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~Weekly Chat Thread Sep 3nd-8th~

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I can't decide when to post here and when to post in the babies thread.


I just got home from the doctors with C. She has gained 1lb 1 oz and 1.5 inches in just under two weeks. Everything looks great and we both know what we are doing, so we can skip the next well check and not come back until 2 months.


This week will be crazy, the big kids start preschool, with all that transition. I need to take everyone to school by myself on Bees first day and husband will likely go back to work on Friday.

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I have no idea what belongs in what thread either but glad the first appt went well. I hope the transitions go well.

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Leigh, nice weight gain! Hope all goes well with preschool and your DH heading back to work (mine is also going back soon).


I'm getting really excited for fall here. I got a gift basket at the hospital and it had baked apple tea in it, which smells delicious!

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Sounds great Leigh, good luck with the start of school! :thumb


Took DD in for her 1 month appointment, she is almost 2 pounds heavier than her 2 week appointment!  I was amazed.  She is doing very well. 


DS has been acting up a bit more than usual, I think he is feeling some of the stress now.  Doesn't help that his babysitter spends a lot of time fawning over DD every time she is over instead of paying attention to him (and even pointing out all the cute things about DD to DS). :eyesroll  Also when we are out and about, strangers ooh and aah over the baby then turn to him and ask "Do you love your little sister?"  What a position to put him in.


We are thinking of making some big changes here, we are not that happy with our childcare situation for DS so DH is trying to see if he can move to a part-time and/or telecommuting position.  We are also seriously considering moving to a different area, from the bay area to the CA central coast.  We are going down there in a month to scout out neighborhoods. 

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somegirl- you're up near Sonoma right? I fly out to SF in two weeks!!! im not ready  :/ We found a house in San Leandro, it was impossible to get a place in the city. with dh being a lawyer and 4 kids, it was like having scarlett letters on our chests.

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We figured out the new LO's name: Hollis Leonard Quinn S___!  Hooray!

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We are home sweet home and I've already overdone it. We named baby Nathaniel, but I still call him "baby". He is very sweet, and seems to be a good nurser. My DH is totally enamoured and I am really happy that his anxieties in regards to fatherhood have dissolved now that there are practical matters to take care of. My mother is both a huge help and driving us crazy. She is prone to dithering and disorganisation, but is also a skilled baby whisperer. I remain quite weak, and basically nurse him and delegate all other tasks.

But, I have some questions for the more experienced mamas...

1. at 4 days old, baby has figured out how to wiggle his hands out of a swaddle. This is very sweet, as he seems to be trying to use his hands to hold his pacifier in his mouth. (all of my no pacifiers for 1st month dogma flew out of the window at 3am on night 2). This makes him fussy in swaddle sacks. What do we do?

2. how many layers should he wear indoors at 73 deg? right now he is in short sleeve onsie/ cotton gauze swaddle/ cotton hat. How do we tell if that is too much/ just right/ not enough?

3. he dozes off during nursing. How do I make sure he gets fed efficiently? Very sweet to cuddle, but lots of hanging out at my nipple.
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1. Use a regular blanket instead of the sack (if that's what your using now), you may be able to get it tighter...or He might like an "Australian swaddle" (google it) as well.

2. They say whatever you are comfortable in, plus one layer. You can also feel his back- If it's cold add a layer, if it's sweaty remove one.

3. You can use breast compression (jack newman has great videos of this) to keep him nursing when he starts getting lazy while breastfeeding. It usually does the trick. He'll still fall asleep eventually, but he'll have emptied your breast more, which is good for him and your supply.

I really like both Hollis and Nathaniel for names!
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Banana, actually we are in a tiny town near Pescadero and Half Moon Bay.  Good luck with the move!  It's very hard to find a place in the city itself.   Is your DH commuting to SF from San Leandro?  Hopefully he can take BART.


Mama505, great name!


Cardigan, must be nice to finally be home. :)


1. We use a Woombie, but you can also do a double swaddle inside a traditional swaddle.  Search on youtube for "double swaddle".


2. That sounds about right to me.  At that temp I'd have DD in a little t-shirt, diaper, and on me in a wrap/sling, or else sleeping in a swaddle blanket or woombie,  One good way to check baby's temperature is to feel their ears - if they are hot or cold, that's about how baby feels.


3. Has your milk come in yet?  Usually they seem to stay awake and nurse better once the milk has come in, or at least that is my experience, but then again I have an overactive letdown.  If you need to wake up baby for nursing, take off his diaper, that usually wakes them right up.


hope that helps a bit!

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Somegirl- my uncle has a house in San Gregorio! It's beautiful out there. My dh stayed out there when he worked in the FiDi last summer. It was a crazy commute, but free. I wish it wasn't so far. Dh would never go for it, but I'd live out there in a heart beat.

The plan is definitely to take the Bart, provided they don't strike again! There is commuter bus that goes from Castro Valley through San Leandro and Oakland, then on to the city though. It's nice that the option is there if he needs it. It's also extremely cheap to live there which will help us be able to go somewhere that is a little more ideal for us faster than we would have been able to paying SF rent. So, I shouldn't complain smile.gif
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Somegirl99: I love your part of the world.

I think my milk is coming in? My breasts seem to be going from national geographic breasts to Oktoberfest breasts.

my poor baby has undergone about 6 costume changes this evening bc of my temperature anxiety. I've got him in socks/jersey pants/short sleeve onesie/ long sleeve sleep sack/ hat. He kinda looks like a stoner.

I also had no idea how tough it would be to get in and out of bed. I don't have sharp incision pain persay, but I can only lie flat on my back, and have no core strength. I have to do a weird wiggle and clutch my bedside table. Tomorrow I'm going to practice getting in and out of bed in the least painful way.
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Cardigan, the PPs gave good advice regarding body temp. As far as swaddling, all three of my girls hated swaddling and always escaped so we never really worried about it. It is normal for babes to be sleepy nursers at first, he will wake up more over the next few days and weeks.

Mama505 , I love that name!

I had my 2 week appt yesterday. Natalie is already 8lbs from 7lb3oz at birth. I am doing pretty well. My parents leave today and although I am thankful for the help I will be glad to get my house back and to start getting our lives back to normal. My only worry is DD2 who has REALLY been acting out lately. I hope she adjusts soon before she drives me batty.
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Cardigan-C-sec recovery is hard. It takes some time, go easy on yourself.
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cardigan - can you roll to your side, grab something and then get to sitting? That was really the most painful thing. I had mine on a Fri and stayed in the hospital till Tues., partly because my babies were in NICU so they gave me the max time insurance allowed. the recovery stinks so much. I'm 6 weeks out tomorrow and feel pretty much normal as far as being able to lift stuff now and run but if you over do it you will really feel it later and not just the incision site but all your guts that were moved and cut through.

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Cardigan, Like Banana said, hands down the best test of baby temperature is to stick a finger down their back. C is mostly hanging out in a onesie (really cute ruffle butt one because she can) and a muslin swaddle blanket. She can get her hands out if she really tries, but she had a nucal hand and is rather fond of it on her face.


We had a photos shoot when she was a four or five days old by a friend of mine and this is the picture from that for her baby announcements. She is about three feet from where she was born.


It was Bees first day of preschool today and I got everyone up, fed, and dressed this morning by myself. Out the door in time for photos of Bee and to walk everyone to school on time.

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We usually go lighter on the clothes (sleep sack/gown thing, or even just a diaper) and cover him with receiving blankets and such, especially when he is on us.  It makes diaper changes a lot faster and easier.  :)

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I also second the "roll out" method of getting out of bed.  I remember using my arms a lot to lift and shift my body in ways that I had been used to using abdominal strength.  Oh, and take arnica.  That helped immensely!

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Baby Night gowns are awesome!
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I third the baby nightgown love. I have a handful that have snaps up the front so they are super easy to put on. One has little blue dog footprints on it and as soon as my big kids saw that, they insisted that baby needed to watch Blue since she was a clue.

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Cardigan - Just a note on "hatting"... In the UK and Australia, the advice is no hats indoors, as baby needs to be able to regulate their body temperature by expelling heat out of their head. Not sure if that's the advice in the US as well, but thought I'd mention it.
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