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I'm a newbie...

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Hi Everyone,


I'm a newbie and just checking in to say hello.  I'm having my first, due in October.  We're excited as could be!  ...and grateful that places like this exist to help out with advice.  My pregnancy has gone really well, but I am definitely feeling deficient in the what to do after the baby arrives department!!!



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Welcome to Mothering!! Have you checked out the Due Date Club?


How about Life with a Babe once the baby is born?


The mamas here have lots of advice so ask away. 

Congrats on your new bundle in October!

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Thanks so much!  I did join the October birth forum but hadn't yet seen the Life with a Babe area...looks like a gem!!!

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!  


Congratulations!  It looks like you got linked to some good forums!  Feel free to let me know if you need help finding anything!

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Will do - thank you so much!

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