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A newly single, teen mom.

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Hi, my name is Kristina. I just turned 17 about a week ago. I have a wonderful son named Noah Jonathan. Hes is almost 5 moths old and beautiful.

I was in a relationship with his father for two years. That whole time he was physically, sexually mentally and emotionally abusive towards me. He had no respect for me whatsoever. When we got pregnant we were pretty excited and the abuse turned down. I thought things woud be better. Obviously I was wrong. He beat me when I was pregnant. I had a healthy baby boy.

In about January is when his parents invited us to live with him. The abuse continued. We rented the upstairs apartment. I'm not sure why I sick with him. Because I loved him? Because he is Noahs father? Because he supported us financially? All of the above? Well I never told any one because I felt pathetic. Growing up with my father beating my mother half dead killed me. I didn't want any one to know. I told him if he ever hurt me againiI was leaving. He did. So I called my mom. She picked me.up. he couldn't care less that I was leaving even though his mother threw herself on the floor crying begging me not to go.. I cried too, I love his mom. I told my mom.. she promised not to killhim. And since last night weve been broken up. Now that my mom knows whats going on, I know I will not go back.

It feels so good to be free, but when.I look at Noah I feel terrible. He looks jist like his daddy..

Well I guess I'm just looking for advice. Any thing you guys can share with me, making me feel better? Or just any thing that could benefit me? Thank you for reading
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It gets better. Really. You figure things out and learn to stand up for your self. There is some great members here with tons of experience and I am sure, advice.

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Thank you, I feel very horrible right now.
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:Hug Welcome Kristina.  I was a mom at 19 the first time and it was tough.  Are you out of school yet?  Probably not I'm guessing.  I at least had that going for me.  But you really have an uphill battle on your hands.  Have you consulted a lawyer about your rights as Noah's mom?  I know you are fresh and new out of a scary situation but that's probably your best first step.  If you or your mom can't afford a lawyer, you can contact legal aid.  A lawyer will walk you through the process of getting child support and custody since it's an abuse case and possibly a protection order against him.  I wouldn't wait on it.  That would be my first order of business tomorrow morning.  




Be safe.  Stay strong.  You were right in leaving.  Noah needs to see his mom as a strong woman, not a beaten down shell who keeps letting someone hurt her.  You don't want him to see what you had to see growing up.  You showed a lot of guts in leaving, don't go back.

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What a brave woman you are!  You might feel very young, but you have just taught your son one of the most important lessons in life that too many grown men never learn:  A man should never treat a woman the way your boyfriend treated you.  Stand tall because it is a difficult lesson that many mothers, far older and more experienced have been unable to do, and yet you managed to do it.

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Hi Kristina :Hug! I admire you so much for being so brave. I guess, it is better if you stay away from the father for the mean time and think things through. Be strong. Noah needs you to be strong. I know it isn't going to be easy, but certainly, things will be better soon. We are here if you need us, Kristina :)!


:Hug All the best!

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Your bravery is so inspirational!


I was a mom at 17, too.


Might I suggest that you contact legal aid and a domestic violence/women's' advocacy center?  Also, honey I know it helps to have someone to talk to, even on the internet, but stop posting your son's and your real names.  Also, don't post any more details of what you experienced.  That's one of the first things your lawyer will tell you.  Maybe start over with a new username?


I wish all the best for you and your little boy!

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