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Hello ladies


delightedbutterfly- well thanks for doing your best to help me. Will figure it out eventually i hope! lol. Well finally uploaded todays pic, wish me luck!


agh, how annoying. Can't get it to work. Bummer.

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Hello I'd love to join please! Not sure if that's the bold you needed but hopefully someone sees it! My H & I are crossing our fingers that we'll be able to conceive baby #4 this month. I waited longer for my cycle to return pp this go around. Between each of our other three little boys I got one "warning period" :) and then we were pregnant again with no problems. Just finishing my 2nd pp period so I'm a bit curious as to what is going on this time. I'm in better shape and taking better care of myself than I ever have been before while TTC (know better do better) so it is puzzling and disappointing that things seem more difficult. Last month I check cm & position but didn't temp (thermometer broke) and I was pretty sure I knew when I O'd exactly but AF came only 7 days later. I hope I was wrong and that temping this month will show no issues with a short LP. Praying for a sticky baby this month!!

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Good news, dp stayed home earlier today so timing was perfect for this cycle! We bd then I layed down after wards for 1 hour, hoping that gives the spermies a better chance to swim up, but as usual when I stood back up I felt it kinda gushing back out (sorry tmi) 3 times.... does that happen to everyone else too? Or is it just me, I don't think it should be falling back out like that, how any sperm can stay inside with the fluid leaking out...I really don't know ??? :(


Can you please move me to 'waiting to know' ?  :joy

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I'm basically in denial about TTC, lol. Had sex two nights ago and today after using the bathroom there was a bit of pink (very light) on the toilet paper after wiping. I did some research and everything I saw about implantation bleeding said it takes 10-14 days after conception. I suppose this could be my period coming on a week early. Does anyone know if it's possible to have implantation bleeding so soon?!

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Well I'm 9dpo based on my app and my boobs have been hurting this week and had some bad pain on Saturday in my ovaries:( hopefully that meant lmplantation not sure
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Testing 1...2....3... anyyone see this? or do i have line vision? lol I think i see something verrry faint today. At 3 min, 7dpo


<a href="http://s744.photobucket.com/user/nightrose2010/media/DSC03318.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i744.photobucket.com/albums/xx88/nightrose2010/DSC03318.jpg" border="0" alt="7DPO 3 min 2 photo DSC03318.jpg"/></a>


<a href="http://s744.photobucket.com/user/nightrose2010/media/35214066-c7ed-41e7-a52e-9d5345e12d70.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i744.photobucket.com/albums/xx88/nightrose2010/35214066-c7ed-41e7-a52e-9d5345e12d70.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 35214066-c7ed-41e7-a52e-9d5345e12d70.jpg"/></a>

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Tara2 sorry I don't think I see it,  but maybe a little at the bottom of the line area? Might just be me, sorry... anyone else? Fingers crossed for us all this time!!


scjp sounds promising! 


Astromum do you know which day you ovulated? If it was the same day you had sex (2 days ago) I don't know if it could be implantation bleeding as they say that is usually 6-10 days after ovulation.

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Woo! The link works. Yay! These tests are a bit unusual, the dye is black not blue or pink if you didn't know. So any grey line is a good thing. I swear when I blow it up really huge I see something albeit very faint and maybe skinny of a line? I don't know. Does anyone else see what I mean?


Now I'm going to spend all day obsessing about this. And can I hold off testing again tonight? :innocent


Winter- good news! Here is hoping for you!


scjp- my boobs are just now getting sore. Have been having crampy twinges in ovary area for several days. And tired! Yesterday I actually fell asleep after lunch, when do I ever do that? Probably just progesterone, my temps are higher than usual this month.


astromum- From what I understand the most common time for implantation bleeding is anytime from about a week past ovulation to missed period? so any day/s between 7-14 dpo would be good?


berrypavlova- welcome! we have 4, so if we ever have another it will make 5 :) for us. good luck!

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That's why I thought it was funny, I was ovulating last week and he pulled out unlike the other night (yes I know this is not a reliable form of BC lol, but we are okay with having another one if it fails. See what I mean about being in denial? haha :) ) but was feeling a bit crampy today (which I hardly ever experience as a PMS symptom). I'm probably just being silly and interpreting my PMS the wrong way, but the light spotting made me go HMM. Thanks ladies :) xo

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My boobs have been sore for a week now like bad sore and that never ever happens. Not had anymore pain since Saturday it hurt tho. But I'm gonna test on Thursday ill be 12dpo and wish me luck lol
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Checking in... hope everyone is doing well!

AFM - Follow up appointment tomorrow for a plan. Nervous and excited and optimistic and skeptical. Yesterday was the start of 'baby season' where everyone who passed me up getting pregnant is now giving birth. I am happy for them but hate this so obvious marker of how long this journey is taking.
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Tara I do see a hint of a line now. U should wait two more days to take another it should be darker if u are only 7 dpo I'm waiting til I'm 12 dpo and I'm 9dpo and I usually start testing way early like u and I'm always disappointed and keep testing just try to wait without always thinking about it or just two more days. I really do hope this is it or you tho fx and I def see a line and next time u test take it first thing in morning smile.gif good luck.
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Quick question, I was taking my temp when I woke up this morning and for some reason took it a second time straight after and I got two different results! The difference was 0.3 of a degree which seems a lot to me in the space of a couple of minutes? So now I don't know which temp to record and wonder if my thermometer is broken...anyone else try taking two temps? And this days temp will affect when my chart says I O'd.


marcyse I know what you mean, everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant or having babies, and while happy for them I feel sad for myself too! I hope your appointment goes well and you get good news.


scjp good luck keeping patient and holding off testing! That is such a difficult thing for most of us, but if you can wait then it's better because you don't have to see all those BFN's which could really be BFP's except it's a few days too early.... that's so disheartening.

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Hello everyone... Been MIA lately. I'm 8 days late and got a BFN this morning. I'm so bummed and completely baffled.
Winter2013 that happens to me too. I wonder if that is what keeping anything from happening too sometimes.
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Hi all! New here! This will be the third month we've been TTC! I am 33 with a DD-12. DH-41 has 3! DD-23, DD-21, and DD-16. This will be our first together! Looking forward to any advice and support! Good luck to each and every one of you!

My DH told me after just a month of dating that he wanted us to have at least two babies.....so I guess you could say we've been planning for awhile. smile.gif You'd think I would have run the opposite direction!

Anywho, in Late July we decided to try or at least not avoid getting pregnant. I had been tracking my cycle with a couple of different apps and then the very first weekend in August I started to feel pregnant. I took an EPT on August 3rd and there was a very faint line. We were ecstatic!! The night before I had EXTREMELY sore boobs and honestly just felt it. Needless to say, AF showed up on the 6th....like clockwork. I had no idea how bummed I would be or how bummed he would be. greensad.gif So now we are officially trying! With one exception....no more EPT's. smile.gif

I'm so looking forward to being a part of this group and just wish the very best for each and every one of you!
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Thanks for looking girls,


Rose- bfns suck~!


Winter- heck sometimes I temp 4 times, cuz I wake up a lot at night and don't want to miss it!hide.gif


lou- welcome. wish you the best as well!


As for me, sorry but I can't wait 2 days. Can't even wait one! I tested today with fmu 8dpo. And again this afternoon, just in case. Take a peek if you wish?








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Written Response from my doctor: "Pregnancy tests are accurate for conception more than 14 days prior to the test, so you might want to retest
Schedule appointment at your option if you want to review with me"
Dr. H
I'm not understanding this! this was my response from my Doctor re: my current situation. I'm sure if one of you put it in a different way for me ill feel super silly after, but whatever... Maybe I've got pregnancy brain ;p So would that then mean that we could've conceived way after ovulation?? I absolutely hate that I'm not comprehending this.. Someone put a dunce cap on my head!
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louloudeer hi there and good luck to you!!!
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NaturallyMo - Great that you can start this cycle finally!  I hope all goes well for you this month!!


delightedbutterfly - thanks again for keeping our thread so nice and tidy!!  I am in shock that your cycle is still going!  What the heck!!  At least you keep getting cross-hairs, even if they are moving around!


eazer - are you getting close to testing now?  Good luck!!


tinytina - you have been through so much!  How is everything going?  Have you heard anything about the interview?  


TeaJunkie - how are you doing as you get closer to the end of your 2WW??


Winter - SO GLAD timing worked out for you this month!  Yay!


marcyse - how did your followup appointment go?


RoseMom - yeah, that is a weird message from your doctor.  I don't get it either.  Maybe the dr. is just saying you may have ovulated late??  Are you pretty sure of when you ovulated?


Siuann, emilyg25, anthromum, berrypavlova, louloudeer - Welcome!


AFM - The month is just zooming by.  CD10 here, which is a nice part of the cycle!  :)   Fingers crossed for everyone!

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