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Welcome to River Quimby - 9/6/13

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After waking up at 1:15am on 9/6 to a puddle of water in my bed, River Quimby Smith was born at home in the water on 5:50pm.  8lbs 7oz and 21 inches long, welcomed by big sisters Maiya and Jenevieve.


My second longest labor which was totally exhausting, but despite a low hemoglobin count, I have no tearing or excess bleeding.  It was a successful birth and we're looking forward to incubating with our new family of 5!




More/better photos of the actual baby to follow!!  :)

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smile.gif Super great news! Can't wait to see his wee face! Congratulations again.
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Congrats to you and your family!
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Omg such a happy family! Welcome River!
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yay! welcome river and congrats to all of you!
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Yay another baby! Congrats!
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Congratulations!  Welcome River!

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just saw this on Facebook! congratulations aidenn!! 


love this little guy's name. and i love that you had a waterbirth!! more pictures please as you get them!

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Congratulations Aidenn and Welcome River!  So glad you got to have a home waterbirth, that's my goal too. :)

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Oh, yay!! Congratulations!! So much water in this birth story. ;) Welcome, River!

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Big congratulations, aidenn!!!  So happy for you guys, you all look so happy!

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Happy Happy Birthday, River!!  What a great day to be born!

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He's wonderful! Congrats to you all. I am delighted that your baby was born on my due date!
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Thanks, everyone! It's a terrible cell phone photo, but here is one of River's actual face. He's got DH's cleft chin, so we fully anticipate ladykiller status in 16 years! wink1.gif

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He's adorable!! Love love love his name. Congrats!!
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Congratulations! Can't wait to see more photos and read the story.

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He's so cute! Love the pictures! smile.gif
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Love him!
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So cute, congrats to u and your family
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Congratulations! He's lovely, and I love the name River :)

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