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Weekly Chat September 5 - September 11

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No one has started a new weekly thread, right? My eyes are so tired right now, that I wouldn't put it past myself to miss it.


How is everyone doing? I'm curious to know what week you're in and what things you're thinking about right now.


As for me, I hit 33 weeks today, and I have yet to get anything done to prepare for this new baby! I know we'll get the necessities taken care of, but it feels a little crazy right now. I did get the playroom tidied today (soon to be the nursery again), and that gives me room to haul out boxes from the attic and start getting organized. Hopefully tomorrow. Hopefully :p

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35 + 4 days today! And it's a stunning spring day!
Feeling a bit anxious, and thinking I have so many big tasks to get sorted before this wee girl decides to arrive. But doing little things like washing my favourite robe so its all gorgeous and snuggly for post birth baby cuddles makes me feel good.
I seem to be extreme nesting, anything I see that needs doing sets me off and off I go. Like yesterday when I saw the lawn needed doing.... And we need to fence a section of the yard, so this morning ds and I have been off to the hardware store and the funny looks and the "are you ok there Madam" was pretty hilarious, I guess they don't get many heavily pregnant woman coming in measuring fence posts. Once lunch settles I'm off to clean the bathroom then maybe.... Maybe try and tackle some of the master bedroom.
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Danielle, I am 100% there with you!  I dragged my husband into the laundry room last night and made him rearrange cabinets and things on shelves for a couple of hours... I'm pretty lucky he humors me so much.  :)  He's getting into the spirit of it all too, though, which is so great for me.  But he keeps telling me that we have to divide the house into zones and just do one zone for every day he has off of work.  Logically, I know he's right... but aaugh I want to clean and reorganize ALL THE THINGS.  :)


I had a weird sort of mini meltdown earlier where I had myself convinced that I had all the wrong sizes of prefolds and that everything was going to go horribly wrong the second I started trying to cloth diaper.  I snapped myself out of it, though, lol.  I mean... it's not as if I can't buy anything after she comes!  We have a cloth diapering store 10-15 minutes away from my house, for pete's sake!  Man, I can go crazy sometimes.  We'll just blame it on being a Virgo.  :P


I will be 35 weeks in 2 days.  Now that's just plain nuts.


Tonight, I have to finish my birth plan to take to my midwife appointment tomorrow.  No more procrastinating!

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^^You are so lucky to have a place that sells cloth diapers. Our Target was selling them in store, but quit. Babies R Us has G-diapers maybe, but the selection is so limited. And everybody knows those Gerber Prefolds just aren't the same...not to mention I haven't seen them at Target or Wal-Mart unless I'm blind.


Do any of you have experience with your dog knowing your pregnant? Or a story about when you introduced a new baby to a dog?

My dog doesn't seem to know, and I feel stupid saying it, but my feelings are a little hurt. I don't live with her, but I see her once a week at least. And she still recognizes me as her "mommy". But no nothing, not protecting, not being nicer, not following me around...Come on I'm huge when I pick her up, why can't she tell? She's going to be very surprised when I show up with a baby, she's never even seen a baby! lol

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CL - I am super lucky, and I think it's mostly because I live in a bit of a hippie college town where things like cloth diapering, babywearing and organic living are almost mainstream.  Happy to take advantage of that, lol.  :)


My dog is being EXACTLY the same way!  We're talking about a very mothering, sweet German Shepherd who has been with us since she was a tiny puppy, so 10 years.  I helped raise this dog.  And even though she super loves me... she's not acting ANY differently around me.  No extra protection or hovering or laying with me or anything!  I keep hearing stories about how everyone's dogs are doing stuff like that, and I'm like, hmph.  Fine.  The cats are being slightly more attentive, but that could just be because they're going through a mood - they do that sometimes. 


Weird.  :P

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Well that explains it. I get really excited when I see someone wearing their baby in public, because it's not something I see all the time around here.


And thanks, that makes me feel a lot better. Our dogs are going to be in for a huge wake-up call in a few weeks! Funny about your cats, usually I hear more stories about cats ignoring pregnancy and babies.

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My dog isn't acting any different with me, but she's far more my husband's dog. My cat, on the other hand, is incredibly protective of me when I'm pregnant. I've had him for 9 years (since before I lived with DH, which is weird because I'm not really a cat person). He's been with me through all of my pregnancies. Even the ones I miscarried (so I wasn't showing), he knew something was going on. He sits on the couch with me. He waits outside the bathroom for me and scratches at the door (if he doesn't manage to sneak in. He walks with me around the house (and gets under my feet and almost trips me). He's not like this at all when I'm not pregnant!

The area I live in is so not friendly of cloth diapering, babywearing, etc. Sometimes I'll get someone who's curious and seems interested asking questions, but I've only ever seen a handful of other people with baby carriers and that's pretty much at La Leche League (which we don't have in my area anymore because almost nobody ever came) or at midwifery events. I have to travel an hour one way to get my diapers or order them online.

I'm 32+4 today. I had my prenatal appointment yesterday. I was kind of looking forward to it so I could talk to my midwife about whether or not I still get to birth at home after they found the arrhythmia in baby girl's heart, since the last time I saw my back up and the rules in my area are pretty strict. Well, turns out, my midwife is on vacation and I saw my back up again...not entirely impressed. Now I have to wait two more weeks to find out. The good news is that we didn't hear any irregularity again yesterday when we listened to the heartbeat and I saw on my chart that it said "No arrhythmia detected. Continue with routine prenatal care." as the results for the fetal echo I had. I'm hoping that means everything's considered normal and I can birth where I want. I did get scheduled for a home visit at 36 weeks (which they only do with homebirthers at this practice), so everything's looking positive. I'm a little afraid of getting my hopes up, though.

I've still got so much to do around the house. My bedroom's almost done. DH started stripping the wallpaper out of the bathroom yesterday (yay! I hate that wallpaper...you can see it in most of my pictures in the belly thread). I've got some baby clothes washed and put away, but there's still a lot. Luckily, things have slown down for DH a lot at work so he's able to be at home more to get more done. I get really overwhelmed when there are several jobs to do and probably wouldn't get any of the real organization done without him. Today, I'd like to just do more work on the house, but I've got cake to make for a party for 40 people for tomorrow. I'm not a professional (although I guess I did get paid once), but I'm pretty good at it, I usually enjoy doing it and they taste damn good, so I've sort of become the cake maker/pastry chef of my family (and, to an extent, DH's family). Unfortunately, I really wish I hadn't agreed to do this one and am feeling so stressed about it. I feel like I've got far more important things to be doing. Hopefully I'll have little breaks where I can work on the house, but this is threatening to become an all day endeavour.
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I'm 34 weeks and feeling pretty good. I'm kind of enjoying this time period. Though the belly is huge and in the way, I'm not having as much back and round ligament pain as I did in the second tri, and I have slightly more energy. So the third tri is kinda rockin' for me.


My baby shower is tomorrow. I have a feeling we're still going to have a lot of things we need to buy afterward, so I'm kind of looking forward to it being over so I can just get all those things bought already. DH put together the crib and changing table, but we're waiting on a replacement part for the dresser. I still need to order a rocker/recliner. I found one I like at La-Z-Boy but it would be custom and that takes 8-10 weeks, so I still need to check out a couple of other stores before I commit to that. Probably whatever I buy won't be here for a few weeks after the baby comes. Cloth diapers are all washed and prepped, but I still need to wash the covers and pail liners - oh, and buy a pail.


My blood sugar numbers have remained pretty good. I had a couple high ones here and there, but I still think I'm under control and need to avoid certain foods and stress.


Dahlia had asked in the last thread about the herbal labor prep I'm going to take on the midwives' recommendation... here's a link to where you can get it, if anyone's interested: http://www.birthjunkie.com/5week_formula.html


Does anybody else kind of not like the term "babywearing"? I can't think of a good alternative for it, but I just don't like it. It feels like baby is an accessory if you're "wearing" them. I do intend to use wraps/slings, etc., myself, but I wish there was a different word for it.

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Thanks for the info, Slammerkin! 


I'll be 36 weeks on Monday, which is just crazy to me! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and baby girl's heartbeat sounded great, but my fundal height had gone down from being right where it should be, to 33cm. Baby girl has dropped! But the measurement was still lower than my doctor expected, so she sent me to get an ultrasound and nst to make sure my amniotic fluid wasn't low. Thankfully my fluid looked normal, and baby passed the non stress test with flying colors :) They kept me a little longer to monitor me though, because I was having contractions something like every 4 or 5 mins. They sent me home after a little while, and just said to call my doctor if my contractions got stronger or if there were any signs of labor, which there haven't been so far. The contractions I was having just felt like dull period cramps.. I just wish I knew what my body is doing! 

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I'm 37 weeks now!! So so ready to have this baby!!! Last night I woke up every 30 minutes and had to actually breath through contractions, they were so painful!!! And then from three until 7....nothing! I actually thought last night might have been the day. Ugh. I'm starting to get really frustrated with the painful contractions all the time!

We are completely ready for Baby to arrive! There is not a single other thing we need. I have bought everything, washed it, organized it, etc. I have been nesting hard core. My house has never been so clean!! That makes me even more anxious to get my hands on my baby!!!

I swear my dog knew I was pregnant before I did. For a couple weeks my husband would call for my dog who was always snuggled next to me, and she wouldn't go. My dog normally is attached to him, not me. Sean kept asking me what wa going on with her, and then when we found out about the pregnancy, it all made more sense. Daisy has been attached to me ever sense!! It will be interesting to see how she responds to a baby. She is five and my youngest kid is 7 so she doesn't know babies. Lol.

I'll attach a picture of Daisy and my youngest daughter Aubree!! I love Daisy's face...I think it says "these are my humans!" Haha

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Abk-I had days of those contractions before they settled into anything regular with DS3. They would come every 10 minutes for a few hours, then every 20 for a while. It was so frustrating. At least your body's gearing up and he'll probably be here soon! Also, super cute picture!
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It just stresses me because I don't know if it will go on for a couple days or a couple weeks! I can't do this for weeks!!!!!
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You're so close abk!! How exciting :) I hope you don't have to wait too long! I know what you mean with feeling anxious just not knowing how long you're going to have to wait!

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It's crazy and exciting how close some people are! Abk, I hope baby comes soon or you get a break from those contractions. Sounds like you're having a tough time. Hang in there!


Dahlia, sounds like your body is gearing up! How exciting! It must be nerve-wracking to not be sure what's going on in there.

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Every new thread makes me excited because it feels that much closer!!


I'm 32 weeks and 6 days. I'm doing really well. Still feeling great (though have been crying easily over random happy events). I have lost a little bit of that second trimester energy, but so far still holding on to most of it.

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Superbeans, glad you're feeling so well! I agree- I love seeing new threads up because it means we've gone another week! Yay! 


Slammerkin, I'm glad your blood sugar numbers have stayed pretty even keeled! I hope your shower tomorrow is nice and that it helps you with the things you still need :) I know the feeling of just wanting the showers to be finished so you can get a true idea of what you need to order or buy! We had our final shower (husbands family did one on each side, my family did one) last Sunday, and it's such a relief knowing exactly what we have now and what we still need to get. 


It is frustrating not knowing what is going on in my body! Looking on the bright side though, I enjoyed getting to see our baby girl on the ultrasound yesterday :) She is just adorable and chubby, and loves getting her little thumb in her mouth! And she has hair! I also had the u/s tech check her gender again, just to be safe lol. It was scaring me how many people were telling me I'm carrying like I'm having a boy! But, she's definitely a girl haha, whew. I'm still having some contractions today, nothing as painful as you though, abk! And I can feel pressure from her head pushing down sometimes. I've definitely adopted the pregnant waddle too :eyesroll oh so graceful! 

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Oh I just love waking to read so many replies to the new threads!
It's early Saturday morning here 9/7.

Grasisue - I hope the next few weeks fly by and you are told confidently that you will be birthing at home, being in limbo is never fun. And yay for saying goodbye to your wallpaper!!! I hope your cake goes really well! :-)

Slammerkin - I hope you have a wonderful shower with your family and friends :-) its so nice to spend a couple of hours celebrating the amazing fact your carrying a tiny human inside you. To be honest I had never thought about the term baby wearing, well not in the accessory sense, albeit its becoming increasingly common here in nz I still get really excited about seeing other mummas with babies in wraps/carriers.

Dahlia - my wee girl has done exactly the same, at my last appt we were measuring 32.5 even though I was 34wks, for me it happens everytime, my little people descend early I have a prenatal appt this coming turesday at 36+1 so will be interesting to see where we are at then. It must have been quite exciting to get to have a sneaky look inside again, and how cute your wee girl has hair! I'm dying to know what this little lady will look like after me having two boys.

Abk - I just have this funny feeling that all this pre-labour stuff your dealing with will end in a nice quick calm labour for you! So very exciting! Can't wait to hear news of your wee mans arrival. It is hard not knowing how long things will go on for, I'm always so intrigued that things never play out exactly the same each time, I am so curious as to how my labour will be this time around. The only thing I am praying is that we make 37wks so I can birth at home again, anything else scares me to be honest.
What a gorgeous photo of your daughter and Daisy! So sweet!
My only experience with an animal treating me differently was early on in this pregnancy my mother in laws cat who is basically a wild thing came bounding into the second lounge wove himself between my legs and then jumped onto my lap and put his paws on my chest and started padding and dribbling. It was the strangest thing, I mean this cat is wild, and likes to be left well alone, especially when the kids visit he disappears for hours at a time. It was nice to have him acknowledge me for a change.

Super beans - Glad your doing well mumma :-)

Well another weekend is upon us and its looking like fine weather although hard to tell if it will stick around its only 7:45am, dh is at work.... Again. Definitely over him working so much, he's gone 13hrs a day 6 days a week. Which makes me sad. Thankfully all that should come to an end with baby coming soon, but it might be happening right up until the day she chooses her birthday, here's hoping we get some warning so he doesn't stress getting stuck in traffic from the city. Still trying to shake this darn cough, its getting a bit better. Have a wonderful day everyone x
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Danielle, I'm glad the weather is starting to clear up for you! Just in time, too :) I feel your pain- my husband has been working 12-13 hr days as well to help make up for my lack of income. It makes me sad to see him less, and I feel guilty for not contributing money. We've both always worked, so I've been feeling a little bit purposeless recently. Although that feeling is fading the closer we get to our sweet girl to being here! It's so exciting that your little one is descending too!! In the past, has an early drop meant labor before 40 weeks? I know everyone is different, but it would be nice to have some kind of insight into what's possibly going on with my body! I've also been feeling a lot of painless contractions, sprinkled intermittently with dull achey ones. I'm dying to know if my cervix is changing! I hope your cough goes away soon! I can't stand lingering colds, yuck. 

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Dahlia - we are incredibly lucky that throughout our relationship we've always relied on only one income, either I was working and dh was studying or vice versa, it made the transition into parenthood that much easier because one income was all we knew.
Well with my eldest he was born at 40+3wks and took some encouragement, 2 stretch and sweeps and some acupuncture to get him moving but he was born about 6hrs later.
My second son was born at 39+3 wks and took no encouragement at all, but I did have AROM less than 15mins before he was born as I knew it was the gigantic sac of waters stopping his exit, they took three goes before they gushed out.
I am secretly hoping this wee girl makes her exit at exactly 38+3wks, and in the evening, the timing would work perfectly with my eldest going on school holidays the following day and dh being able to have the fortnight off with us as a family of 5.
I guess this little lady will depict whether or not the descending has anything to do with earlier exit dates or not :-)
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 38+3 sounds like it would be perfect for you :) Fingers crossed that it works out that way!! 


I can feel this little girl's head pressing down, such a strange sensation! My mom is betting that I won't make it to 40 weeks.. I just don't know though! I feel a little strange, but I think it's just because of the baby dropping. Only time will tell.. but waiting is so hard!!

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