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Hi I am new to this sight, but I would like to reply to the lady who is ovulating for 5 days. I am 39 years of age and my very first pregnancy was an eptopic. I caught this just in time and was given the injection to get rid.  3 months later I was pregnant from the same ovary and the baby was in the right place.  Unfortunately I had a miss carriage at 7 weeks. I have been having acupuncture to help unblock my tubes and as my Chinese acupuncture lady says my kidney energy is low and the acupuncture will help to balance my yin and yan and warm the uterus up. I have notices that my periods are less heavy and no clotting this time since doing acupuncture. my question  is that I am in the same boat as the lady I have been doing my Clearblue ovulation for 5 days and it is still coming up positive so I thought the same as the other lady’s and took a pregnancy test unfortunately it came up negative. Anyone pregnancy test show up a week after even though Clearblue digi keeps showing up ovulating. Don’t want to get my hope up


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Hi eldom and welcome to Mothering! 


I think you are replying to a discussion but made a new thread instead. Do you remember where the discussion was? Do you have a link to it? I can move your post there so that she can read it. :)

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!

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Hi Cynthia it was the trying to conceive site

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hi pleased to meet you.


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Moving to Trying to Conceive. Hopefully you'll get some responses here from women who've experienced something similar.  :love

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