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So, um, Hi! and help!

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I'm a little late to the party, but I'm here and ready to roll!  I'M PREGNANT!

Due in early April with baby #3.  This pregnancy feels wildly different from my others which were both girls.  So maybe I'm building a son?  

The strangest thing for me, is that I'm suddenly unable to eat wheat.  No gluten of any kind.  It all bounces right back out or makes me utterly miserable for hours.  Does anyone here have any tips or help to offer for suddenly removing a staple part of one's diet?

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Oh! That is really hard! I know that with my past pregnancy I couldn't eat certain things, be around certain things (Plug ins were the worst for me), stuff like that.

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I'm going to add fish to the no fly zone too.  I still can't take any prenatals with fish oil in them, and a few bites of fish last night kept me up dry heaving past midnight.  The piece was smaller than HALF of my palm, I really thought it would be ok.  *sigh*


I have a few gluten free friends who've sent me recipes, but I just don't know how much to invest in gluten free flours and substitutes.  I mean, this could all go away next week, or could be permanent.  



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Can you just switch to whole foods instead for a while? ie. eat rice, veggies, meat, eggs, fruit, nuts, yogurt, just skip the bread, pasta, tortillas etc? Or are you so sensitive that anything with gluten in it ie. sauces etc set you off? My daughter is GF and we rarely buy the substitutes as they really aren't nutritious we just stick to whole foods.

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I have had to go gf. It is a hard transition. But once you get your house properly stocked its not too big a deal.
Rice cakes with peanut butter and honey, or with melted cheese.
Some of the brown rice pastas are really good.
Home made granola with yogurt
Corn chips
Fruit and almonds
Teff flour and buckwheat flour are healthy alternatives to reg flour.
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