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Finally back up to birth weight! And acting more like a baby and not such a newborn.

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I love all these pics! Gorgeous babies.

Sweet Violet is up to 11 pounds now! She's such a chunker and I love it.

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Matilda, 4 weeks old.
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2 weeks old -from Oliver's newborn photo shoot.  We didn't do this for my first but I am glad we did it this time around. 

with big brother Eli

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Omg all you ladies who somehow are managing to get your babies into cute outfits and poses and even to a professional photographer! We've been so busy meeting Sage's very basic needs and catching an hour of sleep here and there that it hasn't even really occurred to me to take good pics of him until last night. So far we don't have any good quality shots that you could print and frame.. Need to get on it this week!

Tonight we're taking Sage's hand- and footprints, DF worries he's already outgrowing his newborn tinyness.
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Liv at 6 weeks
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Vc-I felt the same way with my first but it is sooo different this time around. I actually shower daily and eat meals. Oliver is more chill than Eli was and as parents we are also more relaxed which helps a lot. There were days I didn't brush my teeth twice with the first and now I'm out and about with two. Seems crazy but it's true!
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I totally agree w/vegrunr. Its so much easier this time vs. the first time!
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Ash at 1 month old; he's definitely asserting his personality more!



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Serena - what a difference between your profile pic and the 6 week photo!  They grow up so fast...

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Kali- I know at first all babies look similar, but know they are all getting their own little personalities and look like little people lol
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Holy crap she's already 8 weeks! Finally getting some rolls and a sweet little double chin!

Serena-- Liv is such a pretty baby! I want to squeeze her!

Kali-- that second face of his is too much. Such expression!

Veg-- I love your photos! He is so cute with those chubby cheeks!
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kali, that second pic could be Dr. Evil's baby picture from Austin Powers! LOL!
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Here's a picture of Robin smiling in a pirate sort of way.
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Nettle, a total pirate smile! I love it.
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Lol nettle, liv does that smile. I call it her pirate smile too!
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He's also going bald alarmingly fast; he has the Phil Colins look at the moment. Anyone else have balding babies? With the amount of hair half of them seem to have, I doubt it! On the positive side there is new hair coming in but I've yet to decide what colour it is, possibly dark which would be nice, but it looks more blonde in certain lights

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Matilda, 5 weeks
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Here's a picture of Robin smiling in a pirate sort of way.

 this picture is so cute!!!

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