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how do your little ones use the bathroom in public places?

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My son is too small to get up on toilets and stay on by himself. Up until now I've just picked him up and held him myself. Then I had a baby and this complicated things.  A few days ago I was in a museum and my 4yo had to pee, I was carrying my 3 month old with an ergo style carrier. I picked up my son and held him like I always did before his brother was born. For some reason this had never come up, either I always had someone to help or we were in a place where I could put the baby down. Well I really hurt myself doing this and now I can't pick my 4yo up at all for probably a very long time. So now I'm faced with a problem. How will my 4yo use the toilet in places where there isn't steps or something/someone to help him get up?

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I have DD stand right next to the toilet, then I just boost her up and take her down. I can do this fairly easily with baby in the sling. Pulling up undies and pants is the hardest, I have to kneel to do that but the second it takes to boost her up to the toilet is no biggie. Does your LO sit on the toilet of do you hold him the whole time? He may have to sit to pee in public until you heal or he gets a bit taller. Can he climb up while holding your hand like on a chair if you keep pants up? He could stand on the seat while you pull down his pants, then sit. I hope you find a way that works for you! Alternately, you can carry a flask for him to pee in and empty that into the toilet.
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My two-year-old and three-year-old both climb onto the toilet by themselves, which I admit might not be what you want with a not-so-clean public toilet but maybe that is something you could help your 4-year-old work toward at home.

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My 3 year old can generally wiggle her butt up onto a big public restroom toilet nowadays, but I generally give her a boost, then she holds herself up.  Have you considered one of the fold-up seat thingies?  If your son's not comfortable holding himself on the big toilet, you might be able to just boost him up onto one of those, then he'll at least be able to sit by himself.  We had a really nice one...PRI folding potty with handles.  It was much sturdier than some of the others. 

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Can he stand and pee? At 4, DS was tall enough to pee standing up.
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I second the idea of standing to pee. It brings up a different problem of aim and cleaning up after yourself, but that's just part of the territory. 

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The climbing up seems like the only way I won't have to lift him. Even a quick boost would be very dangerous. He has always refused to pee while standing up and the few times he has he got pee all over himself. How would he be able to reach the toilet if he was standing up? The flask may be a good solution as well. I'll try these at home and see which is best. if the climbing works maybe we will look into the portable cover as well. My condition could last for over a year, so I want to find a way to get out without the toilet being a deal breaker. Thank you for your suggestions.

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My 5 yr old used to not like to stand up and pee, but my 3 yr old has been doing it since he learned to pee in the potty...probably because he had an older brother to learn from.  Depending on toilet height, the 3rd yr old stands on my feet and I hold him steady so he can pee, but for poop, I just place him on the toilet and unless it take a while, he's usually ok with just holding on to the sides and leaning forward so as not to fall in.  Maybe you can have your husband work more on having him pee standing up?  Then he'd probably be tall enough (at least for the peeing) to stand on your feet with you supporting him for balance?  I'd probably also use a stroller for the baby more if you hurt your back and maybe the 4yr old can "climb" up by using your feet as steps?  You could carry a foldable step stool in the bottom of the stroller too...we have one that looks like this: http://www.amazon.com/Kikkerland-Rhino-Stool-Short-Black/dp/B004V3PE2Q/ref=pd_sim_hg_3 

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When my son sits and goes, he will just hoist himself up on the toilet. Facing the stall door, placing hands on the seat and lifting himself on the toilet, and then he leans forward slightly to maintain his balance.
Have your son practice like that at home and then he should be good to go in public.
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