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~The TTC One Thread Sept 2013~

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September 2013


posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!


To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.


Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


whistling.gifWaiting to O whistling.gif


southbaymama chartnew.gif
















headscratch.gif Waiting to Know (2WW)










confused.gif WTF IS GOING ON?!?! confused.gif




idea.gif Waiting to be Ready idea.gif


joy.gif ~ 2013 GRADUATES~ joy.gif

Big congrats to you all!


:heartbeatSeptember BFP's:heartbeat











heartbeat.gifAugust BFP'sheartbeat.gif











heartbeat.gifJuly BFP'sheartbeat.gif




heartbeat.gifJune BFP'sheartbeat.gif








heartbeat.gifMay BPF'sheartbeat.gif





heartbeat.gifApril BFP'sheartbeat.gif




heartbeat.gif March BFP's heartbeat.gif



heartbeat.gif February BFP's heartbeat.gif




heartbeat.gif January BFP's heartbeat.gif



biggrinbounce.gifWaiting to Hear From Youbiggrinbounce.gif







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Alright everybody! Welcome to September! 

I hope this is the month for everyone who's been waiting! We had 9 :joyBFP's in August! Hopefully we can beat that number this month! 

I have moved everyone that requested at the end of Aug's posts. Please keep up the great job of requesting your changes in BOLD so I can pick them out easier. I did some thread keeping and have removed all the names from the "Waiting to hear from you" part. If you would like to be added back on please do not hesitate to rejoin! It just makes the first post easier to navigate :)


And as always thank you for your patience with me getting to updates. I try for every 3 days but sometimes life gets out of hand. Just give me a quick reminder and I'll make sure I update asap! You guys all rock! I am hoping the BFP's start rolling in soon!

And as always, EVERYONE is welcome! So please come introduce yourself and join in on the fun!

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I'm still here :) Hanging out at CD 40! Still wonky, who know's if I've O'd and when I did, if I did. I took a test (totally BFN) on CD 39 and I have no immediate plans to take another. I think I only have two tests left...


And AF feels like she should be coming any day but nothing nothing and more nothing. Well except now I'm feeling like I'm getting a yeast infection :(


Trying to flush it out before it takes hold with lots and lots of water!

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Thanks for the new thread, I can't believe 9 BFP's in August such a fertile month! Tinged with sadness we're not all in it though!


I am CD 11 today and temping ready to spot ovulation and checking cm. Can't wait to be moved to the 'waiting to know' section again, all this waiting to O then waiting to know makes me realise how little patience I have for it! Can we not just Ovulate weekly? lol


Any cycle buddies also around cd 11? 


Delighted how many DPO are you? fingers crossed for a BFP!


Good luck to all!

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Great news mamas! Remember all those AF issues I was having August - having not seen her for 55 days :angry - well she finally showed up yesterday! :joy I can officially be moved to Waiting to O at this point. Hubby and I are extremely excited to know that everything is ok and that we can start trying and planning again. Thanks for all you help an concern!

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If i ovulated when I think I did I'm 5dpo if I have another 45 day cycle then I'm on cycle day 19. Lol I never know cuz I can't ever keep up with temping cuz I always forget lol. Boobs are very sore still so hopefully this is the month smile.gif
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That's great but sad news naturallymo but so glad ur back on track hopefully it was just a glitch and ur other cycles are normal smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Winter2013 View Post

Delighted how many DPO are you? fingers crossed for a BFP!

My chart just looks like one long Annov cycle ( http://www.fertilityfriend.com/m/home.php/28bb6f ).

FF has changed my O date twice and keeps taking it away. Looking at the chart I have to agree! Unless my stress earlier this month delayed O until CD 29 and then that large three day dip was implantation and it being triphasic lmao. I still think I probably haven't O'd though...
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I'm now waiting to know!  FF says I'm 3dpo, but I actually think I ovulated on the previous day that had the temp dip since all of my other charts show a temp dip when I ovulated.  I quit my job on Tuesday, so hopefully the process of finding a new job will distract me during the TWW and I won't start testing at 10dpo again!  I was much more relaxed during the waiting to O phase this month, and I ovulated on time (cd14) for the first time since my miscarriage so maybe stress was causing me to ovulate late, or maybe the herbal tincture I was prescribed is finally working.  I hope everyone has a great month and we see lots of BFPs!! 

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Fingers crossed for September my ds was a september conception, it'd be rather fun to have two june birthdays ♡:-D
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What do you all think about exercising during the 2ww?
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Exercise is great! Honestly my take is that if we put off everything in life during the TWW we could be putting lots of things off for a long time. So we should go about life as normal as possible until we get that BFP! And even then most stuff is usually ok smile.gif
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Checking in again after a while away!


NaturallyMo -  I'm sorry that this wasn't your cycle, but THANK GOODNESS you can move on and start trying again.  I really hope this is your BFP cycle!


delightedbutterfly - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will still ovulate this cycle!


mamalovehm - Exercising during the 2WW is perfectly fine!  Due to my own superstition, I don't do a lot of jumping-around exercising around implantation time because the paranoid part of my brain thinks that if I'm jumping around too much the baby won't be able to stick. :innocent I know that is totally my own hangup though, because even women that run every day get pregnant!


marcyse - I'm the one doing acupuncture!  For me, I didn't feel a noticeable difference in the way my body felt, but it was clear from my chart that it was indeed balancing my hormones and giving me very pretty temps.  I really hope it helps you, too!


Fingers crossed for everyone else.  fingersx.gif


Please move me to Waiting to Know.  I am 3 DPO and I have a really good feeling about this cycle, but at the same time I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  Staying zen...  :meditate

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Thanks ladies. I never planned to not exercise...I hit the gym almost daily. I was just thinking more yoga, etc. rather than intensive cardio. But then went this morning and needed the cardio fix for my mind. All is well. Just waiting and analyzing every abdominal twinge, shift, etc. just like I did with my first two. I had forgotten about this part.
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I'm on 4 days late now.. I took a test on the first day of my missed and got a BFN. Not sure if I should test again? So I guess I should be in the wtf is going on group. :/
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Delighted butterfly, gotta agree that ur chart does look annov, bummer. for now.


naturallymo- glad you got some clarity at last. hope to see you successful soon!


Thanks ladies for being patient with my rant-y-ness. I think I get a teensy self-absorbed when I'm about to O.


Looks like I did finally O tho... I think... i hope? My chart looks triphasic. Ha ha it looks 4-phasic. FF has me at 11dpo. I think, tho, I am 4dpo.






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Ok, uh, guess those links didn't work?


Trying again




Ok weirdness. Went through 2x trying to link my chart through FF. And a pic of poas from today. Nope. When you click the links I posted does it just take you to the top of this thread? For me too.



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Tara2 I edited it for you so now your second link will work :) 

I'm not 100% what you were trying to do... were you trying to link it to a picture? Or just words? With a picture like BFPChart2.gif all you do is insert the smilie that you want, highlight it and then click the link button and a window should pop up where you can enter the share address from fertility friend. :) I've linked that picture for you if you like, all you have to do is copy and paste it now :)

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delightedbutterfly- oh thank you! Was trying to link my chart any way I could figure, lol. But figured wrong. Are you able to add the little FF chart icon link to my name on the list so I don't have to keep adding it to posts later on? That would be great.

Hopefully I will figure out my photobucket links in a bit.

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No problem, I added it for you and tried to fix your photobucket link... hmmm they are still sending me to the top... but if you copy and paste then they go to the right thing...

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