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please help

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I had my period, or what I think it was on august 24- 28. Lately I have had a fairly larger amount of liquid or something clear coming out of me.. it almost always feels like iv peed myself. I'm on no medication and have been trying for a few months always have signs but never positive tests. I have also had.a thicker white creamy discharge. As of this second I have a pain low in my leftt side... kinda sharp but not unbareable. Any advice/ideas? Thanks! Xoxo
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Hi and Welcome to Mothering! 

It sounds like you may be getting ready to ovulate or are ovulating. Thicker white creamy discharge is usually pretty fertile and based your period days you would be on CD 13. 


A low pain could just be moving wrong or it could also be an ovulation pain. Have you checked out the Book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"? It has lots of good info in it. As well as the many smart moms on here! 

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Thankyou for the help! Also yesterday I had a discharge with a slight amount of red or like... thinly clotted blood.. and just today I have this slight pinching in my left low side?
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Sounds to me like ovulation...sometimes you get a little twinge in the ovary, and even a little spotting around that time.


As Delighted Butterfly said, definitely read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" - my midwife loaned me that one, it's amazing! Should be required reading in every high school sex ed class! You can start charting your cycle (if you didn't conceive this time around) and try again next cycle. Good luck TTC! :wink

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Can someone please look at my post on my wall and help? I really would appreciate the advice....
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