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argh...I just started a post and then it erased itself


okay let's see if I can remember


superbeans- If you're in a cold climate you could register for some wool tops, bottoms, hats.  That's one of the few things I have to get this time since DS was a spring baby and we have no warm newborn stuff. Nordic Natural Woolens has really nice wool/silk blend baby things.  Also, baby creams and shampoos if you plan to use them. I registered for all the Weleda stuff we'd planned to use for my shower before DS. It was awesome to not think about buying diaper cream or any of that stuff for like a year and they make inexpensive gifts.  Nursing pads.  Arer you guys set for carriers?

serafina- awesome friend to surprise you like that. That's so sweet

Welcome back EMConnell!


afm- After a month of my midwives reminding me I finally made an appointment to pre-register at the maternity unit.  So, next Thursday I get to sit down and fill out paperwork for an hour. They say an hour but how much could I honeslty have to fill out.  DS wasn't born in a hospital so I kind of have no clue.  So, my husband will come with me to finally get to meet at least one of my midwives next week.  He came for our 20 week ultrasound but he never made it in to meet the midwife because DS was being rowdy.  I'm more concerned with him knowing exactly where the maternity unit is than meeting the midwives though especially since we don't know which one we'll end up with and we could end up with an OB I've never even met if I go into labor when none of them are on call.   If I go into labor when he's at work he'll have to meet me there and I want him to know exactly where he's going.  Besides, we've met with our doula together every time and that feels more important to me. She's the one who we know will be supporting us through the entire birth.   I spent my day alone watching cheesy movies (One for the Money and Runaway Bride) and quilting. It was grand!

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Some things I registered for:

* newborn first aid/"grooming" kit

* baby monitors

* boppy

* a couple different types of bottles

* a couple types of pacifiers

* breast milk storage bags

* humidifier

* teethers


I think off the above list I only got the first aid/grooming kit and a teether. You probably won't get much off your registry anyway!

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Em, glad to see you back!


Ciga, sounds like a nice day to yourself. I think I'll take it easy this coming weekend. I was wrecked the day after my shower and then went to a BBQ with my meetup group of first-time moms and I feel like I didn't get much rest this past weekend.


I bought a recliner/rocker yesterday, which I'm kind of stoked about, lol. I ended up not getting the La-Z-Boy that I liked because it was too expensive and wouldn't be here until early-mid November. I managed to find ONE chair at another store that I liked and that fit me (I'm a shorty and most chairs are so darn big that I have to heave myself into them and my feet won't touch the floor). The color is not ideal, but it's a neutral sage green, so it should be at least tolerable. AND they had it in stock, so I will get it this weds.

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I'm jealous of all you mamas having your babies soon..... I'm "due" at the end of October which means I'm only 33 weeks.... a whole month to go til I'm full term and can legally have the baby at home. One month. 


Any else's husband have a totally unrealistic view of what is actually needed for a baby? I know babies don't "need" much, but little things like crib sheets, baby hats, baby socks- we don't have!!! He thinks we have everything we need for the baby just because we have the co sleeper (no sheets, no blankets) and 10 one size cloth diapers and 13 newborn cloth diapers and some random stuff like a breastpump hand me down i most likely will not use and a couple baby carriers. I'm kind of freaking out because there is only one month left and we have NO BABY SHOWER and he just thinks everything is fine --- even things for me like buying nursing bras/maternity pads (Which he finally let me do on amazon the other day) he was acting like coudl wait until after the baby is born/last minute... I don't think so!!! Of course it's different for us and frustrating for me becuase we're on one very restricted salary (his) and I have no money of my own so it's not like I can go out and buy baby stuff we need- but I think after she's finally here he will actually realize that we were way underprepared. or-- who knows.... maybe someone will throw a baby shower for us. I reallllly hope so.

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Ohhh those are awesome ideas!! THANK YOU! I wish people were more into shopping off registry. Here EVERYONE wants you to have one. At our wedding we made one with just a handful of stuff (like maybe 20 items) because my mother in law kept hounding us, and we literally got everything off it... despite not even telling people about it! They all searched and found it themselves. And people still came up to us at our wedding and we're like "Sorry we couldn't get you anything off the registry, it was all sold out so we got you a gift card." Barely anyone thought up their own gift ideas.


Yoginimomma people often wait until the last minute for baby showers, don't be so certain you won't have one yet! I think you and your husband are both partially right. Babies really don't need much, especially newborns. Most things you'll need will pop up at the time... like ohhhh she has a cold, run out to the pharmacy and grab one of those snot sucker things. I know its a little different, because she was 12 months not a newborn... but when my daughter was dropped off at our door (foster adoption) we had NOTHING for her. They brought a car seat with her and a pack and play for her to sleep in (but it didnt have all the parts so we never assembled it). Honestly a quick trip to the store the next day and she was completely set. Nesting and preparing for baby is fun, but if you don't have something don't stress about it. It sounds like you already have the main things she needs (diapers, food, clothes), and anything that comes up can be purchased pretty quickly when she's here. Well maybe buy the baby socks now... unless you have a lot of footed newborn clothing.

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Yogini- I'm not sure of your situation as far as insurance goes, but a lot of items that you'll need postpartum, like nursing pads, might be covered by your insurance. If you or your husband have a flex account you can just use the money in there to purchase certain things. My husband doesn't necessarily think about me needing things like nursing bras/pads, but once I mention something like that he understands. You could also try freecycle.org in your area. You can find tons of things for free on there, including baby clothes, crib sheets, that kind of thing. 

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Superbeans, everyone ASKS about the registry, but then no one freaking buys off it, lol! I think we got a lot more money than gifts for our wedding, but it's harder for people to buy you something random for that. With a baby they're all "CUTE THINGS - MUST BUY" and can easily go off buying all manner of random stuff.

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Superbeans, do you already have a diaper pail, or washable pail liner if you're CDing? 

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I started losing plug.
I'm almost 34 weeks.
MW said 1-3 weeks is her guess.
WTF I haven't done laundry!
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Yay, Shiloh! Better grab that pile of laundry lol! 


I've been having lots of contractions for the past few hours.. I'm not gonna worry unless it gets more painful though. I'm 36 weeks today! 

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Baby laundry smile.gif
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Lots of exciting things happening around here.
I have been to see my midwife this morning, on to weekly visits now, especially as my anxiety and more importantly my blood pressure creep up. I also had a positive screen for group b strep which will mean i.v anti-biotics during labour. Which I had last time round with my second home birth so I know what to expect thankfully. Also headed for a growth scan as we are measuring a little bit small. So I am hoping with all of that going on things go some what normally when I go into labour.
After all of that we went grocery shopping and have come home and done chores and I'm exhausted. Time to sit and knit! :-)
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Well, I just reached 34 weeks today and this morning my BH started to get painful...turns out they were the real deal! 3 hours later we went to the hospital to check it out - fully dilated and the nurse felt feet. Immediate c-section and I have my baby boy!
5 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches long - nearly identical to my first son born at 35 weeks. He'll need to be in the NICU for an estimated 2-3 weeks but nothing wrong with him.
Kinda surreal still. It went SO fast! I only just washed baby clothes last night smile.gif
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Congrats you're the first reported Pixie!
Do you have name?
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Oh wow, Congrats!!! Glad to hear that you and baby are doing well!

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Congratulations Pixie! I can understand the surreal feeling. So glad to hear that you're both doing well. 

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Congratulations Pixie, so happy to hear your little man is ok! All the best for the coming weeks in NICU.

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Congrats Pixie!!

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Congratulations Pixie! It's so good to hear your baby's doing well!
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Congrats pixie!joy.gif
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