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Holistic Pediatrician near Katonah

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We recently moved and I am reaching out to see if anyone knows of a holistic pediatrician near Katonah, South Salem, NY  Thanks in advance!!! Alison

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Hi, Welcome!  We live in Southern Westchester, but would love to move to Katonah area in a few years :-)  My son's pediatrician for the past 14 years is " Riverside Pediatrics", located in Croton-on- Hudson. They are well-known for being more holistic.  One of the founding doctor, Dr. Cowan, has recently retired from primary care.  The other founding doctor is Dr. Baskind.  He is a character but a good clinician, as well as open minded, and good with homeopathy.  We are actually thinking to change to another pediatrician in the Southern Westchester for our in-coming daughter in Dec., only because Croton is too far for us. We have had very good experience with Riverside Pediatrics over the years.  They have no problem acommondating our delayed vaccine schedule, though they don't give any advice in that area.  The nurses are very nice there too.  

I would appreciate anyone who can refer a good and holistic ped in New Rochelle or near by towns.  I have been searching and asking around but would love more info.  Thank you!

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