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Pregnant?!? What do u guys think?

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So we've been ttc for about 6 months now my period came 5 days early which is unusual my period have came on the 16/17 every single month now I am about 8dpo and I couldn't wait to take a test and I'm seeing a second line .. Am I crazy is it possible??
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It looks like a line :) 

Is there any way you can test with a pink line test? Those are usually more reliable! Although most of my positives have been with blue dye and a line is pretty much usually a line. I think evaps (while they can happen) are usually rarer than talked about :)


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I sure am hoping so I remembered I had a heavy early period 5 days early last month and I'm just thinking the worst that maybe that was a miscarriage and it's just still hormones but it's almost been 4 weeks since then:( doesn't seem like a hormone would stay that long if I were only a few weeks pregnant at first but I don't know I just want to be happy about it:(!!
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An early miscarriage would most likely not have enough hormones 4 weeks later to show a positive pregnancy test. Is there a way you can go for a blood test for confirmation if you can't get another pee test?

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I took another test this morning I can't tell if it's much darker but I just wanted to try again I'm going to wait until sundayish to test again should be a lot darker by then right and here's today's test
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Also .. That's first test wasn't even morning pee I took that around 5 pm....
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Looking at them side by side the one that was took today is darker visibly.
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Just my experience but I second the blood test. Last October I was about a week late , took two tests and got a negative and a very faint possible positive. The outcome is asleep on daddy's chest right now smile.gif When in doubt, get the blood test. Good luck! That test looks darker than mine ever did and it was a viable, easy pregnancy with zero complications.
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Well that's very reassuring.. I'm praying that I'm just bring overly worried Ill probably make me an apt after the weekend if I'm still getting a positive. Fingers crossed!!
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Edit I'm about 10 days past O .. And (tmi) sorry but I've had a few gushes of white kinda watery discharge kind of like watered down lotion
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Tiff, I've had that too! I am on 10 dpo.  I am thinking of taking a test first thing in the morning, because I think I am expecting my period Sunday, but maybe Monday, based on when I got my positive ovulation test.  If that kinda how you guys guess which day you are on?


I also just totalllly broke out in pimples this week though.  I am wondering if this means that I am not pregnant and am PMSing.  I haven't had much for periods as I've had an IUD in so I don't know my body's normal pre- period dance.


Does that mean I am probably not pregnant to be getting acne and lots of discharge? :(

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Not really. I wouldn't get so down right yet. I would def. test smile.gif but I don't really recall having this lotiony like cm .. Ive been starving all the time dreams have woke me up which i thought was odd .. then ive suddenly gotten headaches .. and ive NEVER had a headache in my entire life.. Other then that I don't have many symptoms .. But if I were u I would take that test in the morning and keep me updated I hope u get a bfp as well:) and hopefully ur able to be excited about it right away:(!
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Here's the 2 side by side 9-3 and 9-4 what's ur opinion think its got a little darker??
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Looking good :) Can see both line clearly!

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Thank you thank you:) I've been so down thinking I wasn't real but I think that's 2 real bfp! I'm testin again in the morning if it how's a bfp time to tell DH it's been so hard not trying to be excited and saying anything. I was thinkin the worst those tests are $ store tests I was thinking evap line or maybe last time I bled heavy that it could've been a miscarriage but thinking about it I couldn't have been but like 2 MAYBE 3 weeks at the most it's almost 4 weeks later I don't think that a miscarriage that early hormones wouldn't show on a test with sensitivity 25...
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that's exactly how both(more like 100) of my positive tests and now children started out! congrats!

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Thank you so much for ur input:) u guys are amazing lol.
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This one is lighter:(!! Could it be the sensitivity level? Or what I don't know. This was done in the afternoon and showed up pretty fast no longer then 3 minutes. I'm just not sure if its safe to even say anything yet:(.
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This is also 99 cent test!
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Fwiw my very faint maybe was an evening pee and when I tested with the next morning's first pee it was a clear cut negative. I just don't put much stock in urine tests anymore. I'd simply call my dr, say I suspect I may be pregnant, say the urine tests are ambiguous and ask for a blood test. That way it's no longer a mystery. Just my opinion though; the uncertainty would drive me cuckoo lol wink1.gif
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