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September Group Chat

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Hi All,

I've been wanting to get to know you ladies better and thought a general discussion thread might allow us to chat, vent, share, rejoice, commiserate, etc. without having to make a new thread that's "all about me."


I'll go first. :)


I've been dying to come on here and share since three weeks ago when I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time (160!). :)  I finally caved and requested Doppler use at 12 weeks.  At that point I really stopped worrying about my pregnancy ending and started looking for flutters! 


It's funny, because although now I KNOW I'm pregnant, there is a part of me that feels less pregnant than ever.  My stretchy skirts accommodate my belly just fine, I'm loosing my morning sickness, and I have more energy lately (yay!) which is good because I spend the day chasing my other two.  So whole days go by without me really thinking about the person growing within.  Sometimes I get a real strong little "donk" from the inside which makes me go, "Oh yeah, Hi baby!"


And now that I've stopped worrying about miscarriage, I have time to worry about the baby being malformed in some way.  I do a lot of praying.  I have two friends who had babies with issues recently, one diagnosed at the 20 week U/S, one not.  I feel like I've hardly been eating a diet of champions these last few months just trying to get anything down that didn't make me sick.  I'm REALLY looking forward to my 20 week scan (early October) and hoping for a lot of positive reassurance from the technician.


And on the vent side, I've had a nasty cold this week.  Thankfully I'm on the other side of it now, but it seems like I always catch stuff worse during pregnancy.  I'm getting to where I never take OTC meds for colds anymore since I'm always pregnant or nursing!  Nasal irrigation, Breathe Right nose strips, and probiotics seemed to pull me through this one.


Okay, your turn!

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This is a nice thread! I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone better over the next few months :) 

JosieAK - colds and pregnancy seem to be the norm! I've had a really annoying one over the last fortnight, it's left me feeling all drowsy and listless. Apparently Rhinitis is very common because of membrane swelling.

I've been enjoying the last few weeks, and I've got a bit pregnant looking now which is fun! I can't wait to get bigger. We're stressing out fairly mildly over our financial situation - we're first time home owners and mortgaged up to our eyeballs, but we've got enough to get by. We're not extravagant at all, and today we went on our first proper budget food shop which really opened our eyes to how much more money saving we could do while still eating healthily. 

I haven't done a facebook announcement yet, although I'm starting to feel ready to announce it to the people we haven't had a chance to see or speak to on the phone. Anyone else find facebook baby announcements annoying?! 

20 week Gender scan next week - the days are crawling by so slowly now!

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Our immune systems are suppressed so we don't reject the baby - so that means we're more susceptible to colds, etc.  Thankfully there are lots of natural/safe things we can do to boost immunity.  LMK if you'd like more info.


My kids were a little miffed when I explained they could no longer snag a sip of my drink or kiss me on the lips. LOL


My only real symptom is exhaustion - I have adrenal fatigue and had no idea how hard that would be during pg.  Thankfully, my youngest is 5 and I'm able to sneak a nap most days without having to worry about the house being burned down. ;)


I'm carrying around 60 extra lbs so I don't look pg, just fat, and therefore, most days forget about my uterus being bigger until I try to sit or turn a certain way!

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Yep, me too, SillyMommy.  Overweight here too.  I had all these great plans to lose weight and get fit and eat tons of super nourishing foods before getting pregnant again. Hahahaha. Sorry about the adrenal fatigue.  I'm borderline, according to my natural doctor, but I've been excited lately to actually have a little get-up-and-go. I hope it sticks around.

Button-nose, that's exciting about the scan.  How far along will you be?  I think Facebook announcements can be cute or can be over-the-top.  I like so many mommy/pregnancy/breastfeeding groups on FB and with that little side ticker thing (that I turn off but others don't) I didn't want people to find out by accident because I wanted to chat with a group about things, so we finally shared with the world last week.  Overall, it was a favorable response, but 99% of my posts are kid related anyway.


I REALLY don't get the design/nature of all the crucial baby forming stages being during your first trimester and  everything good for you to eat sounds disgusting while every junk food on earth sounds amazing.  How could that be brilliant planning?  Seriously, these last two pregnancies, the only time I actually threw up was after eating spinach or drinking a herbal infusion.  But it also kind of takes the pressure off when I hear of women who could only hold down 3 Taco Bell bean burritos a day for their first trimester and they go on to have healthy adorable babies.


I'd be interested in knowing more about immune boosting stuff.  I've been taking vitamin D3, probiotics, elderberry juice, and (when I feel I'm coming down with something) echinachea tincture.  I heard something about zinc being amazing, but I haven't chased that one down.  I take Concentrace drops in my water, but I am not sure how much zinc those contain.  The funny thing about being sick was loosing my sense of smell (and taste).  Losing taste made food less appealing which was a mixed blessing. I mean, who wants 3 pm chocolate when it just tastes like wax, but who wants seconds on dinner veggies when they are just sort of nondescript. I tried adding more salt to things, but I couldn't taste any of it.  However, not being plagued by pregnancy nose was a blessing!  I've been battling a stinky fridge for weeks and finally took everything out and cleaned it, and it STILL smells (my hubby can't smell it).  So, for a week, I got to not smell the trash, the fridge, my 2 year old's diaper, etc.  It was nice. :)

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Hi all,


I am a teacher, and went back to school this week so I have told so many people about the babies this week. Every time I tell someone "I'm pregnant with twins" they just say "You're kidding!". I think it has something to do with my inability to keep a straight face and my sort of lack of belief myself, that after 4 years of trying and adopting our daughter I am actually pregnant. 


I'm not sure what to put on facebook either...I want to say something funny or witty...just not quite sure how to word it yet. We are planning to find out gender(s) so I might wait until after that scan to spill the beans there. 


Anyone else sleep great, until they wake up to pee and then have their brain click on like crazy? I feel like I lay awake for half an hour or more every night for no reason other than that my brain wants to spin around some completely inane stuff for a while. I am usually a great sleeper and used to fall back asleep really easily. Is it progesterone? Stress?


While I haven't really gained much weight...only about 2 lbs, I am getting pretty worried about where I am going to fit two babies in there. At 15 weeks, I am definitely wearing mostly maternity clothes and my belly is becoming quite obvious to the point where students I have had in past years just stare at my mid section until I confirm their suspicions. 


I'm glad to have all of you to chat with! 

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I'm getting my first ultrasound in a few weeks and I'm so very very excited to find out the gender!  I keep having dreams of a little boy.  At 16wk I finally have a mini-bump, hope to be showing a bit more before I fly home in early October.  While I look forward to looking more pregnant, I've already heard my mom criticizing my wardrobe (guess I'm not supposed to show off the bump according to her, but there's no way I'm wearing her smock from the 70's!!).  


Feeling pretty good overall, just tired now and then - waking up with back pain, but that's manageable. My mind does a GREAT job coming to life at 3am, really wish there was a good reason for it.  No mood issues, which I find shocking....maybe it'll happen when I least expect/want it!  I also forget that I'm pregnant sometimes, which I think is good for my mind because I worry about "losing myself" with motherhood. I don't want to stop being the fun-loving, adventurous, creative person that I am and become absorbed in the parenting role.  I think that might be one of my biggest fears aside from the labor experience.  I'm on the fence about doing a facebook announcement - so far most everyone that needs to know does know, but I also forget who I tell and there are some "friends" who may want to know.  


I'm struggling a lot with co-worker's opinions on labor/delivery topics.  They keep asking me things like "Are you going to get an epidural? What about pain meds?  Are you working with OBs? Delivering at the hospital, right?"...I'm feeling like they plan on judging my birth choices.  Why do people care??  They're more interested in letting me know where they stand on my choice rather than having a rational discussion on why my choice is best for me.  It's like they take a topic that should be joyful and happy for someone and turn it around to be about them and about all the scary things that can happen.  Thanks, I needed a little more fear in my life anyway (because a first time pregnancy isn't daunting enough).  

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Had the 20 week anatomy ultrasound today. We chose not to "peek" as far as the baby's sex is concerned, but we came *this* close to changing our minds at the last minute. Luckily, my hubs reminded me that there are so few good mysteries left in life, and we should enjoy this one while it lasts. And he's right.

Plus, it's kinda fun to come up with clever responses to "Do you know what your having?"

"Yes. We're 100% certain it's human. We're 50% certain it's a girl. We're also 50% certain it's a boy."
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Man -- all this talk about finding out gender is weighing on me. I've thought all along that I would want to wait -- and part of me does -- but I'm also really dying to know! My dad was asking me the other day -- 'why are you waiting? Just find out already! It's still a surprise!' And I guess he's kinda right. What's a few months early? I guess I thought it might give me more motivation to 'push' the baby out ... but I've never needed it before ... I just wanna meet my baby by then so badly, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl!!


So I think I might just have them seal up the answer in an envelope and wait for a special occasion to open it. Maybe Christmas? Or our anniversary (New Year's)? Or have someone do something fun like the balloon in a box thing and have all the kids open it together. I know for SURE my DH would totally be on board. He really wants to know. ;)

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BTW alysonsky I cannot believe you've only gained 2 lbs with twins?!! You must've been really sick or something. People keep asking me if we're having twins, too because I'm so big. I really don't think there's 2 ... I only seem to feel one moving around in there, but the baby is also still pretty small. I've gained about 10 lbs which is pretty much on par with my other 3 pregnancies. I'm 17.5 weeks right now. 


I did have a super quick (like 2 min) u/s at about 10 weeks to confirm pregnancy and heartbeat (didn't want to do doppler) and we only saw one baby. However, I've heard that you can sometimes miss a twin (crazy as it sounds) on u/s since they either aren't expecting it and don't look, or perhaps the babies are side-by-side and one is out of view. I've read numerous accounts of twins not being detected until as late as 7 months --- some even a few weeks away from delivery! 


alysonsky -- can you feel 2 babies moving around? Are you measuring bigger than most singleton pregnancies? 

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Yeah, I think the last thread kind of died... I sort of blame myself, I was whining a lot. Let's see... I am doing a lot better now. Aside from the fact that sugar and dairy disagree with me. And that someone threw out the last of my candy! I suspect the babysitter did it by accident; my husband swears he didn't touch it, and our 2-year-old would have left evidence. Since I can only really have 1 or 2 pieces a day and was really looking forward to it, that bums me out.


I had so many food issues in the first trimester. There were a couple weeks there where I ate Chipotle practically every day. Now is better, though I get hungry every hour unless I eat large amounts of meat. 


My daughter gets that there is a baby in my uterus, but I don't think she gets that it'll get bigger and come out and live with us. 


Anatomy ultrasound... I kind of like the idea of being surprised by the baby's sex, but I'm not sure I'm that patient. 

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There's a part if me that wonders if toddlers are slightly freaked out by the notion of a baby in mommy's tummy (uterus is just waaaaay too complicated to explain to my son), and I also wonder if he listens politely but privately thinks I'm slightly insane for making up such a ridiculous thing. "Right, mom...a baby. Growing in your tummy. What will she think of next???"
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Along the lines of our current little ones being aware of the pregnancy, I have wondered at what point my little girl would begin to make the connection (she's 17 months currently, and will be around 22 months when little one arrives. But just last night, as I spent a lot of time snuggling her through teething, it seemed she'd only settle when she was belly to belly with me, and her little brother was kicking around in there like crazy when she did this. We talk about it a lot, since we want to prepare her as much as possible, even though we're not certain how much she grasps. But last night, it did seem like she wanted that closeness, and I'm sure she must have been feeling something, so maybe she is making that connection, as obscure as it might seem to be ...

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Originally Posted by alaura24 View Post

There's a part if me that wonders if toddlers are slightly freaked out by the notion of a baby in mommy's tummy (uterus is just waaaaay too complicated to explain to my son), and I also wonder if he listens politely but privately thinks I'm slightly insane for making up such a ridiculous thing. "Right, mom...a baby. Growing in your tummy. What will she think of next???"


Yeah, could be. I do think that little kids seem to accept a lot of seemingly preposterous things in stride though. I mean, look at the random stuff they come up with themselves that makes sense to them. 

I haven't really explained what a uterus is per se. I told her there is a baby growing in my uterus, and indicated the approximate location, and periodically we discuss it. She also knows through further inquiries that she has a uterus as well. Sometimes she will say something about there being a baby growing in her uterus and I will tell her that she is too little for that right now but she can grow a baby in her uterus when she is grown up. I've also told her that every baby grows in a mommy's uterus. I don't think she really gets either of those concepts. It's okay. She will understand more as she grows, I'm sure, and probably whatever she doesn't understand just rolls off.  
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My DD will be 2 this month. She measures my belly with a measuring tape and tells me my baby will come out in February when I go into labour. We're planning another water birth so we're trying to get her ready to possibly be home during the birth. She seems excited. We're going for our 20 week scan in 2 weeks where we will hopefully find out the sex.
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Good Afternoon Ladies...


This is my first post on this forum. I hope to participate instead of lurking in the future :) I have a precious 5 year old Daughter and I am pregnant with my second baby who we found out is going to be a boy and we couldnt be more thrilled. Can't wait to see more threads. I am already much more at home here than I was on the bump which was seemingly catering towards mainstream parents.

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Welcome, lrj85.

I have a daughter who will be five in February. She is SO excited for this baby. She's a little mama already, though. She is going to love being able to help.

My two year old is doing really well in comprehending. We still nurse a bit (before sleep) and she knows it hurts me when she latches. I say, be gentle! I told her that it hurts mama and she said, "Baby in your tummy?" Yep. I told her the baby will want to nurse too and she grinned at me. It will be fun for them to feel the baby kicking later.

Sometimes I use the baby as an excuse to them. When I was nauseous especially, it made sense to say I am going to eat something for the baby or I'm going to lay down because the baby wants me too. Once or twice when they have turned on me with stricken eyes for eating the last yogurt or something, I've said, "The baby was hungry." And they accept that and move on.

The names they come up with are hilarious. My oldest wanted to name the baby Horsey Peaches and then Brody (after the neighbor's horse). My youngest just made sounds like an elephant when asked.

I've come to peace with finding out the sex this time. After two times of not, I'm surprised at how much I want to. But there is something in me that is almost too tired to pick two names and pull out gender neutral and boy and girl clothes. I just want to sit by the Christmas tree and crochet little booties and not have to worry if they are too frilly for a boy. Anyway. So I look forward to the name discussions after the sonogram.
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My 5 year old will be 6 the day after my due date :) And she couldnt be more thrilled to have a brother! As she says just like mommy because I have three brothers. Good luck at your ultrasound! My daughter has already felt baby J move. I have always felt movement super early and husband felt him last night! I seriously looked all through my saved baby stuff and found one gender neutral outfit haha I was VERY in to having a little girl last time! I wish I could crochet or knit I may try to pick it up again because I would love to have something I made for the baby!

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Jinxymama, When I went for a visit this week they said I was measuring at 20 weeks and I am 16...so I guess a little ahead of schedule. I asked the doc about my weight and his response was something to the effect that I could get enormous any time and that he isn't worried since I feel healthy and am measuring well. It seems like some of my weight is redistributing a little bit I guess. Most of my pants seem kinda saggy in the rear, although that could be because they aren't buttoned all the way! I did put on another pound this week though, so I feel a bit reassured. He also said that because there are the two of them and I am pretty athletic and have a fairly fast metabolism that I may need to eat more, but just to eat how much felt right...not try to stuff extra in out of worry.


I have an anterior placenta so that is kind of covering some of the movement I would be feeling I think. Most of what I feel is a pretty muffled sort of wiggling sensation. This is my first pregnancy though, so it may take me a bit longer to be sure of what I am feeling. I hope to be able to feel both babies pretty soon and I can't wait for my husband to be able to get involved more by feeling them.


My daughter who is 20 months seems to be noticing my changing body and pretty regularly wants to put her hands on my belly. We have been playing with her babies a lot lately and wrapping the two of them up in receiving blankets and putting them to bed in a basket. I've told her about the babies in my belly, but I am pretty sure she has very little idea what I am talking about. I do think kids are kind of genetically programmed to deal with siblings and younger babies though. They rarely seem to bothered by crying and generally seem to adapt well. I think she is going to do great.

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alysonsky - I keep forgetting this is your first pregnancy, even though you already have a daughter! :) Thanks for sharing your measurements with me. And I'm glad your doc is so easygoing about your size/weight gain. He's right - you will probably be ginormous before it's all said & done! :)


I've always had anterior placentas, too, so this one probably is as well. I had to skip my appt this week as my kids were so sick and I just couldn't leave them. So I'll get measured in a few weeks. I don't know when my u/s is yet ... I still have to schedule it somewhere. One of the added things to do when you see a midwife w/out an u/s machine! I'm aiming for 22 weeks, so 4 more weeks from now. I'm pretty sure I just have one, though, after all. I just think I'd be feeling more movement if I were having 2...and I think I'd be a lot bigger, especially with this being my 4th pregnancy! 

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We just had our 20 week ultrasound today. Tech's report suggests everything is progressing normally and it looks like we're having a boy. We are now officially starting to think about baby names and getting organized for our second child.
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