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Nursing Moms

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Just starting a thread for any currently-nursing mamas due in May.


I'm currently nursing my 12.5 month old. I plan to wean him before this next one arrives, though I'm still not entirely sure how to go about it. He's down to nursing 4-6 times a day, and he sleeps through the night maybe 50-60% of the time (maybe more?). I'm trying to get him more calories via solid food (which he loves) to help him make the transition, but I often find myself wondering what to feed him. I don't always want him to eat the crap I feed myself! I've looked into other milks for him, but the nutritional profiles of other animal milks/milk substitutes is just so different from breastmilk that I can't bring myself to do it.


Anyway, hoping to make some other nursing-mama friends in our DDC!

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I'm still nursing my 2.5 year old. I plan on weaning her during this pregnancy because I nursed through one pregnancy already and it was hell. It hurt horribly, she kept accidentally kicking my tummy, lying on one side for long periods was difficult towards the end and I ultimately developed a sense of heebie jeebies whenever she nursed that made me want to push her off of me and made the whole experience awful. I'd just count down the seconds to get through it.


Anyway, back on topic, my 2.5 year old will be 3 in October and I'll get her weaned by then. I'm sure she'll be fine.

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I am still nursing my 17 months old and  I have no plans for weaning. She is still very much in love with her nursies.

I also nursed through a pregnancy before and unfortunately had the same experience as Anaralia. I am really freaked out about it, and really hope for a better experience. I will take it day by day....

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I've been keeping my distance from this DDC as I've been spotting since the start of this pregnancy but since I'm feeling nauseous as of late I'm feeling like I'd like to dip my toes in a bit.


I am currently nursing 2 of my children (one very full time and one very part time) and have been nursing non-stop since the birth of my eldest daughter :bgbounce. I strongly suspect that I'll be nursing throughout this pregnancy.


Nice to meet all of you :thumb

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That is a lot of nursing! Kudos to you. Hope your spotting stops and things go well. :)


I've been nursing since my eldest was born, too, but that's only 12.5 months. :lol

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I am nursing my 17 month old, and hopefully will continue throughout this pregnancy.  I nursed my DS1 through DS2s pregnancy, and tandem nursed for 2 years after that.  Right before I got pregnant with DS3, on his 4th birthday, he stopped nursing.  DS2 self weaned when I was 7-8 months pregnant.  He was 2 1/2.  DS3 is younger than both of them were when I was pregnant, so I'm really hoping he won't wean.  Tandem nursing had it's challenges, but I loved it for so many other reasons. I am not looking forward to the nipple pain or the dry sucking though... 

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Yeah, I think/hope my DS will wean when my milk dries up/switches to colostrum, whenever that may be. And that's perfectly okay with me. He's mostly into nursing for the milk, and that's what I'm in it for, too, so it works out. I just hate having to worry about feeding him a balanced diet. Milk only was so easy!

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I'm currently tandem nursing my two kiddos, 5 & 2. I think my oldest may wean before the new baby comes, he nurses 2x a day, but planning on tandem nursing this time around as well:) The bonding was so great between my two kids and kinda think it would be awesome to be nursing all 3! The first trimester last time was a bit rough but after that it was lovely.
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I am currently nursing my two year old. He still loves to nurse and does so frequently. Thankfully the night nursing has slowed down a little.
My plans right now are to continue nursing him until he decides to wean himself. I think it would be really amazing to be able to tandem nurse. I will say however there are days where I am ready to be done. I have heard it can be a struggle to nurse while pregnant. So for now we are going to take it day by day.
I am slightly nervous about uterine contractions. I have been able to feel it in my uterus when he nurses this last week or so. It could be that I'm just paying extra attention. I had a miscarriage in march and even though I have been reassured by my midwife that all should be fine I still worry a bit. I just hope for a super sticky bean!
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I've been feeling contractions/cramping after nursing sometimes, too. It does make me nervous. But when I decided to TTC while nursing, I also made the decision that I wouldn't wean my son to "save" this pregnancy unless there was overwhelming evidence it really would make a difference. This early on, I really feel like hope, prayer, and eating are all I can really do to sway the odds!
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I'm still nursing my almost 16 month old.  I'm not planning on weaning.  I'm hoping to be able to tandem nurse if I can get through my pregnancy while nursing!

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I'm nursing my 2.5 year old, no plans to wean. He mostly nurses a few times at night and only rarely does he want to nurse during the day. It's so infrequent that I can't imagine it'll be a problem. I think tandem nursing can really help them with the transition, keeping the bond with you while they get used to the new baby.
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Hi all! I'm nursing my 9 mo old and am taking this one week at a time.   dd1 weaned herself the day after we conceived dd2, I tried and tried to get her interested but nothing, she flat out said "yuck".  So far, I'm like 4 weeks and dd2 is happily and mostly painlessly nursing still.  I'd really love to be able to keep going until she is 1 year.  Zero interest in tandem nursing, so the first contraction or big pain or anything and she gets her two week's notice.  She eats like a champ, on top of nursing 5x a day, she usually eats 1 1/2 cups of yogurt, 2 plums, 1 bananna, 1/2 cup of pretzels or cheerios, and 1 cup of cheese (cottage or small mozzerella balls).  She also likes zuchinni i place of her bananna.  Anyway, really nice to see others who are still nursing (some of you really go for it).

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So, this past week I've been getting up at 6 am to get my oldest off to school. The first few days I just got out of bed, and didn't nurse my LO, and it wasn't until nap time that I realized he hadn't nursed at all.  I do not want him to wean, especially because I'm too busy to nurse him. So, now, when DH is in the shower, I wake him up for a morning nurse.  I need to take more time to make sure we connect, with life being so busy and all.  With my first, this was certainly not a problem.

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I'm still nursing my 19 month old and nursing is starting to feel like OUCH. Only five weeks along and wanted to tandem nurse so I hope he doesn't wean but he has had a decreased interest in nursing since the pregnancy started.
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I'm nursing my 17month old, although not very much. He nurses for about five minutes before bedtime (never falls asleep on the breast anymore), and for about 15 minutes when he wakes up. The morning nursing is new as of the last month, and it's really nice. A great gradual transition from nighttime sleep to facing the day...for both of us. It's also a nice time to bond with daddy. DS usually nurses on his back while i'm side-lying, and he plays with daddy's hands/head/hair/sheets with his hands. 

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Yes I'm nursing my nearly 3 year old and 5 weeks pregnant.  I have a feeling my toddler will not stop nursing anytime soon (he loves it).  In fact I do hope he continues when bubs arrives (fingers crossed the p/g continues without a hitch).


My DS had a tongue tie, and it's common for tongue ties to run in families.  So if new bubs needs a TT release, it will actually be good for establishing a milk supply to have toddler chugging away and encouraging my milk supply to come in.

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I'm nursing (right now, in fact) my nearly-two-year-old. She's a bit of a milk monster, and still gets quite a lot of calories that way, so I hope that either it doesn't end up hurting me too much to continue, or that my dwindling milk supply will convince her that stew is pretty good after all. I'm trying not to decide ahead of time what should happen, I'd rather play it by ear.
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Anyone else find that sometimes you get this awesome let down and all is like normal?  And then next time nursling is fussy and doesn't focus and just generally its not working?


Mamas who have tandem nursed a young baby, did you actually nurse (milk, baby on there for a long time) the whole pregnancy?


 What's this dry nursing someone mentioned?  


Sorry for all the questions, this is new to me! I'm contemplating encouraging her to nurse longer but am unsure how.

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Originally Posted by fayebond View Post

Anyone else find that sometimes you get this awesome let down and all is like normal?  And then next time nursling is fussy and doesn't focus and just generally its not working?


Mamas who have tandem nursed a young baby, did you actually nurse (milk, baby on there for a long time) the whole pregnancy?


 What's this dry nursing someone mentioned?  


Sorry for all the questions, this is new to me! I'm contemplating encouraging her to nurse longer but am unsure how.


I actually noticed this yesterday... I don't feel my letdown very often and yesterday I felt it on both sides while I was nursing.  Also, I've noticed that my baby is particularly fussy on one side... he keeps shifting his head back and forth like he's trying to get milk.  Sometimes it seems like there is no milk and sometimes he pulls off and is drooling milk.  I'm not really sure what is going on with my milk supply, but I really hope my LO can nurse for as long as he wants.

I'm not feeling any discomfort (well he has a tight latch due to tounge-tie, but nothing out of the ordinary) yet.  I was also wondering if moms who tandem nursed actually nursed throughout the whole pregnancy or if they stopped and then started up again when baby was born?
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