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Nuchal Translucency?

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Hi Everyone,


I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant and am nearing the time where we're going to need to schedule all of the first trimester bloodwork and optional tests. The doctor has given me the option of a nuchal translucency and I'm trying to figure out whether I should go through with it. On the one hand, getting good results and a comprehensive scan would be very reassuring (this is my fifth pregnancy and the only one that's made it past the 5 week mark). 


On the other hand, I have been battling pretty terrible anxiety since I found out I was pregnant because of my RPL history, and I worry about getting ambiguous results that would just compound the stress I'm already trying to manage. I've heard so many stories of women getting results and stressing horribly, only to find out that their baby was perfectly fine. I am a worrywart by nature, especially when it comes to my fertility and my pregnancy (we've been trying for almost three years now), and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out whether the benefits of this test outweigh the costs. 


To give you some additional information, I'm 31 (so still well under the advanced maternal age range) and in very good health. There's no history of genetic problems on either side of our family. Because of my RPL history, there is no way I would go for an amnio or CVS because of the risk it poses to the fetus, and I would never abort the baby if I knew it had a genetic problem. 


Thanks in advance for any advice and perspective you can offer. These tests are just so overwhelming to me, and I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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  and I would never abort the baby if I knew it had a genetic problem. 


Thanks in advance for any advice and perspective you can offer. These tests are just so overwhelming to me, and I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Don't stress out! (and I can't believe I just figured out how to quote...so proud of myself........).....So...I remember when my doctor asked me if I wanted this test......One, it was still so new, TWO, it was only testing to see if the baby had downs (6 years ago), and Three, results were still so questionable......... You write that you would never abort for a genetic problem.......but this test, isn't what they are looking for is a genetic problem.......so I say, forget the test.  If the results are only going to stress you out, and no matter what Your plan is at 40 or so weeks to bring your miracle home, then this test doesn't change that outcome. Bloodwork may be a consideration though bc of your personal history........and if your stress level is okay and later on down the road, there are other tests out there (not amnio, but maybe one ultrasound) that can help you make sure that baby gets any help he or she needs if there are any concerns that are present.  You can do all the tests in the world, and you can stress out until you turn green......but in the end, they could be wrong ...or worse, they could miss something .........save the stress, save your strength, nourish your baby, and whatever comes your way you will handle  (I think I rambled, sorry..........I had a crappy day and exhaustion is setting in)

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I'm so sorry about your losses. That's a rough journey and I wish you a healthy, happy pregnancy this time around.
I am very fortunate not to struggle with infertility but I wanted to chime in with respect to the tests. Dh and I also agreed that we wouldn't terminate. I'm not against prenatal testing/monitoring but simply felt that the genetic testing would only add stress and worry and potentially rob us of the joys of pregnancy. Since regardless of the result, we would have carried on, it simply wasn't useful for us. Instead we did the anatomical ultrasound in case there were visible problems which would require immediate surgery after birth or something like that. We felt that was much more useful since a heart defect for instance would have changed where I gave birth to give baby access to immediate, specialized care.
I would skip the genetic testing and focus on taking care of yourself. The odds are overwhelming that you have a perfectly healthy little peanut growing and each day that passes brings you closer to meeting your sweet babe. Good luck and I wish you a healthy, term pregnancy and a strong, viable baby. hug.gif
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Asling! Hi! Do you remember me? Anyways, SO happy to see that you are pregnant!


We chose not to do the NT scan. Instead we just did a quick ultrasound at 13wks. Seeing the baby for the first time really helped with my anxiety and worries but because we didn't do the NT part didn't bring up any new worries. Do what you think will bring you peace of mind.

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Thanks so much, Ladies!!!


Virginia Mom -- I really appreciate your perspective -- thank you so much!! -- and I definitely see what you're saying. Since the only reason I'd do this test is to get a sense of whether genetic problems are likely, but since DH and would never terminate a pregnancy based on said results (in fact, these tests would only measure probability -- they're not even diagnostic, so if the results were ambiguous, I'd just spend the whole pregnancy stressing more than I already am), I think it makes a lot of sense to decline at least some of them. 


Skycheattraffic -- Thanks so much for sharing your story and your perspective as well. I do like the idea of still doing the anatomical ultrasound just so that we have a head's up in case the baby needs additional care immediately after birth. Fortunately, my OB delivers at a hospital with an incredible NICU attached, so we'd be in good hands either way. Still makes a lot of sense to know those kinds of things though, because those are definitely things I'd want to prepare for prior to the birth. 


SilaMarila -- HELLO!!!!! And of course I remember you!!! So excited to see that you're expecting as well :-D Thank you so much for the perspective as well! So, the "short" version on me is that after my fourth m/c this past February (which followed the exact same pattern as all of the others), my acupuncturist started to wonder whether it wasn't the PCOS so much as an autoimmune/coagulation problem causing the losses (i.e. that my body was just a bit hyperactive and kept freaking out every time an embryo tried to implant). She recommended I see an OB fairly close to us who specializes in RPL, and he explained that based on my history and my phenotype that the chances were very high that that's what I was dealing with, and essentially started treating me for those kinds of problems. I went under his care this Spring, but DH and I didn't start trying again in earnest until this summer. After two "natural" cycles with intralipid infusions every couple of weeks, I got pregnant again. As soon as I got a positive, I starting taking bloodthinners (I never thought I'd be able to give myself shots, but it's amazing what we're willing to do for baby, right? ;) ), and I'm now over twice as far in this pregnancy as I've been with any of the others!! I'm still a nervous wreck at times, but the doctor has been incredible. He's actually brought me in each week for ultrasounds so that I can see the baby progressing and not have too much time to worry in between visits -- it's been wildly reassuring, and has definitely helped to keep the anxiety at bay. In his experience, we're already pretty well out of the woods, and by the time we get to the 10 week mark (next Monday-Wednesday, we're a little uncertain) he considers us pretty much go for launch. I'll still breathe a lot easier once we get past the first trimester, but it's nice to know that I'm almost there!  


I really appreciated what all of you have said here, and after talking it over again with DH, I definitely think we're going to decline the blood screening for genetic problems and the NT scan. I'll be heading in for ultrasounds between now and the end of first trimester anyway, so I'll still get those reassurances, but based on your thoughts and DH's (who knows me so well), it really seems as though the NT and the screening bloodwork will only be a source of more stress rather than reassurance. I'll definitely keep you posted though :-) 


Thanks again!!!!

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Awesome Asling! I'm glad you were able to find such an amazing doctor! After my 2nd m/c and all of my RPL work coming back normal, and a normal laproscopy (no endometriosis) my RE settled on my problem being simply hormonal. My body was not producing proper hormone levels in order to create a healthy egg and certainly not enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy. We did a closely monitored cycle with injectables (Follistim) to keep my hormones were they should be to create mature follicles, IUI, and vaginal progesterone. It worked! Even with the vaginal progesterone my progesterone levels were low at my first beta and I was on progesterone injections until almost 17wks. Now 28wks and starting the 3rd trimester with a baby girl! 


Best of luck!!!

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If testing will make you stress more, skip it.  You need all the calm you can get and enjoy your time being pregnant.  Just an insight, there's a gene mutation, MTHFR that causes miscarriage as well.  I thankfully did not have issues conceiving (just a plethora of other problems), but pending bloodwork, my ND is 99.9% positive I have this issue which makes absorption of folate and b12 impossible - thus leads to issues with conceiving.  Something to think about.  Congrats!

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Honestly, if it isnt going to affect your decision to keep the baby I see no reason to do it.

That being said, Ive always done it because it made me feel better to know I wasnt going to get such shocking news at another ultrasound, and because it can only be done until 13 weeks. So, if they notice something at a 20 week scan, then its too late to do the NT and in order to find out Id have to have an amnio. 

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i would say if you where not going to end ur pregnancy if there was something wrong then i would say not to do it why dont you come join us on the expecting a rainbow thread here is the link http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1389282/expecting-our-rainbow-babies-september/120#post_17462988

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If you want results that are NOT ambiguous, ask about the new VerifI or MaterniT21 test. Those give way more conclusive results.
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What dinahx said. I don't know whether I'd terminate or not, but I know beyond any shadow of doubt that I want to know ahead of time what I'm dealing with. The test is so easy, just a blood draw, and it has a VERY high sensitivity and specificity. Just had mine this morning . . . waiting for the results!

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Good luck! FWIW mine came back 2 days prior to predicted.

I did actually know I wouldn't terminate (but also knew I would be VERY tempted to) so I had the test @ 20 weeks when we had some heart drama (by that point I was confident I was far enough along not to be as tempted. The heart drama turned out to be nothing but I just had to have a firm date by which I would know if any issues were part of a syndrome or not.)

I think it is much better than the Quad Screen plus NT because there are just so many false positives & unanswered questions to that.
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