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First Leg Cramp :(

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Yup, I had my first one last night. I got one or two during my first pregnancy and remember all too well how miserable they are! I'm hoping I'll be limited to a small number this time around too.


I'm really just looking for people with whom I can commiserate. I take Magnesium and try to stay hydrated (I know what I should do to try and prevent them.) The hardest part for me is that I like to stretch when I wake up and that's often what seems to trigger them. I've been able to stop myself as I feel a cramp begin until now, but last night I must have straightened my leg too quickly while sleeping - not a fun way to wake up.


Like I said, looking more to vent than anything else. Though maybe for any first time moms who have yet to experience the joy of the leg cramp this could be a good spring board to discuss other things people have found that help :)


Thanks for letting me let go of some of my pain :)

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I've *almost* had a couple in the past week- luckily I'm awake in bed, either just falling asleep or just waking up...and I know to straighten my leg with a flexed foot immediately to prevent the cramp.  But it's scary!

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I'm one of those first-time moms, and I had no idea just how many odd little discomforts there are in pregnancy. Thanks for the heads-up - I've noticed a few almost-crampy feelings in my legs when I wake up in the morning, but I've actually never had a real leg cramp from any cause so I didn't really know what that was all about. I do take a calcium-magnesium supplement at night, plus what's in my prenatal vitamin in the  morning.

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I have had two bad one this pregnancy, but then I finally learned to do what Jenny said above - straighten my leg with a flexed foot. That seems to prevent the cramps.


I also learned that last time that if i do wake up with one, to just get up and start walking...however impossible it may seem. But it makes the cramp go away fast.

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RIGHT!  I totally forgot about this "fun" little side effect of pregnancy too!  (Also - hands/arms falling asleep all night long!)

Two weeks ago, middle of the night, I woke up in mid-STOP THE CRAMP MODE!!

Even though it's been 12 years since my last pregnancy, seems there are some things ya just don't forget.  These horrible night time cramps are one.  I was amazed and grateful my body reacted immediately, in my sleep, to prevent the cramp from progressing - basically nipping it right in the bud.


The worst thing right now, though -- is HEARTBURN!  OMG.   :irked



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Two weeks ago I had a weird crampy feeling in one leg that lasted for almost two days. After googling way too much, I convinced myself it's a blood clot. It went away eventually but cost me a couple of nights of worry and lack of sleep...

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Lily, trust me, if it was a blood clot, you'd *know* something was wrong. I had one with my middle daughter, and my leg swelled way up and I couldn't walk because of the pain. It happened very quickly, too, within a couple hours. We rushed to the ER thinking it was preeclampsia!
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