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Winter I'm only holding out testing because A) I ran out of tests from all the WTF testing earlier this month. B) our $$ is out of tests again, surprise surprise wink1.gif and C) despite a temp rise the last two days and what could be classified as symptoms, I still doubt I'm pregnant wink1.gif

Ugh I have been having super vivid and detailed dreams and I'm waking up more tired then when I went to bed!
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Hi - I'm new to thread! I had a different mothering login years ago when I was TTC but can't get into it!

I went off bc end of March beginning of April after 15 years. My cycles are as follows, starting with most recent, going backwards through Feb.

This cycle started 8/27, was 5-7 days long (hard to tell)
29 days, 5 days AF (may have started 1 day earlier)
28 days, 5 days AF (may have started 1 day earlier)
29 days, 5 days AF
30 days, 5 days AF
41 days, 7 days AF (after going off the pill)
31 days, 6 days AF (went from one bc packet directly to another, then stopped mid-packet permanently)

As mentioned last period started 8/27, possible still on period (just brown spotting) when I had sex on 8/31 (unprotected), again 9/2 (unprotected). Spotting on 9/4 - just light brown when I wiped after peeing a couple of times. Again on 9/6. The first sign of spotting only put me on day 9 of my cycle. I also had cramping on both of those days. Before going off the pill I haven't had any spotting in between periods. Also, if previous cycles did in fact each start a day or sooner (wasn't sure if spotting or period so I waited to log), then my dates are off...

I'm wondering if it's possible that I could have ovulated early and conceived? I can't really find anything when I google it.

Last week or so I have been dizzy upon standing, slight headaches in the morning and seem to be much more hot than usual. I used to take very hot showers and now am taking cool showers; more cool than warm, even.

CD 15-19 cramps (could be regular O time though)
EWCM CD 15&16
CD 16 blood in nose and bloating
CD 18 bloating
CD 18 watery discharge (on par with post O?)
CD 19 extremely sore boobs

BFN CD 16 but too early with BD on 8/31 & 9/2. Testing again CD 22 - 9/22. Thoughts???
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I have been nauseas for last cpl days. Today my period is due I have not test since fri with my bfn greensad.gif but I'm gonna wait cpl more days if I get nausea some more. My hubby is excited he hopes this is it smile.gif so do I so I'm gonna try and hold out til mon or Tuesday smile.gif lol
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I'm with ya scjp - tmrw is 2w but going to give it an extra day.

Define 'sore boobs!' Mine feel like I worked out muscles...but did not activities that would cause it.
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Mine are really sore all over like I touch them they hurt.
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Still getting BFN's...not supposed to see AF till Wednesday...just anxious. I have this pressure in the lower abdomen and sore breasts...I never have this pressure with cycles...so to another test I go. smile.gif
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mama - might still be too soon. crossing my fingers for you!
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Evening ladies,


jessepumpkin- I'm so sorry for your loss. That is so hard. Wishing you well. And a successful pregnancy next time..


AAM so did i already post here about getting dollar tree tests and then squinters last night and this AM? I'm sorry my mind is so fogggy lately. I didn't see my post about that when I scrolled. But if I did then I also said that my temp took a dive today and I've been waiting all day for AF to show. She didn't come so I guess she'll be here tomorrow. So disappointing. My hopes really got me this time. Especially when my temp jumped yesterday and I got that for-me-very-convincing squinter on a FRER. Ugh.

Sometimes I hate HPTs.

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Oooh another temperature rise on dpo6...
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Tara hoping you get a temp rise today instead of AF! 


mamalovehm Fingers crossed for you too! How many DPO are you?


7DPO today still sore boobs, I'm sure they are more tender than usual... but worried I'm just imagining it. Dianna we are close cycle buddies, when are you going to test?


Resisted testing today with FMU because really I know 7 dpo is too early, but it's still hard not to test anyway... so might be testing tomorrow, will try not to again as just don't want to see a BFN :( The boobs thing has kind of got my hopes up even more this cycle, really anxious and scared of that disappointment if I'm not pregnant now....gloomy.gif 

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Hi Winter,

I'm not sure, I'm really tempted to test on thursday as I'm seeing my gynaecologist that morning. Would be fab to visit with good news!

A BFN would deflate me hugely though so really not sure...
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*yawn* :zzz Morning ladies! I  had a great weekend with my family. My little guy is just about over the cold (his mucous-y cough is fading) and we had a great time on our Mother-Son date with my friend and her son. We have agreed to do these once a month. Next month we will probably do a museum date.


Anyway, Hubs is still super excited that AF has come and gone that he literally spent the weekend trying to impregnate me (sorry for the TMI) hence the reason for my sheer exhaustion. Right now I'm not stressing it all. I want us to relax and just have fun. Although I feel REALLY good that this month is the month, I have no idea what's in the cards for us. I'm trying to temp but I keep forgetting to do it when I wake up. Tell me - do you temp orally or vaginally? A girlfriend of mine told me to do vaginal but I'm like jaw.gif  so I figured I would ask you guys.


Congrats to all the BFPs this weekend! I saw lots of pictures with two lines! Yay!

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Another neg today greensad.gif feeling bummed I'm 16dpo pooey greensad.gif but its ok I gotta move on maybe my cycle didn't go bk to normal maybe it's still 45 days lol if it is then me and hubby have dtd on the right days so that makes me happy smile.gif lol
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Also cycle day 30 I meant to put instead of dpo
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Dianna I am so tempted to test tomorrow at 8DPO but really know I shouldn't. Maybe I can try and hold off until Thursday and test the same day as you :)


I am having a super stressful week and yes it's only Monday lol but this whole week is going to be very stressful for me, so I am trying to think hopefully that at the end of this nasty week I might have a BFP to make me smile again! If I test too early it will be made more stressful by BFN's... but if I get an early BFP it will be good... oh I don't know when to test and it's driving me crazy! I'm sure my boobs are more sore than usual and that was the pregnancy sign for me last time I was pregnant, but I still didn't get a BFP until very late. Can it be the end of the week already please?


Babydust to everyone!


scjp but didn't you already get a positive before? :o

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BFN this morning. I'm over all the craziness and symptom charting I did surrounding this one. I'm gonna let it go :/


GL to you all waiting for the BFP!

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Yes but that was last Wednesday and now it's mon and all neg now dang it I want another baby smile.gif lol
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Is anyone wanting to take over thread keeping of the TTC one thread starting in OCT? I've realized that not only do I have too much on my plate right now but I need to step back about from thinking about TTC too much.

I'll look after the thread if course until the end of Sept smile.gif
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Congrats to everyone who got their BFP this month! That was so exciting to read!  I'm 14dpo today...some spotting for the last 5 days which is annoying and very mild cramping.  I took a test yesterday and got a BFN, so I'm waiting on AF which will probably arrive within the next few days. :(

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well there are a few of us together right now because i am 7DPO and itching to test tomorrow because i'm having lots of symptoms. 

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