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OPK "Rules"

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Just wondering, for those of you who have used OPKs. How important is it to follow the OPK rules as stated in the package? The reason I ask is I've had my ususal "symptoms" of ovulation, but got negatives on all OPKs I've used. I haven't followed the rules very well. I really have trouble not drinking fluids and I rarely go 4 hours without urinating, both rules that the OPK pkg recommends. Thoughts?
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I haven't used them before so I'm hoping someone else can chime in with more info. But it's my understanding that you need to take them in the afternoon around 1-2 pm for the best accuracy as well as doing a long hold if you can. 

How long have you been using them or TTC? Are you temping and charting as well?

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TTC month #3, PPAF cycle #4. First cycle using OPKs, but I've been charting for the past 3 cycles. It seems as if I'm ovulating, based on my charting/temps/CM/Cervical position. I also have pretty significant mittelschmertz when I O. This cycle was no different, but every OPK I took from cycle day 5 + has been negative.

I am breastfeeding my 17 month old DD, so I know this can throw things "off", but I'm wondering if OPK's are the final word? Anyone ever get a BFP despite a negative OPK?
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Strange. I guess they could be faulty OPK's? Or you could be missing your LH surge... I wish you luck! I'm also on my 3 cycle of TTC however this cycle is going on forever with no sign of O!

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I always do mine first thing in the morning, like you would a pregnancy test.  I use the cheapy ones; they didn't give any instructions on time of day or fluid restriction or anything like that.  But first pee of the day would be the only time I've got without peeing or drinking for any significant period of time.


When I was TTC last time, I never got a positive OPK even though I did ovulate.  At the time I read that some women just don't get LH surges high enough to read as a positive on an OPK, and that doesn't necessarily mean you aren't ovulating.  If you test daily over the course of a week or so leading up to when you think you'll ovulate, you should be able to see the line get darker though, even if it never gets as dark as the control.  

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I have been using the OPKs for fun mostly. I also chart on "fertility friend" app to keep track of my periods and when we are TTC exactly.  This month I had to take the OPKs for 5 days straight because they continued to be this faint line.  Finally, on the 5th day (5 days later than I predicted to ovulate based on past cycles) I got a dark dark dark line.  I am now assuming that is my ovulation day. I was kinda bad at doing it at the same time every day, but I tried to be within about 5-6 hours of it.  I know, doesn't sound that good. I'd take them from 12-6pm basically.

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