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week 10--- first time mom--- is this normal?

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hello all.


I've been suffering through all day nausea, queasiness, headaches, achey breasts, fatigue and general blahs since week 5....  and been praying/hoping & looking forward to some relief. but now as of yesterday I've had two really good days in a row ~ minimal nausea, the capacity to finally eat more things without gagging, have slept through the night without gagging or stomach aches, no headaches, my boobs are a little less tender,  feel a bit like myself again, can think about my life and things I used to enjoy and get excited for the future-- even feel a little energy. and even those occassional little twinges and cramps that used to make me nervous are absent. 


part of me is happy to feel so much better & part of me is a little panicked... I keep having to grab my boobs to make sure I am still pregnant (ha! -- yup still sore). are flucuating symptoms like this normal? I have no other reason to worry... haven't had any bleeding or spotting throughout the pregnancy.... I just wasn't expecting relief like this for a few more weeks. its so hard sometimes to keep my cool in the first trimester!!! but probably i should just be enjoying these good days while they last.

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Yes, that is totally normal. I think a lot of the time the nausea is improved by the 2nd trimester, so fortunately for you relief came a little earlier! I'm 7 weeks now and my boobs have just started to feel better. You're probably still going to have some days that are worse than others, so definitely enjoy the good ones while they're here!

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I'm feeling the same too! First time mom and 10 weeks. Feeling pretty awful up until a couple days ago - I actually was able to get some things done today and was so happy to feel a little more normal smile.gif I've researched it too and have found the same info; usually right around the end of the first trimester your hormone fluctuations chill out a bit. Hope this is the beginning of more good days for the both of us!
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Thanks for the comforting words, aileahd!

What a relief breemccauley---- just to be in a similar place to someone else!! Thinking maybe we have similar due date too.... I noticed this earlier cause you were also a first time mama due around the same time-// April 6th/7th?!

How have you been feeling previous to this?!
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Or rather, what sort of symptoms had you been experiencing?!
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Same here!  First timer in my 10th week and, while my symptoms have been relatively mild, I have been less exhausted the past few days.  I've noticed a general ebb and flow throughout, but it's good to hear from others who are experiencing a similar ebb.  

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So those of us who are still at 6-8 weeks have something to look forward to???

I am So Tired and am having a hard time preparing meals for my family because things just don't smell right. I will be really thankful if these things pass by the time I am 10 weeks!
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Mody---- happy to know we're in the same ebb smile.gif also perhaps I spoke too soon.... Still experiencing nausea and headaches, but just so much more mild in comparison! What a relief!

Crunchy mama-- I've been there! I was literally unable to partake in any kitchen activities for almost a month.... Food prep, dishes, smells, wiping counters./... It all made me so sick. Are you able to get help?! Wishing you a peaceful time until you're over the hump. I am sure I'll still have bad days but I am just so floored for a few days of reduced symptoms...
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Originally Posted by leavesoflaurel View Post

Crunchy mama-- I've been there! I was literally unable to partake in any kitchen activities for almost a month.... Food prep, dishes, smells, wiping counters./... It all made me so sick. Are you able to get help?! Wishing you a peaceful time until you're over the hump. I am sure I'll still have bad days but I am just so floored for a few days of reduced symptoms...

Thanks. And to think last week, I was worried that I was not "sick enough!" It's the actual cooking that's killing me, the smells were enough to make me need to leave the table at lunch today. And I can't just claim not to be hungry with two sparse-enough-as-it-is children watching me. My DH has done a great job of picking up the kitchen slack, but that can't happen every meal... I may start feeding my kids cold cereal for every meal!

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Symptoms started around 5 weeks, feeling indigestion then from 6 weeks until a few days ago I had horrible acid reflux and queasiness. Food aversions galore (normally I'm not a picky eater at all!!!) moodiness and exhaustion. Fun stuff! Thankfully I'm feeling much more like normal me these past few days which is making me really excited for the second trimester! I'm due around the 4th of April @leavesoflaurel so yes we're close! So exciting! I'm getting my first ultrasound on the 23 and can't wait to see! Xo to all
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I was just going to start a thread about this! This is awesome and I am so relieved. I am 10 weeks 7 days and for the last week I have had this sort of every-other-day-feeling-pregnant rhythm. It's been concerning. I LOVE feeling relief from my symptoms but I keep worrying that something's wrong with the pregnancy. My good friend who is also pregnant told me her vomiting turned off like a faucet (gross, sorry) at week 10 so that was comforting. I suppose the placenta is starting to take over production of hormones around this time so that explains it.


For me it's just that every other day I have way more energy and even my esophagitis isn't as bad, so I've been knocking on wood like a madwoman hoping that my esophagitis will heal during the 2nd tri. 


However on Saturday I went to a wedding in Victoria, BC (travel time 5 hours by car and ferry from my home) alone with my 3 year old daughter and we danced a ton. It was a non-pregnant feeling day. Then, on Sunday, I about died from exhaustion traveling back home and had some bleeding in my throat, and today, I'm still feeling kaput. I think I pushed it with all the dancing we did. Ugh.. hoping tomorrow is a better day. 


Looking forward to all the days of relief ahead!! I feel like I've earned a medal after all I went through since week 4!! So much love for this baby in my womb, that is the reason for surrendering to all of it...

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So great to meet you too light garden! Ill be thinking of you and hoping for easier days ahead!
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I'm in the same boat. Finding some relief from the nausea yet still really tired at 10 weeks. Hope my energy comes back as I'm teaching full-time with two boys, 3 and 5, at home.  Wish I could just sleep all day.  Due April 7th-- close to both of you :) 

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10 weeks and feeling some of the exhaustion lift :)

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Hooray!! I loved hearing from everyone In this post. 11 weeks today & feeling better everyday!!! Feeling so very grateful....

Curious when other folks around this time will be making their New more public?! Just starting telling beyond the closest friends and family.....

I know 12 or 14 weeks is common?! But a lot of folks have some ultrasound assurance or chance to hear a heartbeat....... My next midwife appt is in 5 weeks and we may try to listen with the Doppler but I don't plan on having an ultrasound at any point unless there is a specific need, and I don't really wanna wait 5 weeks to tell the world (also everyone who knows will also have a hard time keeping it a secret until then)..... I feel so close to the 12 week mark but don't know how to feel like everything will be okay (I am sure this never totally happens) and just to sink into my pregnancy and enjoy it more (ESP now that I am feeling better). Anyone else not getting an ultrasound?!
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I was beginning to worry about the pregnancy so I called my midwife for a brief appt to hear the babes heartbeat via doppler tomorrow before announcing it on Tuesday, when I'm 12 weeks, but then this morning I dreamed I went in and heard the heartbeat but also felt the heat from the doppler. When I woke up I felt like I didn't need to go anymore. I feel movements every day now and feel like I need to just start having faith for once! What am I so worried about? I may be feeling better but I still feel pregnant. Woohoo!
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What a beautiful story! I love that your body gave you that incredible message. I swear I've been feeling movements too--- though I assume that would be pretty early, but the other day I really started to feel another presence with me.

We told my partners extended conmunity-family on Yom KIppur last night...a group of about 5 families and all their adult kids. We are the first to have a kid--- and there wasn't a dry eye in the room, amongst all the "aunties" and "grandparents".... It felt so special. And then I got so worried thinking everyone was so attached ..... And what if something goes wrong. I am so ready to relax and celebrate, but still find myself holding back. Light garden---- when WILL you see yr midwife yet?!
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Going in on the 29th for our second appt! Thank you for your warm support it helps me feel like I did something good.

Its wonderful that your family is so moved by this pregnancy! I know its scary. But you've made it this far and that's a lot. I think we all deserve a medal for getting thru the first tri! Maybe the reward is getting to share our joy with the world.
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Gosh I just realized two things. That I already said I deserved a medal in a previous post AND that it is incredibly insensitive to those who lost. I guess I have just been feeling soooo much relief from all the pain I endured in my throat for so many weeks that I have been a little like on cloud 9 and feeling proud of myself. Because usually I'm weak and lose fortitude easily. And I didn't this time. But I am so sorry for all the women who miscarried that were on this group. I lost an early pregnancy last spring and I will never forget that baby, that January she was due. All my deepest sympathies.. 

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