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Husband checked me today, and after careful thought, calculation, and measuring his finger space, I'm at least 4cm dilated. Which is not surprising given all the false labor I have had. He thinks its more like 5, but I'm pretty sure it's 4. I am extremely done being pregnant...extremely. My grandpa has very little time left, and they just found a tumor in my mother's colon, so needless to say I have a lot to do that I cannot focus on when I can't even get in and out of my truck! Stressed beyond belief, and crying every day due to discomforts are not helping matters. Please, send baby come out vibes my way!
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Abk-I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this. I'm sending strong vibes in your little man's direction...here's hoping he vacates ASAP!
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ciga - thank you!  I'm enjoying the relief of it - and yet, now I'm back to going, oh man, when IS this kid coming?  At least with the induction, I knew for sure.  Lol.  I do at least have a deadline - I know there's no way I can go past 41 weeks, which is October 19th.


abk - I am sending ALL of the baby come out vibes to you!  It can't be long now!  Much love.  :)

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Big hugs and baby eviction vibes coming your way, Abk! I'm so sorry you're going through all this :(



How do you check your cervix? I've always been terrible at finding it!

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Thank you all so much.

I can't find my own. My husband had to check for me. He thinks its "cool". Lol
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Hahaha such a dude. I think my husband would run and hide if I asked him to look for my cervix lol! How are you feeling?

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Abk, sending positive thoughts your way!


I've been trying to get up the gumption to check my cervix for, like, months now, just to see how it might have changed. I've never had a problem finding it before, but I'm a little nervous about feeling around in there now in case it DOES feel different it might freak me out, lol. 


My shower was yesterday and it was a lot of fun! More people came than I expected but it was still fairly small. I didn't really get many things off my registry that I actually needed like bottles and breast milk storage bags and that kind of thing, but dang this baby is gonna be stylin' in all of the cute clothes she got. :)

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I'm glad your shower was fun, Slammerkin :) People really love giving baby clothes! Especially for girls, I think! We got a ton as well! I think I'm going to try to find my cervix today.. not that I'll really know what I'm feeling for if I do find it! Lol

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Slammerkin-I'm glad you had fun at your shower!

I can't reach my cervix...I have tiny, tiny hands including super short fingers. Dh found it last night for me. He thought it was "maybe kind of soft, and not very long"...he doesn't really know what he's looking for, though. I'm not really in the habit of asking him to check it. It doesn't really matter at this point for me, though (as long as I'm not actively dilating). I'll only be 33 weeks tomorrow.
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Hi! I'm 36 weeks today. That's my midwife's homebirth minimum, so that's exciting! I started having light contractions this past week. It makes me feel better to see that others are too. I've gone for weeks with on-off contractions before and while it seems natural and prepatory for me, I get so crazy in my mind wondering when it will be the full shebang. This is my 6th baby and I am really feeling older and like it is harder for my body now compared to the others I've had over the past 16 years. I know my body is still good at it and knows what it's doing, but it should really be my last. Never thought I'd have so many but I can feel that this baby will be a blessing for us. I have four girls and one boy. We had an ultrasound for gender for the first time with this one and it is so nice and balancing to know it will be a boy!

I feel so much pressure between my legs and it is hard to get around or do much at a time. I've been really working on getting things ready. I got a bunch of newborn stuff at our awesome local thrift store Friday and it made me so happy. My son was born in June so season-wise his clothes wouldn't work so well and it turned out I had donated them a while ago anyway, so I didn't really have anything.

So I'm feeling really pregnant and nesting. I homeschool, so I've been trying to get the kids off to a good start. My oldest takes another try at passing her driver's test in just over a week. It will be wonderful when she can drive herself to the classes she takes at the high school and her dance classes at night. That should help me a lot. I'm a little stressed over a wool felting workshop I agreed to teach next weekend. Originally I was going to teach it in July but I had to cancel it because I sliced open the heal of my foot on a rotary cutter while working in my studio the night before I was supposed to teach. I had stitches and it was hard to deal with not being able to walk right while being pregnant at the same time. It is a lot better now but my feet are still delicate feeling. I hope I can get through the workshop alright now.

Love to everyone! It is so exciting to feel the realness of having our babies soon coming over us!

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This little girl is making herself pretty cozy between my legs as well, Leslie! Sometimes the pressure combined with a contraction takes my breath away and I catch myself making an awkward face in public lol. I'm right there with you with the feelings of going a little crazy just wondering when my mild contractions will turn into the real deal! It reminds me of when I was trying to get pregnant, and obsessed over every little twinge and cramp! Full circle, I guess, haha :D 

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Just wanted to share a couple pics from my ultrasound on Thursday :) I can't wait to meet this little girl! 



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I'm home alone for the WHOLE DAY! This hasn't happened in like...wait, I don't think it has ever happened. I mean, since I've become a mother.  Anyway my husband had to make the 2 hour one way trip to close up his mom's camp for the winter and he asked if he could take DS so I could have a quiet day by myself.  I'm still not totally sure what to do with myself. Even though its beautiful outside i might just curl up with some quilting and watch a chic flick on netflix.  I just had to share my excitement since I very rarely get alone time, let alone many consecutive hours of it, and I know that in a few weeks its only going to become more rare. I don't want to waste it!


abk- I'm totally sending baby come out vibes your way. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

littlebird and dahlia- I don't think my babe has dropped but is definitely riding super low and sometimes when I stand up I feel like he/she is about to come out. Its pretty intense pressure. I end up walking a little bowlegged sometimes.

slammerkin- I'm totally with you on being too nervous to try touching my cervix.  Maybe in a couple weeks when my mom is here and on call to take care of DS during labor and I have the babies clothes and stuff organized and feeling something different in there won't send me into a panic

and dahlia-  awesome images. Its crazy how much more smooshed in there they are now. They looked like they had so much more siwmming space back at 20 weeks

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I know, it is crazy, Ciga! As the tech got the image of her foot, she kicked me right in the rib with it lol. Can't be mad at such a cute little foot though :) I hope you enjoy your alone time!! 

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I was 2cm dilated eleven days ago and too squicked out to check my own cervix and see how it is.  


I had a surprise baby shower today.  I am so loving my best friend for doing it for me!  I didn't think I'd have one.  It was a short and simple affair at my favorite restaurant but plenty enough for me.

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That sounds nice :) It's always a good feeling to know that people are thinking of you

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i'm at 37 next wednesday...i've been out of the loop for awhile as i struggled with relationship issues & struggled to come to terms with being pregnant.  but i think i'm in a good place now.  my sometimes husband & i have left the co-op and are trying to learn how to be a family--which means i have to let go of some of my fears & control issues that come with being in a relationship.  my two year old is being high maintenance & scaring the crap out of me--how will i deal with her AND a newborn.  especially once she realizes she has competition.  i'm also taking online classes--which actually helps calm me down. 


i haven't seen a doctor this whole pregnancy.  my previous 3 pregnancies turned me off of doctors.  i have a good midwife though and am planning a home water birth.  i had a home water birth with number 3, but due to my having had 2 c-sections & no vaginal births--i had trouble finding support & the support i did find was a traveling midwife.  the problem was, i had never experienced labor & my labor was atypical & by the time i figured out that i was in labor, it was too late for the midwife to make it in time.  i had only my sometimes husband & one doula present & none of us knew about aftercare for a traumatic birth.  my baby needed attention & got it a little too late.  she is fine now--but we had a scary beginning.  so this time i am excited to have a local midwife (once i had proven i could get a baby out my vagina, it was much easier finding support.)


i went to the IMPROVING BIRTH rally on labor day & got interviewed by the news & was quoted as saying that pregnancy & labor are unpredictable adventures that cannot necessarily be found in a text book or on a curve and that doctors should consider that before intervening.


pregnancy wise i am heavy & ready to give birth!  my midwife urges me to be patient--but having had 3 pregnancies go to AT LEAST 42 weeks, i wouldn't mind at all if this one came early.  i am having breathless, squeezy contractions when i am laying down & relaxing.  i have never had "early labor" really.  with number 3 i had several nights of contractions that would end in the morning & then woke up one morning in hard labor (contractions on top of contractions) & less than 10 hours later i gave birth.  when my midwife checked the baby last thursday i was having one of these contractions & the baby's heart rate was crazy fast!  i fluctuate between restlessness & being exhausted.  my baby keeps hanging out on the right side and i keep urging her to move to the left, but my uterus is still pretty spacious (four pregnancies!) so she is still moving around a lot.  she has taken to stretching a foot up into my ribcage--which i find pretty funny.


dog owners--if you give birth in the hospital, have someone take one of those little blankets home for your dog (or cat) to smell & get used to the scent of your new baby while you are still in the hospital.  i suppose for a home birth, you could do something similar, assuming your new baby is in a room separate from your pet during the first days. 


i hope everyone is doing well!

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Welcome back EMConnell!
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It's great to hear from you Em! I was hoping everything was ok with you, mama! It sounds like things are a bit stressful, but I'm sure everything will work out for the best for you :) Fingers crossed that you don't have to wait past 40 weeks for your little one!! Good advice about helping a pet adjust, btw! I hadn't thought of doing that, somehow, and my cat is very bonded with me so anything I can do to help him feel comfortable is great :)

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A friend emailed a few days ago and asked to have a baby shower for me.... I said yes because I thought it was super nice of her. I did have a baby shower last weekend with some old friends while visiting my hometown, it was really low key with about 10 people and we just had dinner and chatted and they gave gifts but low key ones (like baby clothes) and it was lovely. Anyway, now this other friend keeps encouraging me to register and I just don't know what to register for! I am so touched she wants to have a shower for me, but I wish it didn't involve presents (which I know is the point of a shower, but to me it feels awkward to expect and ask for gifts... I would rather just celebrate the baby).


Anyway, does anyone have any recs on what to register for? We have all the big things (which were handed down from family), we have clothes, and we have diapers. I guess we're missing the little accessories. I'm trying to think of things babies need, but honestly I've never had a newborn and I have no idea! Plus I always look at things and think "We don't *really* need that." Pretty much all I've come up with so far is mattress covers, crib sheets, baby socks, and receiving blankets. I know there are other things... Does anyone have any other ideas? Or anywhere to find a good list of stuff?

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