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Blessingway ideas

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Hi Everyone -I am new to the group and saw some posts about baby showers.  I am not having a shower but a friend is hosting a blessingway for me in about a month.  Anyone have ideas or suggestions for a blessingway?

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I've never heard of a blessing way so I'm curious to see what others have to say.
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I went to one where people brought little gifts for the mother like flowers. I did reiki healing on her while someone else did a guided meditation. I've heard of people going around sharing wisdom. I had one and people brought some gifts and we did henna on my belly and whoever else wanted it.
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That sounds really lovely, littlebird.  I've only been to one before and at that one it was potluck style, and we all offered words of strength/encouragement to the mom-to-be.  We were also asked to bring a quote for mom (words of strength/encouragement for labor), and a candle that she would burn during labor.  I am thinking of doing something similar at mine.

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I am soo excited for my blessing in a couple weeks!  I wanted one in lieu of a shower with my first but I didn't have ANY like-minded "crunchy" friends back then to make it happen.  In retrospect, it was sad not doing anything but I really didn't want a big to-do focused on buying tons of mainstream baby stuff I didn't want or need.


Planning is still in the works but I think we'll do a potluck style dinner.  I've asked each guest to bring a bead to assemble a birth bead necklace.. maybe I'll request quotes/poems/letters to be written on a canvas or book to support me during labor.  I've hired a professional henna artist to come do my belly & the hands or feet of the guests.  One friend is a reiki practitioner and another is a massage therapist (plus reiki) so those gals may be working their magic there, also.  My 3 closest friends who are organizing it are going to decorate the deck with lots of candles that I'll then keep on hand for when labor starts for soft, relaxing lighting.  I feel like I need a lot more ideas!  But when I type it out, it seems like that could fill 3 hours easily. :)


Any ideas to honor big siblings?  I want to do something special for 2.5 yr old DD.  I'm sure she'll get her feet rubbed and a special gift from grandma, to start with.

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I just remembered a neat thing from a friend's blessing I attended.  At the beginning, we all went around the group and introduced ourselves with our matriarchy... I'm not quite sure how to say that. :)  For example, I said "I am Amanda Lynn, daughter of 'Jane Doe', grand-daughter of 'Mary Sue'" etc.  It seemed like an interesting way to honor our mothers and sort of call on that collective wisdom that got us all here. A very simple but empowering "ritual" I guess. 

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(Sorry if this somehow ends up being a duplicate - my first attempt to respond appears to have been lost...!)


Your blessingway ideas sound great, lyndie - and certainly enough to fill 3 hours!  Like you, I did not want to go the shower route and focus on material items.  I was so grateful when a friend offered to host a blessingway.  I am really looking forward to a room full of powerful women and mamas channeling positive energy for my birth!


I love the matriarchal introduction idea.  It reminds me of what some women have mentioned to me about the strength they feel knowing that millenia of women before them have endured the ritual of childbirth.  Our bodies clearly know this better than our modern minds (and our medicalized system)!!!  [I'm a home birther too :-D]

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I also had one with my first.  My mom wanted to throw me a traditional shower and I asked for a baby blessing instead.  No one had heard of it but by the time we were done thought it was pretty cool. 

I asked for beads or something of personal significance from them that would honor the pregnancy somehow.  I received lots of beads to make a birthing necklace.  I also received special stones, books they had while they were pregnant with their little ones ets.  

One that I went to we did a sage smudging and left the sage with the mom for the day of the birth.  We also made necklaces with pregnant momma symbols and wore them from the day of the blessing till birthing day.


If you are religious, scripture is always good and positive.  Massages, etc.  


Candles are popular to give out so that a phone tree can be started and the candle is lit when labor begins so that everyone it thinking of the momma.  Some use the same idea but with string around the wrist.  


There really is no right or wrong way to celebrate the momma and baby and really that is what it's all about.

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Originally Posted by HawaiianBlesing View Post

There really is no right or wrong way to celebrate the momma and baby and really that is what it's all about.

Thanks, Becky.  I love all that you shared on this thread and most appreciate the truth behind your closing line, which I clipped above.

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I just had mine 2 weeks ago and am still feeling a high energy from it! It was put together by a couple like minded friends and family members who didnt know much about it so we all put our heads together and came up with some fun activities. My best friend and I gathered some flowers and ivy from the garden which we made into a crown and she braided some into my hair. Then she did some henna on my belly, while everyone sat around in a circle I told my sons traumatic birth story and why I had chosen a healing homebirth this time, after some tears were shed I explained what a traditional Mothers Blessing was all about and what it meant for me to have these women there with me. I offered up the option for anyone to tell their own personal birth stories, of their children, themselves or perhaps a grandmothers passed down story. We ate lots of healthy delicious food through out of course! My mom had cut triangles of fabric out, 1 for each guest and we gave them fabric markers to write me a blessing for my baby/me/the birth or a birth affirmation in which we sewed them all together on a ribbon to make a flag. Also each guest was required to bring a bead for a special birthing necklace for myself, which turned out incredible, everyone had such wonderful things to say and reasons why they picked a certain bead. I gave each guest a beeswax candle to take home with them so when they hear that Im in labor to light their candles and think of me. And we did a unity bracelet where we wrapped red yarn around each wrist(or ankle if they preferred) which intertwined with all of us, joining us all together, we cut each bracelet after and everyone had them tied on, they keep them on until after the baby is born to remind them to keep thinking of me through out my pregnancy and labor. I also had my birthing alter set up in the room for everyone to see or add to if they wished, I encouraged some people to go in my yard and gather an item from nature for the alter, we had so many more ideas but only so much time! Every Mama needs a Mothers Blessing for sure!!!

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Ok, so this is my fourth. I need nothing for this baby. But what I DO need is my house clean! I have had some nerve issues and can not do a lot of physical activity this pregnancy. So being religious, I asked my church that instead of a shower if they would come over and deep clean my house and as they go they pray and bless each area of my house in preparation for a new baby. I am going to put together some blessings from friends that can't be there or can't clean and scriptures as well. I am scheduling this right before my home visit with my Midwife. I am so excited about the fellowship and community this will bring my home. I guess this is my "Blessingway." 

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Emilyjvg - that sounds AMAZING!!!
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I am moved by all of the wonderful rituals & examples of connection with dear ones. Thanks for sharing, everyone - and may all your blessingways be special!
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I experienced the most wonderful blessingway yesterday, thanks to the fabulous women of my life...and thanks also to your inspirational suggestions. The matriarchal introductions were particularly a great feature of the day. I'm still on a high from it all! :-)
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