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WWYD regarding school lunch?

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We eat mostly TF. We recently cut out all grains as part of an elimination diet (I'm doing the SCD/GAPS diet & my family sort of is by default) & I'm feeling like I want to stay grain-free long-term, possibly adding in limited properly prepared grains at some point.

My son will be attending school & has the option of a hot school lunch. Actually, all the kids eat the lunch. It is organic but definitely not TF or grain free. It includes some foods that are more processed than I'd would like but the sample menu is not bad (fruits & veggies, no additives or artificial flavors/preservatives). Definitely more grains than I feel are good & I fear that he'll eat mostly the grains!

But to be honest, I would not mind not having to prepare his lunch! I work full time & am changing jobs & the thought of pulling together a healthy lunch each day is daunting!

Also, there's a social aspect - I believe he would be the only one not eating the hot lunch. Community is so important to my outgoing little guy & I don't want food to be a point of isolation for him.

So... What would you do in this situation?
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I'm more or less in the same boat.  At home we're grain-free and last year I let my dd have the school lunch because it was easier.  However, this year I'm making her lunches because she didn't have the willpower (what kid would?) to avoid the grains in the lunches and sometimes there wasn't much left of the lunch if she did!  The social thing is big though.  She likes taking her lunch because her friends do too but if everyone else was buying it there I'm sure she'd want to as well.  I guess you need to decide if your ds needs to go grain-free all day too or if it's not the end of the world if his diet is less strict than yours.   I know that this is crazy and that truly having allergies is difficult and terrifying for the parents but occasionally I think that it would almost be simpler if my kids had true intolerances or allergies that I could notify the school about and have them officially avoid because there are so many times when grain-based treats and sugary treats given out in class.  It can be overwhelming.

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Thanks, Plady. The truth is my son's issues are not as great as mine, so I think some grains would be ok, especially if we're mostly grain free at home or eating only properly prepared grains every once in a while. I think his sensitivities are slight but I'm sure I've passed along my crummy gut bacteria to him! I'll keep giving him a probiotic until I can get him to eat more fermented foods.

Your post reminded me, too, we can always stop with the hot lunches if we notice adverse effects. I'm strongly leaning toward just doing the hot lunch & seeing how it goes.
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Just an update because I could jump for joy - after about a month of the hot lunches & full days at school my son eats EVERYTHING at breakfast & dinner. He eats my homemade sauerkraut & sour soaked oatmeal & a variety of meats & veggies. He takes CLO happily. I think the "good" peer pressure of seeing his peers eat a variety at school has been positive.

However, there's grains with just about every lunch & he's gone from mellow to quite hyper. We're trying really hard to exclude grains at home (or make sure they're properly prepared) to combat that a bit.

We are very lucky his lunches are mostly of a high quality... I just wish all schools had this option. It's a crime that public schools are dropping out of the healthier lunch programs. But that's a whole other rant!
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