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Hippy My little guy was actually head down along my right side at my 30 week visit, 5 days before my preterm labor scare landed me in the hospital!! He's remained transverse with his head at my right hip, knees and feet poking at my left ever since. :irked  I saw the new chiropractor again today (will see her Friday as well) to have the Webster technique done. She seems to think it will be 1-2 more times before he turns. She performs several adjustments on me and works on putting pressure on my sacrum (apparently to help widen the lower uterine segment, making it more appealing to baby to position head down) and relaxing ligaments in my pelvis, both front and back. Not familiar with myofacial release either shrug.gif  I am willing to continue twice a week and wait and see!! Research I have done suggests it is fairly rare for baby to be transverse at this point and while possible, unlikely he'll turn on his own to head down. Stats I've seen are that maybe 5% of all babies are anything other than head down by 33-34 weeks. And at term, 4% remain in positions other than head down. So, I guess I have about a 20% chance he'll turn on his own. Stats for Websters are great, with 80-90% success. Fingers crossed!! Lots of positive energy and visualizations!!


:Hug Hapersmion. Sounds like a lot going on. Glad you had a fun vacation!!


Vaquita I agree, you need to do what you are most comfortable with, not what pleases the most people, and have options. This is all about you, mama.


Meks It will come to you!! Frustrating though it may be, you'll know when you see him/her :)


Sila It may help. I'd give it a try (changing up the timing).


It is so exciting that we're all getting close and I love seeing the photos on the belly thread!! My belly button is quite flat and just weird right now. I expect it will pop out some in the coming weeks.


Wishing you all a Happy Monday!! :flowersforyou

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Well, I decided to ask my sister who I am closest to how she feels about being there for the kids. We'll see what she says. Even if we don't have the kids actually present for the birth, we do plan for them to be in the house through most of labor, maybe just leaving for an hour or so while I go through transition. So I can easily see it just ending up with them still being there (even if they don't want to be in the room). The only real difference I guess is whether I just have someone lined up to come pick them up as needed, or have my sister(s) there in the house. If my third baby had been born at home, I would have already figured all this out. Because he was in the hospital, it wasn't an option. And for my second home birth, my first son was not even 2 yet and it definitely wouldn't have worked. Last time I wanted the kids there, but couldn't. This time it feels odd somehow, maybe its just the number of kids (3) who could end up present that's throwing me.

I'm 33 weeks today, it seems like since I hit 30 weeks time is moving faster. This past weekend my sister threw me a mommy shower/dinner party. There were just 10 of us total. Me, my two sisters, my mom and six friends. We went and ate Indian food (which I picked simply because my husband and kids don't like it and I do). I received some gifts for me, which was nice. The most ingenious/funny was a 'mom of 4 survival kit'. It had things like mints, for when I don't brush my teeth, dry shampoo, for when I can't shower, chocolate, brownie mix, chamomile and mothers milk tea, 'mom of four wonder drink' (kombucha), packets of Starbucks via (decaf), snack bars and trail mix, etc. Two of my friends gave me the gift of housecleaning. Which I intend to set aside my feelings and actually use! It's funny with my first baby a cousin organized friends and family to bring us dinner for a month and my mil paid for a housecleaner to come once a week for 6 weeks I think. And all four grandparents were around all the time. My second baby? 2 days after she was born I was home alone with two kids. Same with baby number three. I was fine really, in fact with my third baby I felt really great. My husband didnt even help out that much, because as he told me when I complained a couple weeks later, I looked so energetic and was doing it all just fine. But my pp bleeding continued for a much longer time that time. I want to say 6 weeks, though i cant remember for sure. This time, even though I hope to feel just as great, I intend to take it easy on purpose for a couple weeks and just enjoy my new baby. I have asked my mil to come stay with us for a few days (she lives 3 hours away). I know she will be a big help with house work and dishes and laundry and taking care of the kids. And she will just do it, without my having to tell her what needs doing.
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Hapers - Hi! I'm glad your mom was expecting to watch your kids. We've really done nothing to get ready for baby either. DH is making me wait until after our shower so if there is more stuff to wash I can just wash it all at once ect.


Hippy - Yes, it's magnesium citrate. Liquid. I fall asleep instantly when I get in bed, but I have trouble falling back asleep after each bathroom trip too. While many of us may end up delivering around the same time, I'm still feeling like I'll be hanging around close to or into December...


Sparkle - I'm hopeful for you! My chiro does a lot of similar work on my sacrum too. But that's where I have problems. I have a flat weird belly button too. I think it's just going to keep getting more and more stretched out...


Vaquitita - How nice that your friends did something for you though! Sounds fun! I'm a fan of Indian food as well :)


Baby is still very high. Constant feet in the ribs. My ribs are getting awfully sore and sometimes it's a little more difficult to breathe. Sigh. As uncomfortable as it is, part of me likes that she is so high because to me that means I'm not going to be having her any time soon. The occasional days she push down lower remind me that the pelvic pressure isn't fun either. I think my boobs are growing again too. They's been a little sore. I also seem to have caught a little cold. Blah. Hopefully just another day of it...

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I have had lots of hip/pelvic pressure. It hurts lifting my legs to put my pants on, or switching to a new position after being still for too long. I get weird twinges down there too, which I don't like at all. 


Sleep has been a little bit better for me this week. But a really good night of sleep is still rare and cause for celebration in the morning. I have been more vigillant about taking prenatals (haven't been excellent about it in the past), which seems to help with overall tiredness and mood. Also I have been taking warm showers before bed, which helps me relax quite a bit. 


Sparkle - Good luck with the transverse. It doesn't hurt to try.


Silly question - Do you like to have music in labor? What kind? I have had it suggested a few times and I just don't know. I have no idea what kind of music would feel right for that, and if I would even want it. Seems like it might kind of annoy me, but I guess I could always turn it off.

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Tiffa I have the same hip/pelvic pains and pressure. I've noticed it is a little painful to lift my legs for a few weeks now and definitely very uncomfortable when I change positions (especially at night, I wake up about every 1-1 1/2 hours needing to change sides). All those twinges, while uncomfortable, are normal. I have to keep reminding myself too!! As for music, I wasn't real keen on music when in labor with DD but I have found some during this pregnancy that I find soothing and relaxing and will give it a try this time. If you listen to music to relax, it may be helpful. Also, if you practice any relaxation techniques with music, it may help you get into a deep relaxation more quickly. That said, if it annoys you, you can certainly turn it off. I've seen on other DDCs where they have threads for music for labor. I think it is really individual. I chose songs that I find mellow. Depends what you like!


Sila I too fall asleep lightning fast but have trouble falling back asleep if DD wakes me or when I get up to use the bathroom. *sigh* Not sure there is much to help with that. I hate when people say it's just preparing you for having a newborn. Uh, no. Not the same at all!!

Really looking forward to my shower this weekend. My best friend is organizing it and it will be so nice to see people (it's been pretty lonely stuck at home here) and celebrate :joy  Almost 34 weeks!! I see my MW tomorrow and I am thinking she'll release me to taking it easy with being able to go out a little. She said the big thing is to just listen to my body. I keep telling this little boy he needs to turn head down and stay in there to cook 3 more weeks. Hopefully he listens :wink

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Had MW appt on Monday... Everything good. It is still early but baby is post. so she wants me to do some spinning babies exercises to try to get him/her to turn.  20# gained so far at 30 wks. measuring good and baby's heart beat is great. 


Sparkle that sounds like pubis symphysis I had that with DS. It hurts! Chiro helps mention it to your chiro when you go. 


Music I haven't in past 2 labors but probably will try it in this one. I have a mix that I am doing on my itunes that someone can just hit play or silent pretty quickly.   I will have some soothing yogic type music and some more upbeat like Exactly by Amy Steinberg, or even James Vincent Morrow's Higher Love. Maybe we could start a thread with some song picks.

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I'm getting some twinges in my pelvis too - almost feels like it's in my legs. I've been getting them primarily on my right side and my MW said it's the baby moving up agains nerves in my pelvis, and totally normal.

As for music - I really wanted some up-beat music at my labour for DD and planned on making a mixed CD of some favourite songs. When she came early I hadn't done it yet so didn't have any and afterwards was thinking about how annoyed I would've been with upbeat music. I think for me something relaxing would've definitely been the way to go. Maybe upbeat at the beginning, but definitely not near the end! I doubt I'll get around to it this time though.


Sparkle - I hope baby gets into a better position for you. Finger crossed all works out.


I've gained 30 lbs already at 34w+4d - but I was 10 lbs less when I got pregnant this time than pre-preg with DD so the extra weight gain doesn't bother me too much.

DH and I have the next 2 days off together so will be doing some work around the house and I will be getting a hospital bag packed - eek!! I am going to just take it easy with the hospital bag. I don't intend to be there very long, so just some essentials.


I need to get some pp stuff ready too. You guys have some great ideas so far. I'm lucky that DH is super helpful - he's a great cook and he tidy's up and really lets me relax and recover after birth. I don't feel like I need to have a bunch of food prepared, but I do like to have some pantry basics ready to go as we don't know how much time he will realistically get off work.

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Saw my midwife this morning and am so pleased to report that this baby boy has turned head down!!! :joy  Serious happy dance going on here! Last night I felt a big movement followed by tons of pelvic pressure and round ligament pain. I thought I had just moved wrong myself though, never even occurred to me that he turned. DD was having a really rough night and I was so focused on her, I didn't even feel for his position last night or this morning. I told my MW I didn't think he'd moved. She felt and said, I think he has! Quick office scan confirmed it! Never been so happy to be wrong! What a huge relief!!

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Originally Posted by SparkleMaman View PostSaw my midwife this morning and am so pleased to report that this baby boy has turned head down!!! :joy  Serious happy dance going on here! Last night I felt a big movement followed by tons of pelvic pressure and round ligament pain. I thought I had just moved wrong myself though, never even occurred to me that he turned. DD was having a really rough night and I was so focused on her, I didn't even feel for his position last night or this morning. I told my MW I didn't think he'd moved. She felt and said, I think he has! Quick office scan confirmed it! Never been so happy to be wrong! What a huge relief!!

:joy:joy:joy:joy:joyThis is such great news!!!!!

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sparklemaman i kow how you feel i keep tell my little girl 4 more weeks but i dont think that is going to happen my o told me today that if my labor starts again they where just going to let me have her cause from what they think she is about 5 1/2 lbs right now just by the way she feels which at my 32 week scan she weigh in at 4 lbs and 8 oz so i guess it is possable  that she weigh about that now cause i will be 34 weeks on sunday so i guess it is just a waiting game for me they feel like she would be ok to be born now cause i have had the shots for her lungs and she is at a good weight what do you ladies think 

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Meks-the spinning babies helps me-last week he kept turning op and staying that way except when I got into a position to have him fall forward.  This week has been better, he's been flipping side to side and no op.  Try to do the moves daily to keep baby in place :)


Sparkle-yee haw!!!!!!!  So excited, so excited, so excited.  The Webster worked!  Has the pressure let up in your legs?  He might have been hitting a nerve wrong laying that way.  Did she take you off pbr or keeping you on till labor?


Allison-can you see a chiro?  Mine was able to help my nerve/joint pain so much, I'm a firm believer now :)  I'm not in pain any more, but might have her do another 1 or 2 adjustments to make sure my pelvis is good, especially since I think baby shifted down.  So not sure what she can do once that happens, but can see.


Uriver-over 4# is great.  Where I used to live baby had to be 4# to leave the hospital as long as all was good, so fingers crossed for you.  Are you getting another set of steroids or are they going to deliver if you go into labor before 37?


Sila-feeling better?


Music-I've none picked out.  I'd probably get mad and want to throw the radio across the room, lol.


Afm-all that low pressure, I'm pretty sure baby dropped some.  Will see what the mw says next week, but I'm pretty sure he has.  I have no more pressure in my sternum unless he stretches, and occasionally I got that "falling out" feeling today.  Hopefully he drops no more.  Ds1 was at 0 for weeks before birth and that was not comfortable.  

  Tired today and not feeling too well- just feeling off.  I hope it's not my bp rising, it's been low every single visit, and even though I'm trying to not be stressed, I wonder if it's effecting me.  

  Fun news-my friend gave me two big bags of baby stuff-mainly diapers-to go through, but a few wooden toys/teethers too.  I'm going to give the rest back to her, but came out with a wet bag, 2 wool covers (aristocrat), a few prefolds, and some hemp inserts/liners.  There were 3 goodmamma hemp dipes and they are nice, but wow they are taking so long to dry, that I'm reconsidering.  But they're so nice and soft and would be great for overnight. There were a lot of things I wish I could have used, but for the momma she's passing onto, it will be a great intro to all sorts of cloth diapers if they are new to it.  She also said if I needed the kids could go to her house during labor if we wanted.  I hadn't brought it up to her and she did for me :)

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Meks/ Hippy - I agree, do them every day, at least the pelvic tilts and the inversion one. Same as Hippy, this girl liked to be OP often until about a week ago. No more OP since then! She still flips side to side but favors LOA. I'm happy with that! 


I just feel sick and huge. Huge because I haven't really been working out because I've been sick. I don't feel that badly, but it's turned into a cough. I mostly start coughing when I lay down. Because sleeping wasn't hard enough already... and then if I start coughing too much I pee myself a little. Awesome. I'm positive it's on it's way out though. Each day has been much better than the last. I'm going to a consigment sale at the local natural crunchy mama store on Fri to look for some diapers so I can replace some beat up ones. My Ergo came today! I'm so excited! I got a brand new one 50% off, no shipping and no tax! DH is bugging me. He thinks I'm still not gaining weight. We don't have a scale so we don't really know this. My belly is certainly getting bigger. Anyways, I'm really craving sugar cookies since someone posted a picture of them on Instagram a few days ago. I think I might have to go get a gf sugar cookie mix. That might make him feel better. I know I know, sugar isn't good for my cold though...

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Unuselyriver I think there is a very good chance you'll hold off on labor until 37 weeks!! My MW said stats were about 85%. Similarly, my providers have told me that if labor were to start for me at any point again, they would allow me to deliver. They said this at 30+ weeks. Once steroids are on board for lung maturity, newer protocols advise against any tocolytics (medications to stop contractions). Thinking of you!!


Hippy I am off of partial bedrest and now advanced to "taking it easy." I don't plan to go out and go wild here but just knowing I can be a little more active feels like a huge relief. And listening to my body won't be hard. I find that when I am up for too long, even showering/getting ready in the morning, I am very uncomfortable (ctxs) and need to lay down. I am sorry about all that pressure, no fun for sure! But glad baby is in a good position. Very cool about your friend giving you baby items. I have been having fun going through bags of baby things that some colleagues gave me. There are 4 baby boys, ~18months old, born to coworkers last year and all are looking to purge their baby things!


SIla Yuck about the sickness!! I am glad it is getting better but coughing with all that added pressure. Yeah...not that awesome. Nice score on the Ergo!! I washed mine this week and was playing around with it and my new Moby wrap. Can't wait to hold this baby in them!! Those sugar cookies sound great. I hope you made some!!


:blowkiss  Wishing everyone a great day!!

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Uriver I realized I misread your question. Yes, I think it is likely your girl is 4 1/2 -5 1/2 lbs. She should be gaining about 1/2 lb per week at this point.
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I think my baby is staying head down now, but still moves a lot side to side, often posterior. I am 33w4d and thinking I should start doing some spinning babies exercises. I already sleep in one of their approved positions. orngbiggrin.gif there are so many things on there tht require a helper, which i dont have. As far as I can tell the things I can/should do are: sleep in good position, practice good posture (sitting upright or leaning slightly forward, not leaning back or reclining), 30 sec inversion, pelvic rocks. Does this sound right?
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Sounds good to me Vaquitta! 

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Sila-have any echinacea around?  It's safe to take and should kick that cold out the door.  Or Vit C too :)  Last year I had two wannabe colds that I blew off and ended up with bronchitis, then pneumonia and pleurisy.   

  Your weight's probably fine.  Your mw would say something if not.  My dh does the same thing though, so I got smart and quit mentioning my weight after check ups-only that all was fine.

  Yay for the good deal on the Ergo.  They look similar to a Mei Tei, would that be right?  My friends love them, so I'm guessing they are pretty comfy.


Sparkle-my friend had a moby and I was going to use it for the nb stage, but it was much to long for me.  I can't wait to be holding a nb too.  My ctx come and go too, it's nuts.


Vaquita-that sounds right.  It's what I do.  Try to sleep on my left, or at least one side.  Pelvic tilts and child pose daily.  It's been keeping him from op this past week.


Afm-the odd feeling came back today so I called my mw to move my appt just in case.  She just had me come in.  My bp and urine were fine, but baby's heart was 160-170 (I know that's normal for some) and his base line has been 140s from the start, even if moving around.  It finally went to 152 and I went home, but by then I was feeling better too.  So they're thinking whatever was effecting me was effecting him :(  If my stuff had been off, my guess is we'd have gone to the hospital, and she did say that was an option if we wanted.  But I wasn't going to be hooked up/monitored and have my bp go up from stress there.  Going back tomorrow for the other mw to recheck baby and see what she says.  I let her use the doppler, because he kept moving and she couldn't get a good long listen with the fetascope.  

  I'm worried a little, because I have some pre-eclampsia symptoms, when you put it together-morning sickness back, occasional headache, my vision is playing with me the past two days, and just feeling not right.  She has me resting and pushing fluids.

  And I was right-he did move down.  He's not engaged-yay, but lower.  I've had a lot of ctx/stronger bh's the past few days.  She has a feeling he's going to be a 37/38wkr, but I'm holding out.  Will see what the other mw says tomorrow.  


Sugar cookies sound great!

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I have found vitamin d3 to help kick an illness that doesn't want to go away.
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Hippy Have you had your recheck? That sounds very scary. Thinking of you mama!! :goodvibes


Vaquitita That sounds like what I've been doing. I'm not doing inversions now that he's turned (too scared he'll decide to flip back!) but otherwise sounds just right :) I've also been using a rebozo during pelvic tilts/rocking that my doula lent to me. http://spinningbabies.com/techniques/activities-for-fetal-positioning/rebozo-sifting It does require a partner but feels SO good!  I highly recommend it. And I second the Vitamin D suggestion!

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I have a chest tightness, my kids are sick with coughs so its the start of one... I upped Vit D3, Vit C, and taking an herbal tea I made of Echinacea, Elderberry, Cinnamon, and Rose Hips.  I think it's holding it at bay but still feel like crud.   


I am also a doula in waiting hoping the mama goes soon. 


 I have been doing spinning babies stuff too! Simple ones not needing a partner as my DH isn't too into that stuff. 


Hippy- How far along are you now? 


Vaq- Did you ask your sister about coming to your birth to sit with kids? 

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