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expressing milk challenges

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I've decided to start storing up some milk for and I am having a bit of an "issue" with my right breast.


I should probably mention that I hand express and for some reason I just can't get it with my right one. With the left I can just cup with both hands, find where it kind of hard (or at least not like a water sack) and squeeze. Sometimes I dont' even have to do that I can just push on the top/side etc. and I will have a forceful let down. I can't do this with my right. It has to get VERY engorged for me to get anything out of it by hand and even then its a bear.


I'm considering just feeding her on the right side and using the left exclusively for expressing until I get enough stored up for when I get out of town. I'm not sure if that's bad or not. Considering expressing is much different than nursing (assuming I am doing it right.) I just squeeze it out, sometimes it even makes a whoosh sound, until my breast feels completely soft.



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For some women pumps and even hand expressing doesn't work for them, maybe that is the case with just that one breast? It also sounds like what you are expressing by using your hand to squeeze it is just your let down, so you may still have a lot of milk left over even if it does feel soft. Maybe some others here on mothering will have an answer, advice, or suggestions for you. 

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i get between 2-4oz out. for some reasonn expressing more freaks me out a bit lol.

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How do you get past just let down with Hand expression?
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I got it to where I can express both breasts. Honestly, I just forgot everything I read online and "milked" like how I used to with goats. It was actually less painful lol. 


This video is helpful too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZViuYKX5LU

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