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Painful sex ...?

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So I already know my cervix has softened it feels like a extremely overripe peach already, while my fiance and I last night we getting it on and everything felt fine until I started getting horrible cervix pain. I am only 32 weeks 3 days...Granted this is baby number 4 but I have never experienced this before with any of my other pregnancies I had sex perfectly fine right up until the end? 



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Anyone have any  thoughts??? Bump!

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I'm pretty sure I went through a painful sex period around that time. We pretty much stopped for a couple weeks because of it. It went away, and now we do fine with no discomfort at all. Maybe it will get less painful for you too. Good luck!!
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Sex is pretty painful for me as well, but oddly in a different location - I've somehow gotten super duper sensitive right around the entrance to my vagina (I think it's all the extra blood flow), and even though the actual act is great and feels good, I end up feeling rubbed soooo raw by the end.  It feels swollen all the time.  Huge quantities of lube help, but not all that much.  :/ 


I do have some discomfort when he bumps my cervix, but that's totally dependent on our position.  Perhaps it might be the same for you, Peacemama?  I find if it's doggy style, we have to be much more careful.

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I am hoping it was just positioning, though we were being really tame for our "norm" and were sidelying. The baby's head has also changed position from being more oblique to head down. I'll try the more lube thing though....

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For me it can be painful but also in a different way.  Basically, in any position other than me on top it feels like pain in my bladder..or next to my bladder.  It's frustrating and I really don't remember having any discomfort last time around. I'm thankful that at least one position still feels good and even though its not my favorite..I'll take it.

I hope its just postioning for you guys.

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