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Haven't posted anything in ages because I've been pretty busy what with ds started kindergarten and dh startng grad school and a host of other things going on., but wanted to respond to you Hippymum--I am also having a fall themed baby shower. Haven't done much prep at all for it yet as it will be nearing the end of October, but I have posted some ideas I like for it on my pinterest if you want to check it out: http://www.pinterest.com/gretchamina/baby-shower-ideas/. Fall is my favorite time of year, so I'm very excited! My best friend has a baking side business, and she offered to bake cute cupcakes with little pumpkins or owls on them. Don't have a ton of money for favors, so we were just going to give out mini pumpkins with a ribbon and the date tied around them. 


I also feel huge...Have gained 32 pounds already and still have 8 weeks left till my due date, but I eat only healthy, non-processed foods and do at least some mild exercise everyday, so I'm trying not to stress over it. It's the opposite problem from what happened with ds; I couldn't gain enough weight then, and they induced me a bit early because they said he wasn't growing fast enough and my fluid was too low. My ob doesn't seem concerned--she just says every pregnancy is different and that I will likely just have a chubby baby this time around. 


Not doing "hypnobirthing" per se, but finished up my Bradley classes a couple months ago, and mil is paying for me to see her amazing hypnotherapist. Have only seen her once so far, but I am already impressed and feeling more confident. 


Have been having some Braxton Hicks but not excessively. The one day they were pretty bad I made sure to drink a lot of fluids, replenish my electrolytes, and have some magnesium, all of which seemed to help. Also massage, shower or bath seems to make them ease up as well--and getting up out of my chair. Sitting at my computer for long periods definitely makes them worse for whatever reason. 


I remember a while back someone was asking about remedies for heartburn and one of you recommended chia seed gel--I wanted to recommend making chia seed pudding (similiar to tapioca pudding somewhat--if you google it there are a lot of recipes online, and it is very easy to prepare.) Having that for breakfast a couple times a week really helps keep my heartburn under control, and it is yummy! Especially if you throw some bananas and pumpkin pie spice in before you chill it. Spaced out before I ever posted that though...preggo brain has hit me pretty hard and I often forget what I am even thinking mid-thought lol. 

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I'm feeling huge! I have to turn side ways to wash the dishes... I've gained almost 30 lbs so far, 8 weeks to go.
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Eating more iron seems to be helping my fatigue. Yesterday I went to my baby shower an hour and a half away and then spent the whole day shopping, eating, and visiting family. So now I am tired because of that, but it feels like a different kind of tired. I only got two things off of my registry. I got a few useful things I didn't think of putting on there (like a kit with a thermometer, etc), but mostly just cute things that I like to have but don't need. Oh well. 


Been feeling huge as well. I'm not really. When I see pics of myself I actually am surprised by how small I look. At 30wks I have gained 22 pounds. I think part of why I feel huge is just because my joints are sore, I am out of breath, and I have to really use my arms to push myself up. I am always groaning like an old woman when moving from sitting to standing, or getting up into my tall 4runner. It's a bit embarrassing. 


I also have the dark line. I have for a few weeks now. It's not too dark though.


Oh, and I have been very forgetful. I have to write EVERYTHING down or I WILL forget. Even if I am sure it's something I will remember. 

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Sunkistmoth-I found a bunch of those :)  Picked a few that we could do ourselves at low cost by finding the stuff on clearance or using a discount at a craft store.  So I feel a lot better about the $ of things.  

  They induced me for "growth" issues too the first time.  Well, and along with bp, which was manageable till the induction.  Baby was fine-not underweight at all, I just have smaller babies and gain between 25-30#.


Vaquita-:) mine's getting in the way too.  I feel so far away from the grocery cart and counter.  


Tiffa-glad you are feeling better with the iron.  Did you have a nice time at your shower? That's one thing I'm concerned about too-getting too much stuff I don't need  at all.  When I pared down our registry, I left stuff that would be super useful like diapers, wet pail bags/liner, pump/storage, a few small blankets, wipes.  So I'm crossing my fingers stuff actually gets purchased or we'll have to get it. 


Old-I feel old too :) Though lets see, I'm a bit older than last time, lol.


Baby shower cost- this is the main one we're going from-http://www.pinterest.com/pin/241646336229458026/ .  I figured it wouldn't be costly at all to find paper at joannes/michaels with a discount or even on sale somewhere and make the banners.  I have fall table cloths my friend can use already, and her house will already be decorated for fall & halloween.  And if they get the tissue paper for the flowers on sale those will be minimal cost too :)  A few blue baby boy things added in for a pop of blue color.  I'm glad it's going to be a small/intimate shower :)


Oh, ff says we have about 60 days left!!!!  Or 8wks.  Whatever count down is more fun.  

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Sunkist - Glad the chia is working!


Tiffa - Same here. I feel huge, but I'm not really that huge. Glad the shower went well! Iron really does make a difference.


No line yet. I didn't really get it with DS. Just a little after he was born. Weird. My belly button is all dark and flat though.


Forgetting: I asked DH what he wanted for dinner last night about 9 times. He was kind though and kept telling me even though I kept forgetting 2 minutes later...


AFM - DH and I just got back from celebrating our 6th Anniversary/DH's Birthday/Babymoon in San Diego. It was a fun trip. Probably won't have any night away from the kids for a long while now.  I was going over my "birth plan" in my head last night before falling asleep so I should type it out. I want everything ready by 37wks :)

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Hippy. In my teas I put RRL, nettles, peppermint, oatstraw, lemon grass, strawberry leaf for the pregnancy one.

The mama milk was fennel, blessed thistle, RRL, and nettles.
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Sila-Glad you got a baby moon :)  My bellybutton is like that too.


Mesmama-you don't have trouble with the lemon grass?  I could have sworn I saw from Susun Weed it was an avoidance?  Bought some Nettle tea and made a big container of iced with it and a small amount of rrl.  Wanting to be very careful w/ the rrl till a few more weeks from now. 


I'm going crazy with this morning sickness, it's really kicking in.  :(

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Hippy - You're feeling sick in the mornings again? Me too. The last 4-5 mornings. Blah. Then I remember how I felt like that all day every day for the first 17wks and I want to cry just thinking about it. I don't think I'll be ready for another babe after this one for a while...


I feel like I'm already noticing an increase in vaginal discharge. Anyone else. I don't think I have a yeast infection or anything else going on down there...it seems normal. Just more.

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There's been more discharge for a while now...like you said, not an infection...just very damp! I might start wearing reusable liners or something. 

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Sila-it's been off/on for about 3wks now.  Started as food aversions a little, then got to be more food w/ nausea.  It's about the same as the first tri, but seems each week is getting worse.  Going to pick up some extra B vitamin.  Just eating what I can.  I read some things that say it's normal, some women have ms the whole time and it's also a pre-sign of preeclamsia.  But so far my bp has been fantastic. I'll see tomorrow if it's jumped up.

  That's interesting-I think about other babes, but it took 4yrs for us to be pregnant with this one after our loss, that he'll probably be our last.  But who knows.  


Me too on discharge.  I haven't ordered my luna pads yet though, and dislike disposable so much.  Some days it's more discharge and makes me double check for spotting, but it's normal dicharge.  Some days I'll change underwear mid day, since no liners yet.

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Sila-Glad you got a baby moon :)  My bellybutton is like that too.


Mesmama-you don't have trouble with the lemon grass?  I could have sworn I saw from Susun Weed it was an avoidance?  Bought some Nettle tea and made a big container of iced with it and a small amount of rrl.  Wanting to be very careful w/ the rrl till a few more weeks from now. 


I'm going crazy with this morning sickness, it's really kicking in.  :(


No I don't... Recipe came from my herbalism course through Rosemary Gladstar. I haven't had any issues with it. I will look up in my Susun Weed book though and see what she says!

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I am 32 weeks now and suddenly feel like I'd better do all the things I had been waiting till the end to do. Put all the baby clothes, blankets and diapers away, wash car seat covers. Suddenly it seems so close ad I'd better get my act together and be prepared fr this new baby. Not that I expect to have this baby before 40 weeks. My other kids were 40w5d 40w1d and 41w2d.
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I hear you, Vaquitita! I just today laundered all the baby clothes and cloth diapers we've been given, made space for them in the dresser, and put them all away. Good news is that I think we're set for infant clothes, at least until baby arrives and we know how big/wide/long he/she is... Bad news is that almost everything is blue (or white), LOL! Not that it matters, really, and I'm soooo grateful for all we've been given, really I am. I just like lots of colour! Maybe I'll crack out my fabric dyes, if I find the energy, and give a few items a makeover.


Discharge:Yes. Got it. Need new undies in general, am now certainly not buying them until loooooong after delivery.


Morning sickness: Boo on that! I'm sorry to hear it's cropping up again, hippy mum.


Herbal Tea: I bought a "birthing tea" from my local herbalist shop... It's to be taken no earlier than 5 weeks prior to EDD. Will find it and post ingredients here later this evening!


Am off now to pick up an Arm's Reach co-sleeper that I found for sale on the online classifieds, for only $45! They're hard to find in Canada, so am very stoked to have scored one for so little!

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I have to wash our CD's before thecdun disappears maybe today or tmro if Incan find time /energy. Clothes and blankets that we have or made are washed and put drawers.

Still can't figure out any names we can agree on. We have always picked by now I just don't know why we can't find one. We always knew sex by now though too, this time we aren't finding out maybe that's why.
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Granite, that's a great deal on the co sleeper!  


Sounds like nesting is kicking into super gear for a lot of us :)  I haven't set up the bassinet/packnplay yet because I'm going to have the carpets cleaned and it's one less thing to move.  Everything else except diapers on registry, and post partum stuff is ready to go.  I am starting to think about buying the diaper stuff, but then it leaves almost nothing on our registry.  I have a feeling people will buy stuff like clothes and I'd rather not have to rush and get things last minute.


Meks-Let us know what's in the book.  I thought I read it on her forum, but can't remember, and to be avoided till last tri.   It's in a couple of pregnancy blends at the store though.  Maybe it's such a small amount.  


 Mw appt went well yesterday.  I saw the same mw that I couldn't relax around last visit, and it was the same thing.  I thought I gave her an honest chance, but once I left the room, I relaxed so much.  So I don't know what to do, if I should bring it up to the main mw next time I see her, but still give the other woman a try.  I'm very comfortable with both the head mw and the woman who is not certified yet (getting her catches), but they both delivered ds2 as well.  They rotate being on call.  What if the one I can't relax around is on call when I go into labor?  The head mw spoke to mw2 but she still came across as abrupt.  I'm feeling more anxious now, and I'm already a bit anxious about some other things surrounding this labor. 

  I lost 2# which I figured with the ms and walking more, and mw2 was a bit put off by it.  I'm still in the weight bracket for height/prepreg weight, so I don't see the big deal.  It's not like I'm dehydrated or lost 10# and all else was fine.  Baby's hb was strong and fundal height measured right on at 31wks.   

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Yes I did have fun at the shower. It was small, but nice. I did get some diapers and wipes. And I still have the larger shower in October. So hopefully I will end up getting more things I need. I am trying to hold back on packing and buying things until then.


For me tiredness is still overpowering the nesting. I haven't been sleeping well at all. But I am starting to think "oh dang, I'm running out of time!". I have very limited space to put baby stuff, which makes it hard. So far the stuff I have is still sitting in gift bags because I don't know what to do with it all.

I have started making my quilt though. :) I will show when I am done.


I bought some nursing bras. Just a couple cheap ones from Walmart, until after baby comes. I only had three bras that still fit me, and two of them were very uncomfortable. So now I feel much better. :) So far I have gone up one cup size and one band size. 


Meksmama - Maybe when you meet him/her it will come to you. I didn't want to really have it picked out until after birth, but once we found out the sex we kind of accidentally settled on one. I am kind of glad though. One less thing to obsess over. 

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Tiffa-I don't sleep well either and constantly tired.  Hope you get stuff you want at the next shower.  That's funny you mention space-I don't want baby stuff taking over the house.  You wouldn't even know we were expecting a baby unless you walked into our room and saw the small dresser and bassinet when set up.  No nursery, no swings etc anywhere.  


  In sports bras here.  I have nursing bras I bought, but the band was uncomfortable and I didn't want to buy a bra extender.  I hope they work out for nursing.  


Meks-we have no name.  Our kids now didn't have names till they were born and we looked at them for awhile to see what name came to mind.  I have a hard time naming something before I meet them :)  Same goes for this one.  When we see him, he'll tell us his name.  

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Tiffa and Hippy Super tired here too! I fall asleep fine but wake up multiple times to pee and about every hour-hour and a half to turn sides (my hips get too sore to stay in one position longer than that). One bonus of my modified bedrest is that naps are encouraged wink1.gif And I am totally nesting as well. Washing baby clothes, diapers, blankets and getting things set up. So excited!! Only a few more weeks!

Tiffa I bet you'll get lots more fun things from your registry. My shower is next weekend and I was excited to see on my registry today that a few of the larger items have been purchased.

I saw a new chiropractor today that specializes in women's care/pregnancy/newborns. She performed the Webster Technique to try to encourage this boy to turn. It was very gentle. Parts of it felt a little weird but nothing painful or scary. So far, nada. She said it will likely take 2-3 visits and encouraged accupunture and moxibustion as well. Trying to be patient and flexible and not to freak out too much. She indicated the way he's transverse is a bit trickier to turn. Fingers crossed!
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You guys are more energetic than I am! I took my old baby clothes, from my 3yo, straight out of the storage box and put them in the dresser. Same with the cloth diapers my friend gave me. Her 4mo has grown out of infant size and she gave them straight to me, so I figure they are freshly laundered. Now my baby blankets I did have to wash, when I went to get them out (they were Ina plastic bag sitting on the garage floor) I found they were damp and a bit stinky from my washing machine recently overflowing.

Today I moved all the baby clothes and diapers into the dresser in my bedroom and took all the stuff piled in the corner out to the garage. I had a box of stuff to sell, suit cases, a bag of thrift store finds for my older kids that needed to get stored away. The bigger diapers and diaper covers that my 3yo no longer needs (potty trained, yay!). I also hung some pictures that were sitting in the corner. Not everything fits into that dresser though. It has only two drawers (one has clothes, one has receiving blankets and extra prefolds) and then two very small drawers (one filled with diaper cream, comb, etc. and the other has changing pads and wet bags). I have a plastic box underneath it, acting like an extra drawer, filled with my wrap, ergo and heavy blankets. I have also had to cover the top with baskets holding: diapers, covers, burp rags, cloth wipes. So I guess I won't be using that as a changing table. It's less than a foot from the side of my bed, so I guess we will just lay the baby on the bed for diaper changes.

This dresser, with a diaper pail on one side and a hamper on the other, is I think the sole sign of a coming baby in our house. I do have a little bouncy chair I will use as a place to lay the baby when I need, that's just sitting in the bedroom corner for now. I am a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff, not that you can't tell we have kids looking around our house. There always seem to be a few toys laying around, and our kitchen/dining room is dominated by shelves of homeschool stuff and our hallway by a timeline.

Looking around my bedroom, I have no idea where I'm going to set up a birth pool. With my first two home births there was no baby dresser, etc or a ookshelf in our bedroom. I could put the pool in the kids playroom, right across the hall, but then it couldn't be set up till I was in labor. And of course then the kids wouldn't have access to their toys. I'd rather have it in my bedroom. I may have to move something out temporarily to make room. The cedar chest at the end of my bed would be easiest. Maybe we could move it into the playroom.

This Saturday my sister is throwing me a mommy dinner. She figures the thing a mother of four needs most is a dinner out with the girls, eating food my husband and kids don't like(Indian). Since creating my amazon baby registry, none of the many people who had asked me what I need have asked me again! I don't really want to bring it up myself. At what point do I just buy the stuff myself? I want to order my diaper covers, diaper pail liners and wet bags by 36 weeks I think. The other things could wait till after the baby comes (diaper bag organizer, changing pad). Oh, I do need the Moses basket before the baby comes too. We cosleep, but while the baby is tiny I want a safe place to lay him when/if my toddler climbs in our bed.

Names- we don't have one picked out and don't seem to be coming any closer to settling on one or even a couple top contenders.
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We have given up on naming till we see the wee one. I feel ya.

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