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Detoxing after toxic event

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Dear Dr Karon-Flores,

Earlier today, I was in a kitchen (not at home, but in my studio building), when some plastic caught fire in the microwave. I opened it up and smoke came out. Initially I had trouble opening the window because of a tricky clip, and I was caught in the smoke for a little while before I had the sense to leave the building. I went back up later, and it still smelled strongly so I left again. However, I did have to return again, for several hours, by which time the smell was less in the space I had to be in.

My question is: what can I do at this point to try to detox my body from this event? I am not pregnant, nor trying to conceive a child (although I may at some point, so this is important), and thankfully I just weaned my toddler a few weeks ago. When this toxic event happened, I really had no symtoms that I could discern. No headache, no shortness of breath or sick stomach. What I did was to drink 2 cups of green tea and eat 750 units of vitamin C (not sure why, I just thought of these things for no reason).

Anyway, that is all, any help you could give would be most welcome!
thank you!
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Sorry it's taken a while for me to respond - this post somehow got put in the spam folder.  Green tea and Vitamin C are great detox options, and generally available.  Eating a clean, healthy diet with lots of fresh organic fruits, veggies, and greens is excellent, along with good fiber like ground flax or chia seeds (1-2 Tablespoons per day), and organic proteins (grass-fed beef, turkey, chicken).  When I put patients on a "detox" diet, this is what they eat.  Juicing can be helpful as well, cilantro in particular in juice helps to pull toxins out of the body.  12 ounces of fresh juice a day is plenty.  When I have a chemical exposure, such as when I go to the dentist, I always take NAC afterwards.  NAC raises glutathione levels, which is part of liver detox.  500- 1200 mg per day is generally the dose I use for patients, and for myself.  Make sure to talk with your healthcare provider before taking this supplement if you are taking medications or have health conditions.



Dr. Jennifer

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