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Keep in mind, that I had my daughter in 2002, my twins in 2003, so it's been awhile.


But...I nursed my daughter throughout my twin pregnancy.  When I lost my milk in the 3rd trimester she didn't suckle very much, but she seemed to know my milk was coming in a couple of hours before I did, and it was HEAVENLY.  She took the edge off so my sons had no problems latching on, and then I nursed all three for about 6 months until she self weaned, and then let the other 2 self wean about 2 years later.


Having that familiar thing was comforting to me during my very horrific and traumatic (for me) pregnancy (TTTS).  But I know lots of people that didn't like it.  I will say that most of the advice and support I got from lactation consultants and the like was fairly useless, especially for triple tandeming.  Hopefully there's better resources out there now, but it wasn't hard nor was it particularly grating.  One thing that I hated and did not do except in an emergency though was to nurse two at once.  Bleah.  I did not like how that felt at all.  But one at a time--awesome, and very doable, for me.  I know plenty of folks that prefered the two at once thing, but even now it gives me the willies just thinking about it.


Luckily this one's a singleton, and I doubt my 10 and 11 year olds are going to show a renewed interest.  :)

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My son loses his mind if I try to deny him nursing. He's nowhere near ready to wean! 

And yes, I doubt they will, either ;)

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