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Marcyse... I'd say CD 19 looks more right. I'd also say that last month CD 16 or 17 look more right...
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BFP! more later!
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Phunky how wonderful! Congrats!
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Congrats phunky!!!
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congrats phunky! yay!!!:joy i'm so glad that all those symptoms resulted in a BFP! i remember my last pregnancy thinking that if i wasn't pregnant then i was losing my sanity.


BFN for me today 11DPO but a temp drop. no spotting again. ? I am 99% sure that i'm not pregnant, but that 1% is keeping me from having a pity drink tonight. 

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Congrats PHUNKY!!! So happy for you. Intuition huh? I keep trying to convince myself I am too, but I hate to get my hopes up...
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I love seeing these BFP's!  :joyCongratulations, Phunky!!  Tell us more details when you get the chance!

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Wow, congrats to Winter and Phunky!!!!

To everyone in limbo I read this wonderful piece of advice on a q&a site. You're BFP date is predetermined by your non pregnant hcg levels.

All women have a normal hcg level of between 1-5. When you're pregnant you're hcg doubles every 48 -72 hours after implantation.

Most HPT's have a threshold of 10-25, dependant on brand. Clear blue are 25, my internet cheapies are 10.

so if your base level is 1 it will take you longer to reach the test threshold, and if you implant later than you thought then you will take longer to reach the test threshold.

I have no idea what my pre-preg hcg was but I think it must be close to 5 to get me to 23 in 9 days, also must have implanted earlier than my calculations...
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thanks everyone! it was a bummer of a day. ended up telling him in the heat of an insensitive argument via text. we normally don't argue, but this last week has been hard. our plans fell through last night bc I didn't feel well and he opted to go out with friends instead of lounge with me after a week of travel and not seeing one another. I slept horribly because of it and am wide awake at 5. NOT how I wanted the news to come out, and despite his jerkiness, I should have controlled myself enough not to tell the news the way I did. anyway, not the end of the world, but I feel super lousy about it.

Dianna - that's great information! I never knew that!

rosie - intuition is a crazy thing! but at the same time I also was making myself nutso over it. I'm just glad to feel a lil less nuts wink1.gif
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AF officially here. So officially waiting to O!
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BFN at approx 7 dpo. Why I took one is beyond me. Now I'm bummed even tho I knew it was too early to test. Wouldn't it be nice if we knew right away? Like our pee turns colors or horns start growing out our heads? Lol!
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Originally Posted by phunkymama1 View Post


I MEAN LET'S GET REAL. For the AMOUNT of symptoms I'm having, shouldn't I be showing a BFP by now?


Taking Charge of Your Fertility says 18 temperatures above the coverline pretty much means pregnancy. If you've gotten that many temps above the coverline and you're still getting BFNs, I'd go get a blood test.

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phunky, that's too bad about the fight. such is life, most things don't go according to plan. hopefully you both get into the celebratory mood today. 


as for me, temp went back up today and BFN. no spotting for 2 days now. I would love advice on my cycle. 

[url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/28c976/]My Ovulation Chart[/url]


after the m/c in july i attempted to ovulate 2 weeks later but didn't (i can feel it) and then my AF was a temp drop and one day of spotting (i changed it to light on FF so it would start a new cycle). my temp and hormones were rock bottom for a week and i felt horrible! so it took 3 weeks (instead of usual 12 days) to O. My normal luteal phase is 9-10 days. now I am at 12DPO i did spot at 9/10DPO but it stopped and temp has gone back up. I've never had a longer luteal phase but also things may be different now. 

i am sooo tired, nauseous, breasts sore. 

I am thinking either i am pregnant, implanted late and so no BFP yet, or my hormone pattern is still changing and maybe this is new normal. 


i also feel that i might have a blood deficiency (chinese diagnosis) that is a reason why i'm not getting a full AF. My iron and blood pressure was low for a while due to the blood loss. I am a naturopathic doctor and have been taking a lot of herbs and nutrients to restore myself. 


i think that i will cross post this in TTC after loss as i found that forum too. 


thanks in advance wise women!

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Thank you everyone for the lovely congrats :joy I still can't quite believe it and have a lot of anxiety, but trying hard not to stress. Didn't sleep too well last night because of over thinking stuff, so just trying to keep calm now and wait and see if it sticks or not.


Really hoping more of you will be joining me in the June Due Date Club when it opens!??!


phunkymama congrats!! Can you believe it? How did your hubby react under those circumstances?


dianna I got my BFP yesterday with internet cheapie tests which can detect level 10 as you said. My clear blue digital test I plan to use tomorrow, hopefully by 12 dpo it will say 'pregnant', unsure if hcg level will be 25 by then though? I guess so if it doubles every 48 hours...


marcyse really really hoping you get a BFP this time too and we can be in the same DDC, from cycle buddies to pregnancy buddies!


AFM still sick but glad this stressful week is over, trying to rest and drink water, boobs still sore more than AF usual -that has been my only consistent pregnancy symptom so far. AF expected tomorrow so hoping this one sticks and no AF! I'll still be around here until I'm sure it's not coming, as I can't help having doubts after previous experience.

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Jesepumpkin I think m/c can throw so many things in our cycle out of "usual", so you could just be having a longer LP. There's a chance your O date could have been a couple days later as well.

And if the spotting was IB then you could still be a couple days away from a + test smile.gif

Your chart does look good though smile.gif
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Winter- hopping on to say huge congratulations mama! :joy:joy:joy




*scrolls up* And Congrats phunkymama of course! :joy 

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And again, congratulations to diana! :joy I like all this good news.


delightedbutterfly- am sorry AF found you hon. It found me too. Did I already say that? For me too, it was a horrible one. Gah. About 8- 10 hours before she showed, i had these tiny swipes of spotting and nothing more all day, which made me hopeful on implantation spotting, as I have never had that pre-AF. No more. And I had the craziest symptoms during AF, like dizzyness, extreme cramping in ovary areas, bad nausea etc. Which I am not used to in AF. And to make matters worse, I got paranoid i might have an ectopic or something, and took a dollar tree test I had still. And it showed this crazy line, not a bfp line pink and clean but a weird, very visible line that even DH could see and that freaked me out more. Next day test was BFN though. So guess that was just a faulty test. Dang. Really hoping AF's aren't this bad from now on cause it was scary. Coming to an end now I think- whew.

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Tara - yuck! Mine have been bad since my first cycle ever, but they haven't been this horrible since my first m/c. I'm talking sharp and painful. Super heavy and the clots! Oh my... I had never had clots until then. They hurt the most. I can feel (what feels like) then detaching and then I get super lightheaded after I pass each one. I usually have 5-10 and they are huge! Bigger than I'm comfortable with but every doctor I've mentioned it to keeps telling me it's "ok" or "normal". Except I have only had them for the last 5 years and when I am/was taking the progesterone as I was supposed to I never had them. Seriously the progesterone periods over the last 8 months have been the first time in 19 years that I haven't dreaded getting my period. And this month because I forgot to start it and just didn't start it late (bad idea) is really kicking me. Yesterday it was the pain like someone was ripping out the walls of my uterus with their nails after they'd punched a hole through my back to get there. Today I woke feeling fine and as the day has gone on it's been pain while a clot is detaching and then after I pass each one, I've been getting weaker and weaker. DH is working this weekend and I just know our playroom is turning into the ultimate mess factory. But they are being good and lettin me rest.

Tomorrow should be better it's always the lightest day after the day of clots. I'll sleep tonight because the only time I sleep well is when I have my period. And I'm planning on red meat for dinner tonight to help with the iron loss. Was going to do chicken but I need more than just the protein.

And then this month you can be sure I'm taking the progesterone.

Of course I worry that because my periods are so light (on progesterone) that the progesterone is going to keep me from pregnancy (like the mini pill, except I'm not taking the mini pill but just a regular progesterone supplement) but on the other hand I know the clots are most likely due to a progesterone deficiency. Who knows. Some days it feels like my body is just so messed up that nothing will help. But starting Monday (because AF should be headed home) I'm going to make sure I take everything I'm supposed to and work on treating myself kindly both physically and mentally as I am often in a state of constant stress that *I* put on myself...
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delighted- aww. What a trial for you. The weird thing is that I had noticeable clots this time too! Forgot to mention that bit. But it was unusual for sure. Now that spotting is ending for me, baby jones is kicking innnnn. Sparked I suppose by that one of my best friends just had her baby yesterday via repeat c/s. Squeee!  Going to see them soon.


But when I got all excited about the ttc train tonight, especially cause we have been having all nice talks about it lately and DH expressed openness to NTNP or TTC or however the spirit moves us.... DH kind of implied that it was too late, that I'm too old... ack! He has been talking with colleagues lately who have been giving him ideas that childbearing years are twenties and early thirties and that's that, i suppose. As well as our DS is been a major challenge lately for us. But waaaahhhhhh. I am 4.3 years older than DH. I am 37 going on 38 in a couple months. Way to put me in the mood.

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omg i THINK i might have a BFP! holy s**t! I am 12DPO and this afternoon my breasts have been SO sore. i was trying to read my kids a bedtime story and they kept trying to lie on me and press against them and it hurt! i don't normally get sore breasts before my period. SO i just put them to bed and decided to test again, even though this morning was a BFN. thanks to phunky (i think) for that idea to test again later in the day! enabling POAS. i hadn't drank much this afternoon because i've been busy so i hadn't gone pee in a few hours. I left the test for about 8 mins and i swear there is a faint line. like VEEEERY faint. are my eyes tricking me? is my brain tricking me?


oh and another thing that led me to test. i went grocery shopping with my 6 year old today and i somehow forgot my list and half of what was on it. she helped me look around and actually came up with all the items i had forgotten. then when we left the counter she noticed that i left a bag of peppers there. holy spacy! good thing i had her brain there!


i am going to try and sleep, i hope to post a test tomorrow!

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