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Submitting religious exemption form for daycare for under-vaccinated child?

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My younger son is 18 months and about to start daycare in Massachusetts. He has been vaccinated on a slower schedule, but will be caught up in the next couple of years. The daycare asks for a form from his doctor (about his general health, lead test results, etc.) and also vaccine information.

When my first child was starting daycare, the doctor's office gave me two separate pieces of paper: one for the general health and one for the vaccines; I sent the first to the daycare and substituted a (religious) exemption form for the second. This time, the doctor's office gave me a single sheet of paper that has both the general health and the vaccines. What should I do?

I can either submit the doctor's form as it is along with the exemption form -- but I am afraid this will create problems with whatever authorities my DCP is submitting her forms to, perhaps especially since my first son, who attended the same daycare, also had a religious exemption for daycare. (For what it's worth, my DCP personally doesn't care at all; she's just trying to be in compliance with whatever authorities license her.)

Or I suppose I can go back to the doctor's office and ask them to create or fill out a form that has general health information only, not vaccine info. I find the prospect of doing this incredibly stressful as well, as they would have to do something special for me alone; I'm sure there would be great resistance from the office staff; I'd have to deal with the doctor directly without an appointment, or make an appointment & pay a $30 copay, etc., etc., etc.

Is one option clearly better than the other? Any other suggestions?

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(I just found out about the Massachusetts Immunization Information System, which I hadn't known about and so of course hadn't opted out of. Does it change anything? Exhausting.)
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So glad we don't have to do any of this in the UK (even if I wouldn't anyway). But neither of those comments are helpful. Hope someone else here has some advice for you. smile.gif

If your dcp doesn't care why does it matter if they have your child's vaccine info?
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The DCP runs a licensed daycare and has to submit certain forms to some official organization, state-run, I assume.

Just moved and have spotty internet access, but would still very much love any thoughts on this dilemma.

My husband suggested submitting everything, and if asked (which he claims we won't be) to say that the religious beliefs are mine, and that my husband does not share them and has the kid vaccinated whenever he gets the opportunity. Hence the spotty vaccination record & the religious exemption form.
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I had the same problem when my little one first started day care. He was under-vaccinated. Luckily, he's only vaccinated by the health department and not his NP, so she just sent the religious exemption form. He is getting his final shot tomorrow right before his 3rd birthday, so I won't have to worry about this any more. It's been stressful.


Also, my DCP also had access to the immunization registry. They never said anything and I'm not sure they regularly check on there. Why would they? Unless it's a requirement to make sure parents are fibbing...??


I would ask his doc to just do a health form and explain the situation. I'm assuming they know your feelings about immunizations and would be accommodating.


Good luck!

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This ,may sound simplistic - make a copy of the sheet you have been given - covering up the vax info ....submit the form and the religious exemption form together.   Here in NY we have to be a little sneakier - hence my answer! 

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