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It's not how far we live from the school-- it's how they get there. I pulled my kids from a charter school a couple of years ago when I was hired as a night nurse. It was just NOT working out (and I was not safe to drive) for me to drive 8.5 miles round trip to get them from school. I enrolled them in public school and their bus stop is conveniently very close by. Now I can get a full sleep after a night of work, and they can get themselves home.

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We live 15 minutes from the private school my 11 yr old attends this year. She is the only one in school right now for two more years until my 4 year old starts kindergarten (cut off dates are too late here!). My oldest is in college now. The daycare for my 4 year old is on the way to the school my older daughter attends. We take it year by year.

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My daughter currently attends the world's most lovely and nurturing montessori preschool (ok I may be biased), but it is a 30 minute drive.  So and hour in the car with my 2 year old, and then 2.5 hours later we turn around and do it all over again (it's also in the middle of nowhere, so it isn't very feasible to find local things to do while she is at school).  When we originally enrolled her, it was more like 18 minutes (we moved) and somehow that extra 12 minutes (times 4= 48 minutes!) makes a huge difference for me mentally.  That combined with new baby in December, has made us conclude that letting her finish her Kindergarten year there, next year and sending her brothers there for preschool is just not going to work for our family.  I am so torn about it, because I seriously love it there, and we cannot afford Montessori closer to home.  But next year, her kindergarten will be 1 mile up the road, walkable in nice weather, and we will find an in town preschool for our son.  I really think it will make a huge difference for all of us, to spend less time driving.

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Last year my kids were in a pre-school about 6 miles away, and ~18 minute drive each way.


This year they are in pre-school about 5 blocks from our house, and they walk (with their au pair) both ways, unless the weather is severe.


Next year older DD will be in kindergarten, and the neighborhood school is also about 5 blocks- but in a different direction from the preschool, so it might not work to walk them both on days they both go to school. Younger DD will be 3 so we'll have her in pre-school 3-4 days per week. We might put older DD in a different school (also public but an alternative school) which would be about 3 miles away, which would probably be a 6-10 minute drive (no bridge). There would also be a school bus option for that school. Decisions, decisions. 

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1.2km so about 3/4 of a mile. the closest school would have been 3 blocks.

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For my older 2 it is 5 min walk. For my youngest it is 30 min drive he is in special ed intergrted preschool and recieves ot and other help.
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2 1/2 miles. They ride the bus to & from school. Sometimes they carpool with a friend

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