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Dreaming of the gender...

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Hi everyone. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and just like with my first pregnancy 4 years ago, I just had a lucid dream this morning wherein I asked to meet my baby, and had the chance to be with him. 4 years ago, I met a beautiful baby girl, who transformed into her older, toddler self, with blonde hair, tan skin and dark eyelashes. When I woke up, I didn't believe it for a second. I am pale with brown hair and blonde eyelashes. 


Sure enough, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, with blonde hair, practically black eyelashes, and tan skin. And at age 4 she looks alarmingly like the girl I met in the dream.


This morning I entered a lucid dream (I am a big lucid dreamer) so I took the opportunity to ask the universe: "I want to meet my baby!" And I wandered into a house and walked up to the bedroom where this beautiful baby boy was sleeping, swaddled in a dark blue blanket, and I lay down in deep love and nursed him. We communicated without words on an adult level and I can't remember anything that was said, but it was exquisite to just be with him like that.


My question is, is it really possible to have a BOY when the conception, according to the ultrasound, took place 5 or 6 days after the last time I made love with my husband?? I have heard so many times that the XX sperm live much longer than the XY because they are bigger and stronger. So I have just assumed that I am having a girl. Is it really possible to have a boy under these circumstances?? Has anyone else conceived 5 or 6 days after intercourse and had a boy??

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I was charting when I conceived ds2. We only had sex once that month an unbelievable 9 days before I ovulated. I was sure i wasn't pregnant. And yet I ds2 is a happy charming 8 year old boy. By all acounts he should have been a girl (but don't tell him that lol)

From what I understand from my friends who researched gender swaying. Peak time for a girl is, I think 2-4 days before ovulation...then it can swing back more towards boy.
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I finally got around to googling this "gender swaying" business and I was very intrigued by what I found here:


Thank you for sharing! 

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I definitely think it is possible you could be having a little boy :love. When I was 9 or 10 weeks pregnant with my DD I had several dreams where she was a girl, the clearest being I was at my friend's house holding a little baby boy. I flatly said, "This isn't my baby," and set him on the counter and walked out, while my friends were looking very worried and insisting frantically that it WAS. But obviously it wasn't ;)

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i have really been drawn to girl stuff lately especially girly knitting patterns, wondering if this means everyone is right and this baby is a girl. Still hoping for a boy...but if it is a girl I will knit her many cute shmancy dresses. lol

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My due date with my first pregnancy was June 21. I had a dream that I'd have a boy born June 10th. I had a girl born June 25th. shrug.gif My mother also dreamed I'd have a boy. 

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Just wanted to share with everyone that we are indeed having a boy!! smile.gif I ended up having two lucid dreams wherein I asked to meet my baby and met a sweet boy. I am so happy!
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My first I dreamt it was a boy but had a girl. My second dreamt it was a girl it was a boy. Go figure!
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I just dreamt last night that I had a scan in the front seat of our truck. The GPS display on the dash revealed a perfect little back butt and girl. Maybe its because we were talking about it last night and my fiance thinks it's a girl, I really have no clue. It will be neat to find out on her/his birthday. I'm not even very curious about the gender this time, which makes me the only pregnant woman to say that, ever. I've also never found out the before the birth what the babys gender was, and not planning an ultrasound for this baby at all.

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My knit-tuition was right and we are having a girl. Last night I had a dream she was born way early, in a see through coconut and was one of those anthropamorphic my little pony dolls. She had long purple hair, blue white skin and had to lick the milk off my nipple she was soo tiny. Lol
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Congrats on your girl Selissa!

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