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Early weight loss?

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I've just reached the 4 week mark today, but I've known I was pregnant for 5 days now.  I've been experiencing mild waves of nausea and I have much less of an appetite.  I'm still eating 3 full meals a day, but my desire to snack or have second portions is gone.  My question, should I try to fight weight loss by making the food I eat higher calorie? I was trying to lose like 8 lbs all summer. Did. Not. Happen. I'm on the shorter side and I've been hovering around 144.5 lbs for months.  I stepped on the scale on Wednesday and was so surprised to be 141.5, Thursday I was 141.1, and this morning I was 140.7. Anyone else experienced this?  I'm losing over 1/3 of a pound a day.  I've been walking for about an hour a day--just as I have done for many months. 

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With my first, I lost a little weight in the first trimester because I was so sick and could barely eat.  I think it is normal to lose a little bit if you are feeling nauseous, but it might be a good idea to ask your doctor or midwife about it, especially if it keeps up.  I certainly wouldn't try to lose weight, but focus more on making sure you are getting all the nutrients you need.  I lost a couple pounds when I found out about this pregnancy, mostly because of nerves, I think.  However, I've been adding some protein shakes to help me maintain, rather than lose.

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On one hand, some weight loss during the first trimester is normal, and I'd suspect that weight loss occurring that fast was likely water weight. Keep an eye on it and make sure you're hydrated enough. If it continues, you can look at adding to your diet.


On the other, adding in snacks may help control your blood sugar levels, which can help with morning sickness. 

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I lost weight with my first during the first trimester. My doctor told me it was normal and that unless you are very underweight, you  have enough fat stores to support the baby. I would just try to eat as nutritiously (is that a word?) as possible. Smaller meals more frequently might work better for you if you are feeling nauseated.

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I lost weight in the beginning of my pregnancies (roughly 10 lbs)... nausea and no desire to eat!  I always managed to make up for it in the magical second trimester - no sickies and not too big and uncomfortable!  When I did eat I made sure that I ate high-protein foods accompanied by lots of fruits and vegetables.  

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Since you aren't underweight, I wouldn't worry too much unless you lose a lot more. I lost 3-5 lbs in my first trimester last time because I was so nauseous. I more than made up for it later. :p This time around, I can't tell if I've lost weight or not because my weight keeps fluctuating so much, but I'm definitely not in serious gaining mode, which is totally okay. But you can always ask your midwife/doctor if you are concerned.

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I usually lose weight the first bit and then gain it all back. And then some.  Unless you are way too skinny, I wouldn't worry about it.  In fact, I usually try to go with the healthiest snack foods possible in hopes of losing a little bit at first, just because I tend to pack on th pounds once I hit the second trimester and its not healthy of the bean if I'm too chubby.  

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