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I'm very worried about telling my family. This pregnancy is very poor timing, though I'm ecstatic about having another little one. I told my best friend and my closest sister right away. I'm thinking of just telling them they'll be an aunt/grandpa/grandma again.
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Well most of my family and close friends know about the pregnancy already since I've been very open about going through in-vitro fertilization and this pregnancy is the result of an IVF cycle!


However I have such a great idea for my Facebook pregnancy announcement: I'll be 12 weeks on October 27 so Hallowe'en seems like a great time for the big reveal.... I'm planning to order myself one of these shirts as a Hallowe'en costume and put a picture of myself on Facebook wearing the shirt!

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well dd1 got stage fright so we ended up blurting the news.  :)  mom suspected anyway and why wait.  pretty much the plan is to tell friends at church sunday, and the everyone else can learn via grapevine. my awesome ideas bombed.

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With my son we waited until after the first trimester was over, and we told everyone at Thanksgiving dinner, thought it was the best time since everyone was together, and we brought ultrasound pics with us to pass around.

With this one we are going to take a pic of all 3 of us standing together but focusing it on our feet and have a pair of shoes on the ground next to us. When are still waiting til after the 1st trimester is over with this one, but since we have been far behind on giving out pictures we thought we would use this time to get them all together and hand them out but stick the picture of us standing in there for them to find out that the empty pair of shoes means there will be another baby eventually, we were thinking about writing a text on the picture as well, saying A New Baby Will Fill these shoes come May 2014, or something along those lines.

Something like this picture for example.

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I need one of those halloween shirts, only like for this weekend :)


I like the shoes idea.  We will probably put some kind of announcement into our christmas cards.  Or not.  I am losing enthusiasm for Christmas cards already.  I never like sending a picture (privacy), but my family always sends one of us with thier picture so that people can see us. :P.  Thankfully they got the pictures early enough that I don't look pregnant at all.  

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We already told our parents - could not hold it in!  My Mom is a big quilter and happened to be visiting a store when I called her and I nonchalantly asked her if they had any cute 'gender neutral' baby fabric.  She was puzzled and said, "yes?  what am I making?"  I said, "Whatever you want to make."  She then said, "Who am I making it for?  Is this an ANNOUNCEMENT?" I said, "Yes!" and the phone went silent.  She was stunned but is excited now.  


DH told his parents by asking his Dad a question about their new oven via phone call - YES the oven!  They have a 2 oven system they just bought which we also have.  He asked his Dad to look in the top oven to check and see if they have the same feature we do.  So his Dad is looking in the oven, on the phone, and DH says "Do you have a bun in your oven?"  His Dad says, "No?"  "Are you sure you don't?  No bun, or a muffin, or a roll??"  His Dad says "No" again and then DH says, "Because we have a bun in OUR oven!"  They were really really excited!


We have told a couple other people but haven't made a big announcement yet.

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alear--I've seen similar pictures to yours with the title "Our family is about to grow by 2 feet" always thought that was cute!

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My husband took a photo of our two sons holding sheets of paper marked #1 and #2 and me standing next in line holding up a newborn onesie with #3', a heart and "May 2014" written on it. I thought it turned out very well and we shared it on Face Book last weekend. I think many people were very surprised. With our older boys being 7 and 4, we had thought we were done for quite awhile and hadn't really told anyone we were thinking about trying for another. However, I was SO pleased with how excited and supportive all of our friends were. It really meant a lot!
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This is our 7th & sadly a good portion of my family already thinks we have to many children. So, I'm thinking I'll just show up with a bump for Thanksgiving.... Ha.

We have not told our other kids, but I bought an embroidery design last week to make our 2 year old a shirt that says "Im so cute my parents are making another". We are going to spend the night at my in-laws in a few weeks & will put our daughter in the shirt after breakfast. Then she can walk up stairs & announce it to the grandparents & siblings smile.gif
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My husband stays home with the kids and when I came home today my 2 year old and almost 4 year old running up to me and exclaiming "Mummy you have a baby in your belly!"  So cute - especially my younger who is just starting with her sentences!  It was my mother in law's birthday today, so my husband told the kids this afternoon that we are expecting, and then got the kids to tell her when they were chatting on the computer - he's a pretty tricky dad sometimes!  It was almost like I got surprised with the news when I got home, too!  I also loved that later on when we were eating dinner, my older daughter said to me very seriously, "when I'm really lots and lots older, I'll have a baby in my belly too!"

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We told the girls this weekend.  I had special cookies made with storks on them.  I made a hangman game so they could guess "good things come in threes".  Once they guessed it, I let them open this box.  They were shocked, they cried, and were extremely happy and excited.  Made ME cry!  :joy


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That's so sweet mrsdonut!

My sister and brother live with us so they knew right away, and I told my Mom pretty quick too. The plan is to tell everyone else at Christmas and then announce on fb with a family photo. I should be showing by then so I figure it will be obvious and no awkward "sooo.... we're having another baby!"

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I'm thinking I'll announce on FB that work, school, and 3.3 kids are making me awfully tired.

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We told the girls this weekend.  I had special cookies made with storks on them.  I made a hangman game so they could guess "good things come in threes".  Once they guessed it, I let them open this box.  They were shocked, they cried, and were extremely happy and excited.  Made ME cry!  :joy


These cookies look sooooo delicious! I hope I am not sick during Christmas cookie season!

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Is there some rule that you have to announce once you are showing? haha. I have finally gotten un-dehytrated (errr...re-hydrated??) and I am showing now. I see my IL's and their SO's weekly and I am sure church folks will start wondering, and my gabby neighbor stopped by with her kids selling boyscout popcorn today and she saw my u/S picture on my table but didn't say anything. I feel like I should tell but I am not sure how to do it without being weird or disappointed by certain people's responses.

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I don't like announcing, either. I don't like the attention, whether it's disapproval or people constantly asking how I'm feeling and so on. 

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I've told most people by now, aside from MIL (I guess it's different telling her if I had a loss than my best friend..), FIL, and my sister. My sister also had a loss earlier this year and I both didn't want to seem as though I was throwing it in her face right afterwards nor tell her and then have a loss as well.

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So how is everyone sharing the GENDER NEWS now?!  We are having a cake made with colored cake, fondant icing, for everyone to cut into at a little family party next week.

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