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Baby Dr Apt decisions

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I'm supposed to go in with my baby for the 2nd dr apt. It's back to school time of year &germs are probably very contagious&will be for a while even if i reschedule. I was supposed to decide about vaccinations, which i.still dont know about or maybe shop around for a more holistic dr that takes our insurance. I have just been busy. The only thing i personally care about at this time, besides knowing my baby is ok even without the vaccinations is her diaper rash/yeast. But the thought of someone else looking at it bothers me. I mean, its actually lots better now, and just flared up after a long sleep with no diaper change(i was brave not to wake this time). Now i see bright red marks that look a little shiny with dots around, i assume its still yeast or maybe its just rash/normal. But,i don't want someone seeing my little baby naked, it feels violating. They did it when they weigh her too. I think theres another way to weigh with those itty bityy clothes/diaper. I got nystatin creame from a friend so we tried it &helped but i wonder how I'm supposed to tell dr that, if its important. We mightve not done it for the proper #of days &switched to grapefruit seed extract diaper spray &some other adjustments as mentioned but can barely keep up, or type, tired arms. The point is : I'm tired &dont want to go in to the dr! Is that ok?
I don't know how to care for a sick baby if she gets sick &think its risky to expose to more germs . I just dont want to go. y. I like homeopathic stuff , herbs, unless its urgent or too expensive. I will take the redness on her bottom day by day&show it to my friend again soon. Ie there a benefit o going in just for the rash? we have free insurance but i just dont want to go. Ii guess i can put it off at least. We dont need rash&sick germs. I figure i will use nystatin if thingw get bad soon but i wonder what dr would do. Sounds like they dont always know. We're trying diet changed. I just pray this wont keep coming &going, because of my ignorance. I dont want to tease it with nystatin either.
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Off to the apt, at least i can get a yes/no.on.thrush. Hoping they dont force us to.start vaccinnes yet. I need time to.learn about them, heard they can disrupt sleep though. Is it true? I.just have no clue, maybe I'll read the vaccinnation.forums.
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Don't read the vaccination forums, it will make your indecision worse. Talk to your doctor, and check out the Dr. Sears webpage. 

There's no "violation" when a medical professional is looking at your baby naked, and if she's had the rash for this long, I think the dr does need to look at it and make sure you tell him you used nystatin for a little while, that will affect what he gives you, or suggests
And yes, you are teasing it with the nystatin. Nystatin is a prescription medication, and needs to be taken for a certain amount of time regardless of it looks like it's getting better. 

I can respect you wanting to use more natural methods, but you need to understand that just because they are natural doesn't mean they don't have side effects, interactions or proper use

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Honestly, I think you need to be keeping up with your regular appointments. If anything, just so you can discuss your worries with your doctor. That reassurance that your baby is doing well will help you to stay calm.

Re: the yeast rash... I wouldn't give any prescription meds without a doctor having prescribed it. Like, rainbow nurse said, it's important to follow the directions.

About vaccines. That's a hugely personal choice. Everyone has different (and often strong) opinions on that subject. Do your research and make your decision based on that, not what people in a forum say.

I totally hear you on wanting to use natural methods where possible. We do the same... But I'm more of a controlled diet and things you find around the house type. When it comes to herbs and homeopathy, I like to speak to a professional to make sure I'm doing it right! smile.gif
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Originally Posted by rainbownurse View Post

Don't read the vaccination forums, it will make your indecision worse. 


I disagree with this. I found the vaccine forums quite helpful in my decision making. 


I agree with everything else though :) 


Keep your regularly scheduled appointments, even if you aren't vaxing. That's not the main reason for the schedule. It's based more on growth and development changes. Maybe schedule for the first appointment of the day? That's what I do. We only really come in contact with the receptionist, nurse, and doctor. 

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