokey and Viola. I appreciate it greatly. :bgbounce

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So great to see you here! I love it when folks who were active and into the Magazine come and find us online! :)  Let me know if you need help finding anything, or have any questions. :)

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Thanks, Adina. I'm probably old enough to be the mother of some of the moms here now. I remember many years ago how my older Mothering friends and LLL friends were such a positive influence on me, mentoring me through my early years of parenting. As I work with and LOVE new moms and babies and want to talk to people about teens, I found a thread here by accident and thought, "Mothering! That sounds wonderful."


Thank you all for the warm welcome.

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