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Here's to hoping everybody has an abundance of happy and healthy bodies AND minds postpartum!!!  Well...and some sexy boobs and butts to boot.

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Sounds like a perfect combo!!!

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Well said, Soleil!

Slammerkin, that is awesome news!
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And then the babies decide to come when they want and postpartum isn't what we expect . . . reality arrives!  Ha!  


Seriously though, whoever suggested holding on to plans and ideals lightly (like not getting set on having your baby at 37 weeks), is huge!  Especially for first-time moms.  We all want our babies to come, we're all ready.  BUT assuming that things can go longer rather than shorter is much better for the emotions.  And honestly, it's not like life magically becomes perfect!  It's just different stresses!  Healing of your body.  Learning to give up your life and your desires to put your child first (baby years talking about here, when they can't do anything for themselves).  And THEN the real work of parenting starts . . . as they become toddlers and you are trying to shape a little person's character and guide them to be a successful adult!  :)   


Hugs everyone!  Pregnancy is hard but it's not going to last forever!  Pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving and we'll ALL be snuggling our little ones, these conversations lost in a blur of nursing and diapers!  


AFM- good check-up today, nothing new or exciting.  I don't do cervix checks because I know too many people who walk around at like 3cm dilated for weeks, hoping the next day will be "it."  So it was just a good check-in with midwife and continue on, keeping on!  I haven't had any pre-labor signs in my past two pregnancies (no loss of mucous plug until labor, no painful contractions until labor, etc.) so I have no idea when to expect this little one other than around 40 weeks, when both my other two came.  So a little longer!  

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Maine Mama, thank you.

Eloise, I'm glad your appointment went well. It took me a minute to work out your comment about us holding our babies at Thanksgiving. I'm Canadian and our Thanksgiving is early October...I think it's the 14th this year...anyway I could have my baby then, but probably won't. It had me confused for a minute and then made me laugh at myself when I figured it out. I felt a little silly. It's been one of those days, though. I sent the boys out for the school bus an hour early!
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Whew, this thread blew up this afternoon! It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well, for the most part! 


Slammerkin, that's awesome news about the endo! Congrats :) I'm getting more used to the "off" feeling, and it could be so much worse! I really do feel lucky to be pregnant, even though I'm just so ready for the big day. I know a lot of women would love to be pregnant, and can't for whatever reason. I try to remind myself of how lucky I am when I start feeling the blahs. 


Yogini, no harm in hoping, I'm sure a lot of us hope our babies won't make us wait! But keep an open mind about it :) I'm hoping and hoping that my little girl will show up maybe at like 39 weeks, but I'm fully aware that I may go to 42 weeks, we just never know! Same for recovery after birth- we all hope we're feeling great, and up for being active, but keep in mind that you may need to be more gentle with yourself than you realize. Or, your baby might have other plans and you may not be able to have the schedule you'd like for a while. que sera, sera :)


Abk, good for you! As much as I'd like to just bounce right back to my "ideal" body, I know that I'm going to be so smitten with my new baby that losing a little extra weight could very easily take a backburner. 


Mainemama, good attitude- I think the wait and see how you feel approach is a good idea! With everything in pregnancy, you really can't bet on feeling up to doing much more than snuggling your new baby :)


AFM, just had my doctor's appt, and everything looks good. I lost 2 pounds this week, probably just from my body being weird (upset stomach/diarrhea/nausea). My doctor wasn't concerned though, so neither am I. I tested positive for group b strep though, blah, so I'll have to have antibiotics when I go into labor. 

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I agree eloise.  Plans are plans and then reality is reality.   It's amusing for me to remember that I did indeed used to be the center of the universe when I was in my early twenties and pregnant with #1 and all my headspace was about the pregnancy and my birth plans, and my pelvic floor and my beautiful figure and my 'me time' and my plans to get back into shape, etc....  You know what I remember from ten years ago after baby #1 arrived?   Magic.  Pure magic.  He came and I fell in love so intensely and instantly and I had him against my skin nearly 24/7 and we had our own routines of going for walks and breastfeeding sessions snuggled in bed turning into long naps, and hibernating throughout a winter together in a tangle of sweat, breastmilk, and a pile of cloth diapers I threw into the wash every day.... and it was just so magical.  When you have just one baby to focus all your attention on, and you throw your entire headspace into that little person and your life is suddenly 180 degrees starkly different than anything you have experienced before, it's just.... magic.


I'll say, in hindsight, having #2 and the juggling act from the very beginning (being pregnant with #2 and losing my milk supply) ...well, that is was much less pure mommyhood bliss and much more logistical exhaustion mixed in with plenty of mommy perks.  Comparing the two, I'd say I feel most wistful for that autumn/winter one decade ago when it was just me and that infant, taking it easy and not following any schedule but the urges of my new baby, and enjoying life.  I always knew when I was caring for him, which was basically constantly, that I was exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing.  Priorities never clearer!  (totally different when you have more than one)


Anyway, I just smile when I read about the women having their first having such set plans like 'giving birth at 37 weeks on the nose because they are uncomfy with pregnancy', etc.... because I know that their headspace will utterly change once they meet their little angel. I feel sure they will instantly switch gears/priorities and ya know what?  It will be such a relief (at least it was for me) to not be the center of the universe anymore.  


It's so much more a wonderful way to live to give that up and to have your child be the center of your universe.  It's miserable to be spending tons of time inspecting your figure in front of the mirror and deal with eating disorders and never be quite satisfied and never be able to let the obsession go.... it's awful to think about yourself constantly, especially when you are not exactly happy and satisfied.  Well, happy and satisfied people tend not to obsess about themselves in the first place.  It's divine to let it go and focus instead on your little baby, and have personal image/grooming concerns be "will I get to brush my hair or my teeth today?  Which will it be?" because some phases of mommying a young baby are just like that.  You'll have no idea what you are wearing and be satisfied if there isn't dried and crusty breastmilk across your shirt or baby vomit on your lap---that'll be a fashion success, and as for how your body looks in what size clothes you are in, that will seem like such a non-issue compared with staying up all night analyzing your baby's cough and hoping that it goes away and having your heart break with each moment of discomfort your child goes through, and wishing you could make everything perfect for your child.  Thinking about which pants makes your butt look fat will be thoughts from another life.


At least that's my been my experience  switching from young childless maiden -thoroughly obsessed with myself as most teenage girls and early twenties young ladies are- to the role of mother.  I have a hard time imagining it any other way as this was all so instinct driven, but I'm sure that there are other ways to experience the transition, especially if post partum hormonal problems/imbalances come into play.  Hopefully no one here experiences any of that and everyone enjoys a blissful babymoon after their angel arrives!!!

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I cannot believe I am 38 weeks now! I realize is could still be another 4 weeks until I finally have this little man, and I think I have officially come to terms with that. Lol. All I want is a healthy baby and I don't care how long it takes to get one!! I'm of course feeling huge and uncomfortable, but what can I do?? NOTHING!! Haha. It is very weird for me because my others have all come between 36-37 weeks, so this is officially the longest I have ever been pregnant, and definitely the largest I have ever been! I'm still sad because this is my last pregnancy, and it's weird knowing I will never feel this way again. My husband, kids, and family are extremely anxious to meet this baby, and are asking me all the time when he will be here. I started saying in a couple weeks, instead of saying any day. Lol. My maternity leave from work starts the 26th, so hopefully I don't go far past that. I don't want to waste time off with no baby smile.gif I do get 12 weeks off though....uh, if I decide to go back wink1.gif
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I kind of know how you feel.  This is the longest I've ever been pregnant and walking around.  It's a bit surreal.  Plus I've gained as much (almost) as I ever had in previous pregnancies, so I'm about as big as I've ever been in my life! Last time I went exactly to my due date but on bedrest for months.  Yay for synthetic progesterone suppositories!


It's sooooo nice not to stress about doing too much and having the baby come early.  I am a dynamo and enjoying my life again.  My new hobby is so rewarding, such a creative outlet.  My bandmates would like me to get back to writing songs, but I am into painting leather wearables these days, not writing angsty rock songs. To everything there is a season, right?  Right now I am into painting boots and bags!

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Serafina, your post about the reality of motherhood brought tears to my eyes, it was all so true and written so well...straight from the heart.  Thank you...I needed that.

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New thread - but please continue this awesome discussion on it if you all want!  It's so empowering and lovely, it's making me sniffle.  :)



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