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Frank Breech at 38 weeks

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Anyone in the same boat? I've done EVERYTHING known to try and turn this baby....multiple times. Websters several times with an experienced Webster chiro, acupuncture, moxibustion, ice on top of belly, hanging upside down on inversion table for 20 minutes at a time....spinning babies, music on lower belly....walking, stretching.


Has anyone had a previous FRANK BREECH baby turn later than 38 weeks?  



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I haven't had a breech baby (well, we were close one time, but she turned at 34 weeks).  I did a lot of the things you had mentioned - moxi sticks, inversion, ice packs, visualization, upside down in a pool, etc.


However, just from my time doing birth work and hanging with midwives, there is a bit of information I have picked up here and there....perhaps someone can supplement or provide better support than I can if they've BTDT with a breech baby!


Of all the breech positions to be in, frank breech is usually the most favorable in terms of outcome for vaginal delivery.  I live in Florida where it is illegal to knowingly deliver a breech baby at a homebirth.  I am sure other states have different (or grey areas) of restrictions, so this is something you'd definitely want to check with your care provider about.  What does your midwife or OB say about delivering breech at home?


If your baby is not engaged down into your pelvis, you can try an ECV with an OB but you'd probably want to get on that soon - I think 38 weeks or so is the cutoff for the higher success rate of baby staying turned.


Lastly, if baby doesn't turn, please try not to beat yourself up about it.  9/10 times, if baby is that stubborn about NOT turning, there is a good reason....it could be a shorter umbilical cord, placement of the placenta, how baby fits in your pelvic space - it isn't a reflection of how much effort you've put in, but rather baby's way of knowing the best place for him to be.

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I've got a breech baby too, been that way since 30 weeks and I'm 39w now. In my hospital in the uk they don't vaginally deliver breech babies so I am having a csection next tues. I know its not what I was expecting but I tried everything to get here to move and nothing shifted her even a little bit. I'm ok with a csection now as there must b a reason she won't turn and at the end of the day I want a safe birth and a healthy little girl.
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