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I went to see MW today and and up another 9#'s this past 7 weeks.  So 21# total.  guess I either need to exercise a bit more or walk, I feel like I do alot but maybe it's because it's that busy time of year canning and homeschooling...  I only look like I have gained in my belly and am measuring right on target at 28 wks so she is not concerned. Heart beat lower and baby is head down and sideways.  Moving and wiggling quite a bit!!    I have to go get bloodwork tomorrow or next day and she added on Hemo A1C instead of making me do glucose test.  She didn't fight me too bad on it. Also wanted me to get flu shot told her no.  She seems pretty medical to me vs laid back about testing like I thought a HB would be. I still love her though!!  We are now going to be seeing each other every other week. WOW how time flies. 

Sparkle- Do you have a recipe link for that zucchini spice cake?? That sounds divine!  Glad things have calmed down for you!!



Hippy- I vote for cupcakes!!   I think hot cocoa is a great party favor.. Who doesn't love hot cocoa or know someone who does.  We aren't having a shower so I can't help you. We are having a blessingway this time.


Sila-  Cookies and cakes in your future? 

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Hippy- the difference now I think is that I have read that babies get progressively bigger . This being my third its making me think / 8-9-10. The midwife thing and Ob difference is prevalent also - when I asked the midwives when discussing my first dystosia - she said wed get up on my hands and knees and I said we'll what if that doesn't work and she said " we'll now that we've brought it up it won't happen right " so I repeated it to new Ob and he said - oh she didn't want to worry you . So there's that ringing in my head plus I've since has a miscarriage so everything is different now . My daughters birth was so nice. But I don't want to ignore this possibility and fight for something that could result in injury or worse . I'm naturally indecisive anyway . They aren't saying c- sec yet but are saying we will be "discussing it , and we can do this safely ".
[Granite and Allison - I was going to do a registry but no one has asked either . I'm feeling like that - no ones really excited but my immediate family - which is fine but I'm getting some resentful little feelings cropping up here and there . It's my third and I'm picturing all those friends and family who were at my one 1st and am thinking it would be really fun . I don't get it . Oh well.
Oh and granite I'm sure hypnobirthing is why I remained in complete control during my daughters birth . I was in a zen like trance the whole time .
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My blood work came back good! Whew. My iron dropped a little (she didn't tell me the number, I'll ask at my next appt), but not enough to be worried. I'll continue to supplement it a little. My MW doesn't do any GD testing, only the blood work (Hemo 1AC stuff I guess? I have it written down somewhere). That was fine too!


Hippy - I was thinking we would do cupcakes for our party too.

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Originally Posted by hippy mum View Post

Vaquita-that's good.  Have you tried replacing white sugar with cane/palm sugar?  It's much more level and doesn't mess with your sugar, and a 1:1 replacement.  Takes a little while longer to dissolve but I think worth it.  I use that or honey, pending what I'm making.  

I do use coconut sugar or rapadura in most things, but in these brownies I have found rapadura changes the flavor too much. But maybe next time I will try coconut sugar, it has a lighter flavor. I haven't made brownies in two years or so, so I just went with organic white sugar.
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Originally Posted by SunnieP View Post

Hippy- the difference now I think is that I have read that babies get progressively bigger . This being my third its making me think / 8-9-10 .

I've heard that too, but it wasn't true for me. This only anecdotal evidence of course, but my first son was 9lb 7oz, my daughter 8lb 13oz, and my third, another boy, was 9lbs.
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Hippy - I vote cupcakes too!! Although I love little tarts too, especially butter tarts (I think it might be a Canadian thing? Think pecan pie in tart form but extra gooey) and pumpkin tarts. I just love portable snacks, especially at parties as it promotes people to wander around more.


Thank you to whoever posted the polar bear position!! I'm too lazy to go back and see who it was now, but I was feeling really "off" yesterday evening and baby felt super low which was really freaking me out. So I did the polar bear position for a bit before bed and it made me feel better. Not sure how much of it was in my head, but I'll take it!


I've been having some BH lately and it freaks me out everytime. I'm 32w+4d today and DD was born at 34w so any cx now on will freak me out. I'm seeing my mw every other week now too! So exciting.


I've gotten over the negative feelings around the shower/party. I really don't need anything for this baby and I know that my close family and friends will be around after baby is here and will want to come by and meet baby. That's what really matters to me - that the people who care will keep in touch and see how we're doing.


We're interviewing for my maternity leave 1-year contract at work starting next week - I'm super excited as that means we're really close! I'm actually going to miss my job but am excited to have the dedicated time to spend with baby.

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Allison-you get a year off?  Wow.  That's awesome.  

 34wks would freak me out.  Anything prior to 38 makes me nervous.  Try taking some magnesium?  I just ordered more Calm from my mw-stupid me waiting till almost out-and I hope the ctx don't come back full force over the weekend without the mag.   The pb position probably helped.


 Okay, butter tarts-those sound yummy.  I love pecan pie.  It seemed to complicated to make pecan tarts though.


 Glad I'm not the only one with negative feelings about a shower.  We need diapers still, in addition to the ones I made.  The stuff on our list are things that would be nice to have-socks, few more blankets, well diapers/covers, a bath thingy.  But the list is small, and so are the number of people invited to the shower.   It's going to be more of a get together and bless the baby than anything I think.  A few of the women who are closer to me are welcome to stop by after baby, because they'll be more helpful than anything.

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Allison- That is one thing I envy about Canada... THey give you a year off. That is just awesome!

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Vaquitita, I love your advice about not acting like a patient at the hospital! Annnnd now you have me thinking about brownies... With coconut... I didn't have much in the way of food craving until recently, and now my stomach's too squished to eat much, boo. Though, on the bright side, a batch of brownies would now last a lot longer than it would have in the past.


Sila, good news about your bloodwork, congrats. My iron has come right up to healthy from its anemic low of a month ago, even impressing the midwife... She was worried it would take a while to fix, and I'm so glad it didn't.


Sunnie, glad to hear hypnobirthing worked for you... I'm not expecting a totally pain-free experience, but am hoping to reach a nice zen state, like you said. FX for avoiding a c-section... As for the birth plan, I'm on the fence of writing one too. I don't want to do it and then feel disappointed if everything goes pear-shaped and none of it works out. On the other hand, it could be a good exercise, just to articulate my goals... Yep, undecided.


Tiffa, I'm *so* glad your babe's renal dilation issue cleared up! Hurrah! That's awesome.


Sparkle, you're so lucky to be able to attend actual hypobirthing classes! I'd prefer that to the home study course, I think, but wasn't able to find any running near me. I find the hypnobabies course material to be a bit much at times, because it's meant to replace a series of classes and so includes tons of general info about having a healthy pregnancy and how birth works... When I just really want the hypnosis. But the audio tracks are pretty good, or at least seem to make me relaxed. FX that your baby stays put for a while longer... Or at least until after your shower!


Hippy, I hadn't even *thought* of the theme possibilities for our non-shower-pre-baby-celebration (LOL)! Yes to adorable pumpkin cupcakes!!! I don't think we'll do favours, per se, but will definitely make extra cupcakes to send home with guests... Such a good idea, thanks!


Sorry to hear you're dealing with upsetting BH, Allison... I still haven't had any, which is frankly a relief. As for work, I'm already off (I work in construction) and boy do I miss my job... I love having this time to get ready for baby and when I was dealing with anemia I was so glad to be able to just sleep away the days, but now I'm just really looking forward to birth.


Meksmama, I'm starting to see my mw every other week too now, which seems crazy. Like, what's gonna change in a couple weeks? But even now I feel my belly tighter than it was a week ago, so I guess we really are getting there!


It really is great that we get maternity & parental leave in Canada! At the same time, we *do* pay for it: I've been having money come off every single one of my pay cheques since I started working at the age of 15, and I'm so glad that I finally get to take advantage of it, at the ripe ol' age of 32! Also, as the amount of $$ provided during leave is around only 50% of income earned in the year previous to taking the leave (depending on where you live), many folks (especially single parents) simply *can't* afford to take the leave, because they earn low wages and live in an area with a high COL. Which really sucks, because what's the point of the system if it doesn't work for the most vulnerable? As it is, my DP and I both make moderate wages, and we prepped for pregnancy by aggressively culling all debts, so we'll be fine... But I feel super lucky to be in this position.

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There is a whole host of reasons why I can't right now (lol most of which are obvious), but I decided to dream for just a little bit and look up last-minute cruise fares.




I want to go on a cruise so bad right now.  I guess camping in Oklahoma next week will just have to suffice.  :rotflmao

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I have been super tired lately. So I have been reading this thread regularly, but not replying. Even that feels like too much effort! Haha. ..  My iron has been bordering on low, and I have been working on getting it up a little higher. But work is pretty much torture, whether it's busy or slow. And when I get home ALL I want to do is sleep. I have so many things going on this month, and I am so forgetful and tired that I wish I could just hibernate. 


DH and I went to our first prenatal class this week. I think it's worth it, if for nothing else, because I am kind of getting a feel for my hospitals attitude and procedures. The nurse teaching it has a lot of experience, and seems to be quite in favor of natural birth and lots of moving around and natural pain management. She says her favorite thing for laboring women is the shower. We watched a very natural birth video that was very good. I don't think the woman in it was even wearing a hospital gown, and she was naked by the end of it. So that's good.

Also at our hospital they have all mothers deliver the placenta without pitocin unless there is a lot of bleeding, or it's taking a very long time. Then they give pitocin afterwards to help everything tighten up and stop bleeding. 

And I did talk to my OB about delayed cord clamping. He was straight forward in saying he doesn't think there is enough evidence to support it, but that it's my choice and he does it as often as a mother wants it. 


So overall I think I am happy about what I have been hearing. I have been feeling more confident and relaxed about everything. I think for the most part I won't be given to much grief about anything. 


I appreciate the community here and love reading what's going on with everyone. But I think for the next few weeks I probably won't be posting much. 



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Granite-:)  I wonder the same thing-what's going to happen in 2 weeks, lol.  If I had to guess, maybe there's a higher chance of bp problems near the end and they want to catch that right away.   


Tiffa-that sounds like a good hospital. And nice about the pitocin.

  That is crazy about your ob and delayed clamping.  Misunderstandings on it-what your ob might be thinking? http://www.scienceandsensibility.org/?p=5730 

 Just be firm on what you want for after delivery as well as for delivery.  There have been more articles this past year, about how the nurses do not need to take baby (healthy) away to get a bath or anything else.  Baby can be placed on mom's chest, gently wiped off, nursing started to help with 1-nursing & 2-get placenta out, baby checked over etc.  If they have to take baby for weight/apgar etc, they should give right back, and while you transfer rooms then maybe baby can go with dh to nursery for whatever you are allowing them to do. 

  Now a csec won't go that way, but I know a mom who just had an elective and somehow she was able to have baby put to chest and stay there after delivery while they stitched her up.  They made a csec as natural as possible.  


Glad to hear low iron is going up with you ladies :)  I'm just tired, but iron is fine.  It's insomnia. 


Ultra-where would you go?


Granite-do you have a high pain tolerance?   Just for comparison-with ds1, he was pitocin induced and the ctx were super painful, dr had to cut me and healing for weeks after was painful.  Ds2-birth w/ mw, no induction, the ctx were painful but not at all like the pitocin ones, he didn't hurt coming out-was stuck feeling since he was os-but after, no tears/cuts to heal, so that was great.  I was sore, but not pain.  I had bad nursing pain cramps with him.


Afm-well, day 1 of no magnesium and ctx back.  Going to limit my activity greatly this weekend till I see mw Tues and hope they don't start coming regularly and more painful.  I want to avoid internals, but if I have a weekend of bad ctx, may have her check cervix.

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Hippy, I'm about a 5 hour drive from a port, and they all go to the western Caribbean out of there so that's where I'd go.  I think it would be really awesome to do a "cruise to nowhere" someday.  5 or 7 days on a boat with no ports of call.  -sigh-  I wouldn't care, honestly.  I just love the water.

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Tiffa That all sounds great!

Granite I too was initially focused on the hypnosis only but I've come to really like all it! I am so glad we had the option of in person classes. Ours were just DH and I with our instructor, really great. It allowed us to explore our feelings around DD's birth, our fears and what we hope will be different.

Saw my MW today. Despite ctx off and on since hospital d/c, no cervical changes (happy dance)! I've lost a pound since my visit two and a half weeks ago but not too worried, lack of activity has really decreased my appetite but my uterus is measuring on track. 16 pounds gained at 32 weeks. A little less than I expected. Now to get this little boy to turn! He had turned back to head down but last night had a huge sommetsault and ended up transverse with his head against my right hip. Fx pelvic tilts and inversions do the trick!
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Ran across this gender swaying site in another mothering post http://genderdreaming.com/forum/forum.php#natural-gender-swaying

Well, itcertainly explains my three sons! Basically anything that improves fertility equals boy. Well my dh has never been tested, but I bet he does have high healthy levels of testerone. We have conceived all of our children the first month of trying, or the first oops, or even on bcp. So we are very fertile, which would equal boys. As a traditional foods/Weston a. Price groupie I eat lots of meat, eggs, fat, etc. eat.gif A high everything diet, just what is recommended for swaying blue. And I was so happy to think I had been eating very good for months prior to this conception too! Little did i know. I was eating very good when I conceived my daughter too, but I think the demands of extended bfing my son and conceiving again fairly quickly did effect my overall health. I was certainly worn down after having her. Which lowered fertility (though obviously not lowered too much! Lol.) sways pink.

Almost makes me want to try again in a few years and see if I can sway pink. Though my dh would probably have a heart attack. orngbiggrin.gif
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Vaquita-that's interesting.  I read something about that before, but will take another look.  I o'd 3 days after we bd this time and I thought for sure it'd be a girl-nope.  So I don't think that particular method works out well for me :)  


Sparkle-that's great news.  Lol, my guy turned transverse yesterday too, but he flipped back later the morning.  Very odd sensation-the transverse.  I told him he wasn't allowed to do that at this point-hope he listens :)  Maybe our babes will just come out quick, with all this uterine toning. 


 Afm-I'm thinking now to skip any internals, even if the ctx come back regular.  I was dilated and effaced with ds1 by now and he wasn't early.  I keep forgetting that it started early with him, or really maybe not early, but I was checked often early, so knew about it.  Ds2-nothing at 39wks and born the next day.   

  Have a bday party this weekend and we are already behind on home school.  Sheesh, we just started two weeks ago!  Balancing out play dates/activities and school is tough when they're young and have more school work.  I think I'm going to look at a few different approaches to learning and shift how we're schooling this year, especially with baby coming.  Thank goodness for wraps/slings :)

  Remembered that our health food store has Calm samples-yay-to get me through the weekend.  


  Registries- I went through my registry and pared it down even more.  There wasn't much on it anyhow.  I took off clothes we had on there, and a blanket I thought was overpriced, the boppy cover-decided not to use one.  I did add a manual breast pump.  It's our fam/friends viewing and all the bf moms know you sometimes need a pump.  I'm starting to think why are we hiding the need to add bf stuff on a registry?  And I only have 2 doz prefolds listed, since I never used the brand-hope I like them.

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Anyone feeling huge?  I know I'm not, but I feel like it.  Maybe it's being hot.  Or being 31wks, lol. I'm getting that dark line that goes up the middle of your abdomen-I can't remember if I had that last time.  And boobs hurt at odd times.  Like they'll feel like they're engorged feeling, but they're not.  Guess gearing up.

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yep hippy mum i am but i think that is because i am huge i have gained 34 pounds with this little girl 

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Hi all!  

So this past week I had my first doula client (back up for another doula) up for 40 hrs or so... but so empowering and awesome birth. What an awesome path I chose! I don't think I could enjoy anything more than watching a mom birth her baby!  (besides birthing my own)....   I didn't think I could make it being pregnant but my adrenaline was rushing and I was fine! I slept for 18hrs to catch up though!

All transverse babies turn back head down!


I made some pregnancy tea and Mama mil tea. I think I will make some tinctures to have on hand for birth/after also. 

HIPPY- I had linea nigra with my 1st not my 2nd and its light now, I don't know if it will get darker or not can't remember when it got really dark with DD. 

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My line is still light.  

What do you put in your teas?

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