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Sudden Period Changes

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My last three periods have been on time but very light. I'm on day three and I don't even need a pad, there isn't even blood when I wipe about half the time. My tubes are tied and I am way to young for menopause or even premenopause. What else could be causing this?
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How is your diet? When was the last time you gave birth or were pregnant?

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I cut back on sugar for lent and haven't eaten much since, more because my tastes changed than a diet. Other than that there aren't any changes except the guacamole and salsa I have been eating too much of this month.

My DD was born almost 11 years ago and she was my only pregnancy/birth.
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Are you exercising a lot or under a lot of stress? Any other symptoms?
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I'm exercising the same amount and not under much stress. A little with the start of a new school year and the chaos that goes with that but my group is easier this year and I feel much calmer this year than last year. I had a few random pregnancy like symptoms but only for short periods of time. Food cravings, naseau until I stopped chewing gum, nipples and breast tenderness, etc... but it comes and goes (except the guacamole one) and when I was pregnant it all stayed. Plus my tubes are tied.
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Hmmmm.... Test anyway.
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And if its negative maybe get your thyroid checked.
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I took the test a few minutes ago and it was negative! I'll make am appointment in the morning to have my thyroid checked.
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