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Congratulations, CDsmom! May you have a speedy recovery! Glad to hear Layla is doing well!

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Congrats CDsMom on such a cutie
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Layla is a stunner! So cute.

Serena, Olivia reminds me of my DD. such a pretty baby.
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Cdsmom, congrats on your beautiful girl! I hope you're not too upset about the repeat section- that's a long time to labor, and you did a fantastic job!
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Congrats CDsmom!!!  She's adorable.  I hope your recovery goes smoothly.

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One more without my huge boob in it, haha.
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congrats, CDsMom!!

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She's beautiful!
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Congratulations CDsMom!  I'm sorry you didn't get the VBAC but Layla is such a sweetie!  

All the babies are so cute!  I'm dying to meet mine and wonder if my EDD I got after ultrasounds will end up being correct (sept 24, which is Monday) or if maybe it was my LMP EDD all along that was more correct (Oct 2).  I don't think I can wait until October, all this baby cuteness is driving me crazy!!!

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Congrats mama!
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Congrats CDsmom!!
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Congrats, CDsMom1031!  Layla is gorgeous!

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Congratulations CDsMom!
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She's beautiful, CDsmom!! I love how alert she is, such big eyes!
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Omigod Layla is so sweet!!! Congrats and finally right? Glad to hear nursing is going well too!

Oh and Serafina I seriously thought I'd end up pregnant in Oct. too and all the births would make me nuts to meet my own. Goes to show how you just never know. I almost think my dates were off too. smile.gif
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Here's one more with big brother meeting her...

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So cute!!
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Have to add baby Matilda, day 2. Love!

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Silas is the old guy in the DDC here...haha. Here he is at about 5.5 weeks




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She's beautiful Haurelia! I love love love her name!!

Wow! Look how big Silas is! He's so strong already! My Violet is only about a week behind him but I don't imagine she will be lifting her head up like that by then. Go Silas!
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