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Share your announcement stories/ideas here!

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Ideally, we'd like to wait to tell our families until the end of the first trimester, but my father-in-law will be leaving the country next week, and won't be back when we'd like to announce.  So...we're doing it today.


It's my dad's birthday.  I got him a little pair of gender-neutral pajamas.  I pinned on a little sign with diaper pins that says "Coming to make you a grandpa mid-May 2014!" We'll do the same later today with my mother-in-law.  This will be the first grandchild for both of our parents.


I'm so excited!  I'm going to stop at the library on the way and get a nice pregnancy book so we can read about the baby's development together.  My parents will be so surprised! My mother-in-law probably suspects something...they stayed with us for a few weeks over the summer and I'm sure she saw my prenatal vitamins in the cupboard.  I also got an order of cloth diapers over the summer because they were on a great sale.  I washed them and hid them away while she was at work, but realized I left the box they came in (and the diaper pins) by the washer.  I'm sure she noticed.  She's very observant.  She's also been asking me questions like "you look really tired.  are you feeling ok?"--this was before I was pregnant, but I just feel like she knows we had plans for a baby. :)


So excited for today!

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Sounds like a really cute idea!  I'm excited for you!!  :D


Our announcement happened much sooner than I had planned.  I was waiting to tell my husband, because I know he is the world's biggest worry wart, but finally broke the news to him.  We talked on the phone, and he had about 4 hours left on his shift.  During those short little four hours, he managed to tell just about everyone he knew, even though I had suggested that we wait.  So, well, everyone knows already....and random people we know are still telling me congratulations when I happen to see them.  It was pretty much the equivalent of having it printed on the front page of the local newspaper.  lol

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I can't keep a secret so I ended up telling everyone a week before my bfp yesterday. My periods are never late so the second day I was supposed to have it I tested at home and it came back positive!
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I just handed DH the stick! As for family...we told right away last time, and for some reason this time I'm wanting to keep it to ourselves for a while. Even just a week. I already told a friend that I suspected I might be knocked up, so she'll be wanting answers, and while I feel a little guilty telling a friend before family, I might do it anyway. But I won't do anything cute or creative, just a lot of phone calls!
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This is our third baby so I've sort of run out of ideas. With my second baby, I had my son wear a shirt that read "This little allstar is going to be a big brother" (thanks, Etsy). This time I am going to wear a t-shirt that reads "Due in May." This is for the grandparents.


DH knows I'm pregnant the minute I do.


Everyone else, except my bestie, will know at 13 weeks.

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I told my VBAC group friends bcause DH didn't belive the test could be accurate that early (hehehehe, I was persuaded too).  So he knows and so do several random women and all his co-workers (he can't keep a secret when asked).  And of course y'all know 'cause I'm part of the DDC ;).  When we do it, his family will get a phone call, mine will get a fun announcement (his side is not big into babies, mine is THRILLED with every one).


I'm hoping to tell everyone at Thanksgiving.  We plan to tell them we want a family picture, and set up several cameras on delayed pic snapping time (or somehow sell my photographer sisters on the idea that I, the person who rarely even has a working camera in the house, want to take the picture).  And then instead of cheese we will say "We're pregnant!".  I'm hoping they all react in time for a good picture of the moment.  The main difficulty will be getting them to wait that long to take the family pictures.... 


Curious what everyone else's idea is!

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I ended up telling my mom because she was standing beside me when I said happy birthday to my sister on the phone (who pretty much guessed right away).  So I just held the phone away for a sec, turned to my mom and said, "oh, yeah - meant to mention, I'm pregnant again."  The look on her face was priceless - I think she thought we were finished.  She's happy, though.  As for other people, I'm sort of disclosing as it becomes necessary.  this is my third and even though I lost a bit of weight over the summer, I'm showing a bit already and I can't imagine keeping it hush-hush through till 12 weeks.  I'm a blabbermouth about this sort of thing! And I did this relay race this weekend - I had the first leg running, and normally I would be the kind of person to swill back a beer the second I finished, and so there was some disclosure to teammates, who were wondering what was up. 

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I tested last Wednesday.  That night, I tried to tell my husband, but our four year old had had a late nap and wouldn't go to bed!  I'm not ready for our kids to know yet, since we have experienced a miscarriage before at 8 weeks.  I'd hate to get them so excited and then mourn the loss.  Although I was wearing my maternity/stretchy pants by 10 weeks last time, so... who knows how long I have this time!  :-)


We have three already - 6, 4 and 2.  


My friend was visiting the next morning and asked if I ever nursed through pregnancy (yes).  "Funny thing you should mention that..." I said.  :-)  (I was nursing my 2 year old when she asked.)


I taught a class that night, but baked a cake during the day.  I came home and frosted it in front of my husband - telling him it was for a friend's birthday the next day.  I turned around when I did the lettering... "Thanks for getting me KNOCKED UP!"  When I handed him the cake, his eyes got wide and he said "REALLY?  That's AWESOME!!!"  Then he gave me a look and a smile and said, "But this is the last one!"  Ha!  


We've always wanted at least four and are very grateful for all of our blessings... my mother, on the other hand, has been less than thrilled about our growing family.  She's an awesome grandmother and loves the kids, but - I'm guessing it comes from being MY mother - always worries that I'm too stressed/busy/tired, etc.  But I'm HAPPY!  :-)  I'm really not looking forward to telling her, because she rarely has a positive thing to say initially... she always comes around though and is very supportive of the kids.


Any ideas for telling her?  I've thought about sending her a card with a photo of everyone's shoes lined up with an empty space or a pair of booties, "Our family will grow by TWO FEET this May!"  

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My in-laws are in Halifax, and will be until next September, so we want to do something to make them feel a big part of it.  I am going to order and send them this:



In the world around me, I'm keeping it a secret for a number of reasons. 1. My drama queen little sister is pregnant, and she will honestly think I'm stealing her thunder, or something.  She was so mad when her best friend/biggest rival from high school announced that she was pregnant the day after she did... I have no words. Anyway, the longer I can avoid that drama, the better. 2. My best friend is just 3 weeks more pregnant than me with her first.  She is so excited, and I kind of want to give her a few months of being extra special. 3. We are in the middle of an adoption.  My oldest is actually a foster child, and it's all in the courts right now.  I'd like it to be finalized before things get out there. Not that it should change anything, but her social worker is seriously such a loose cannon, I can just imagine how she might spin a pregnancy right now.  And 4. This is our 4th pregnancy, 5th child, and for some reason it's kind of nice to have it be our little secret - we kept # 1 a secret until 8 weeks, but told right away with our other two and the two miscarriages I had. I just like the idea of keeping it hushed for a little while. 


If I can keep people from guessing, we will probably try to not tell until early November.


That all being said, I did tell another best friend who lives in Michigan.  I actually told her days before I told my husband - I sent her a pic of the BFP minutes after the line appeared.  We lived there years ago, and she's my confidante.  She doesn't know any of my friends or family, so the secret is safe with her.

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Okay that Etsy listing is awesome!

I'm going to tell my inlaws when they visit on Oct. 12th but my parents will be camping for my mom's birthday. I am going to send her that egg in the mail so she can get it when she gets home!


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WELLLLLLLL, now  I am in a pickle with my family.  I just learned that between their different college semester schedules, my siblings won't both be at home to hear the news in person until December 12.  That is.... a little over 18 weeks pregnant.  The odds they might start guessing are high, or at least, that they will ask a leading question to which I won't lie and then they will know.  Also, we want to learn the gender.  By then I might as well wait until Christmas when we know the gender and then we can decide if we are telling people that we know the gender.  DH says to just tell them right away, but then, he gets to tell all his coworkers right away every time.  I like to wait and savor the news to myself. And avoid all those pregnancy problems that come with telling people.


My breakdown of pregnancy problems are as follows:


first two months, everyone asks how sick you are.  Like that is helpful.

next two months, everyone tells you how they were sicker than you (or worse, not sicker because they ate only raw liver)

next month, everyone asks, repeatedly, if you have had the ultrasound, and if you want to find out the gender.  Not that either is thier business.

next four months, when are you due? are you anxious yet? tired of waiting? want it to be over? getting fat are we?  And on and on and on.


There is lots of fun things about telling one's family.  The rest of the world should really be forced to shut up until after the baby is born.  


End of hormonal pregnant lady rant :)

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Love the hormonal pregnant lady rant!  I am totally there with you - especially the last 4 months part!!! :mischief

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If I end up sharing before my december photo op idea, this would be really cool to make, like a big one....



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AKmountainmama, I can relate to what you suspect your Mom's reaction will be. We have two boys...4 and 7. I know my Mom will react with worry, fearing that a third will be too much for me. I also have a health issue that can be aggravated by pregnancy, but I did great with our second. I just wish that I knew the family's reaction would be positive from the start. Oh well...in the end we did what was right for us and I'm sure the fam will come around in time!

I think we will tell our family after our first appointment at 8 weeks and then friends sometime after that. Part of me can't wait until these early, somewhat precarious weeks are over!
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We were boring. We found out we were pregnant a couple of days before DS's first birthday party (family only), and so we got him a big brother shirt and had him unwrap it at his party.


Not sure what we'll do when we tell friends, but I like the family growing by 2 feet idea! I may steal that. :)

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My family lives across the country, so with my first I sent a photo of an ultrasound with a little speech bubble coming out of it saying, "Hi Grandma!" "Hi Aunt M!" This time I might get my son a Big Brother shirt and send a photo of him wearing it under the pretext that I want to share his cute new outfit. I am going to wait until I hear the heartbeat before I tell any family. I will tell everyone else after the first trimester.

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I l0ve the unwrapping t-shirt gift idea!  dh keeps saying we can just tell pe0ple but i want t0 d0 s0mething fun at 16 weeks.  less pregnancy pr0blems im0.  the 0nly hard part will be keeping him fr0m letting it slip early.  he is s0..... straightf0rward.  if pe0ple ask he is just like, yewp.  

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Last night my little sister and her husband got home from doing a Dental service thing in India for 3 weeks.  We had a big family dinner for them at his parents house. It was tons of fun, and funny to me, because with a pregnant sister and two newborns there I thought it would be hard not to spill the beans.  But, it wasn't. I kind of enjoyed just sitting there with my little secret.  I really have no desire to tell - which is very strange from all of my past pregnancies when I can't keep my mouth shut as soon as I get my BFP.  Actually, with # 1 I waited until I was 9 weeks, I think, but the others I told right away.  The only person I've had trouble keeping it from is my best friend who is only 3 weeks ahead of me, knows I am trying, and keeps asking me.  I don't think she suspects at all (she's pregnant with her first and is pretty clueless about all the pregnancy stuff), but I keep having to lie and say no, and feel a little bad. No one else has suspected or asked straight out, so it's easy to keep it from the masses.

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Well, I baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes and have paper ready to roll up and stick in each one.  I will then leave enough of the ppaer out to be seen, like a bone, and wrap the whole thing in butcher's foil so its like a stick of meat :) then I will give one to each of my family members.  Or that is the plan.  They are threateneing to call off the family dinner tomorrow so I may have to adjust.  Maybe frost them so they last longer (this is the original function of frosting after all).

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Mkay, that didn't work.  Too much a negative vibe with my brother leaving for college et al.  My mom was stressed to the max so I didn't even bring out the "meat" sticks.  Now we are trying to teach little DD1 to point at my tummy and say "there is a baby in Ima's tummy."  Its adorably unintelligable at the moment.

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